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Monday, May 6, 2013

The Expanded Da Capo Universe:

When the Da Capo universe isn't big enough, the only solution is an even bigger network of games loosely related to Da Capo.  Here are some more D.C. games I didn't mention in my previous post:

The original Suika, available translated at Mangagamer, features Sayaka Shirakawa, Kotori's cousin.

Circus Land I -- This game includes Kotori as well as many other characters from non-Da Capo Circus games.

Archimedes no Wasuremono -- This game is part Suika, which is already related to Da Capo, part Da Capo, and part other Circus games.

Utau Ehon 4-5-6 Hi! Hi! -- This game is part Da Capo, part other Circus games.

AR ~Wasurerareta Natsu~ -- This game is all Suika, but the existence of Rin Yoshino and Tsumire Shirakawa still ties in to Da Capo.

D.C. II Featuring Yun 2 --  A Da Capo II short story.

D.C. P.K. -- Da Capo Poker!  Clearly an essential part of the overall franchise storyline.

Uni -- Located in the same Kazami Gakuen (school) and Hatsunejima (island) setting as D.C.

Fortissimo Exs Nachsten Phase -- A spinoff featuring a slightly different Sakura, Utamaru and Archimedes.

D.C. III R -- The expanded version of Da Capo III, which is just strictly superior to the original version, becomes available this May.  Whether you go for the all ages version or the X rated version is up to your own soul.  Mwahahahaha.

Suika Niritsu -- Has Kanade Shirakawa, so however slimly is still related to Da Capo's Shirakawas.

If these games aren't enough, don't worry!  In the future, Circus has already promised us additional Da Capo games.  These are --

D.C. V:  A crossover game between Da Capo and Valkyrie Complex.

D.C. III P2:  An additional game set in the D.C. III world.  It may or may not be like Plus Communication was for the original two games, but in any case is slated for spring 2014.

These are the only two additional games we can be sure of receiving, but I suspect if sales continue to be profitable the games will continue.  Why stop what's working?

With this, we've just bumped up our D.C. list from 15 games to 26, with 2 more incoming.  You could say making this many games about a magical cherry tree is already a human accomplishment.  Reading it will take equally Herculean feats of stamina and perseverance.  But just imagine the reward!

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