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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Richwine's Case Against Immigration is the Only Case Against Immigration:

America is not an ethnostate, and it's too late to make it one now.  White Americans come from a diverse background all across Europe and elsewhere, and even these racially similar Americans will soon be in the minority, swamped by Hispanics, Blacks and Asians in that demographic order.  Made up of so many disparate peoples, America has no homogeneous culture or ethnicity or heritage it can possibly be protecting.  There is no point excluding foreigners from moving to America in order to 'preserve America,' whatever that is.  Nor is there any prevailing ideology in America.  There is no universally agreed upon belief system that all Americans ascribe to, because we also aren't a proposition nation.  There is no oath people must take to the constitution or anything else to be an American citizen.  Just being born on American soil is good enough, no matter where you came from or what you believe.  As such, we can't 'assimilate' or 'integrate' anyone -- there is no agreed upon culture we could even assimilate newcomers into in the first place.

America is a product of blind chance, a geographic region, that is simply whatever the product of its current inhabitants make of it.  Like a river, America is a new country every day, totally different from the America of yesterday.  American history is meaningless to Americans, because most of our ancestors didn't even live in America at the time.  America is simply a place people came to live and work in the hopes of achieving a higher standard of living.  This is true of the initial settlers of Jamestown, the later Irish immigrants fleeing the potato famine, and the Mexicans flooding across the border today.  The only universal all Americans share is their love of money.  Or you could say their distinct lack of interest in anything but money: like culture, history, language, religion, ethnicity, or anything else everyone else in the world lives by.  The argument against new immigration, therefore, cannot be phrased in any way except as a threat to our money.  And not just some other American's money -- no American gives a damn about any other American, because we are all different and have nothing in common with one another.  The only argument against immigration is the direct threat that the listener personally will lose money as a result.

The country is already as scrambled as a breakfast platter.  There is no way more immigrants could make the situation any worse.  There already isn't a common culture in America.  There already isn't a common language.  At this point, it's simply a more the merrier situation where we've already passed saturation.  At a certain point, adding any more sugar to coffee doesn't even add to the taste of its sweetness.  It already tastes like pure sugar, so who cares anymore?  Every threshold one might have worried about, if one were a homogeneous nation, has already long since been passed.  America is what it is -- a place with high per capita GDP and nothing else good about it whatsoever.  The argument against immigration can only talk about the one last threat to America (because every other threat has already come true, so is no longer a threat but just a reality), immigration will make you poor on top of everything else!

Richwine's thesis was quite simple -- if you bring in low IQ immigrants who will fail to find a remunerative income  in a modern high-tech economy, they'll just be a burden on everyone else.  For the rich, they will have to pay more in taxes.  For the poor, they'll have to live alongside socially dysfunctional people who will disrupt your children's schools, terrorize your neighborhoods with crime and drugs, litter, make too much noise, glare at you whenever you walk by (or make catcalls and lewd gestures if you're a girl), and ruin the property resale value of your homes.  Everyone will suffer.  Not a single group benefits from low IQ immigrants.  Their work, such as it is, doesn't remotely cover the cost of policing them, feeding them, housing them, educating them, providing them with free medical care, so on and so forth.  Even if they find a job, with unemployment being so high as it is today, it just means someone else can't find a job, who the taxpayers then have to support who they otherwise wouldn't have had to do with the exact same social programs the 'hard-working immigrant' this time avoided.  It isn't rocket science to realize pouring more water into an already full cup simply results in an overflow.  Workforce participation rates in America are the lowest they've been since the 1970's.  Is this really the right time to add fifty million low skilled workers who will, rather than creating new jobs and founding new businesses like high IQ immigrants can do, will only take the bottom of the totem pole jobs by working for even less than their competitors?

We already have enough feckless citizens to last a lifetime.  We already have as many low skilled, unintelligent, criminal, unemployed people as we could ever wish for.  This is not a rare commodity.  This is not something so lacking in America that we have to import it in from abroad.  Furthermore, there's no point talking about the American dream and how recent poor immigrants will soon become physicists.  The historical record has already shown that Hispanics are not capable of rising up the ranks like previous immigrants did.  They can't do it here in America, nor can they improve their own countries, which relentlessly stay poor century after century ever since the time of Columbus.  Whereas we knew with some degree of certainty that Italians, Germans, or Jews who immigrated to America would turn out okay, given their rich cultural history and national accomplishments that were obviously within their ethnic power displayed in their homelands, the only achievement American Indians had in South America and Mexico were human sacrifice, cannibalism, torture, ritual self mutilation, skull racks, and eternal tribal warfare.  We met some of the most evil, barbarous, and cruel people to have ever walked the Earth, who made Genghis Khan look like an enlightened ruler and Mao look like a teddy bear.  Never in the entire history of the Amerindian or mestizo race have they ever produced a nation anyone would wish to actually live in.  That is why they immigrate here -- because even they can't stand the society they themselves create.

When we know the record of Hispanics living in America -- still making half as much as regular whites even five generations after living in America -- and we add to this the record Hispanics have managed with their own continent, (drugs, poverty, corruption, tyranny and a total lack of artistic or scientific achievement come to mind)  and before them the Amerindians who previously made up the citizenry of those nations, there is no chance whatsoever that the Hispanics moving to the USA will ever improve.  The only pockets of Latin America that are decent places to live are inhabited by purebred whites who never mixed with African slaves or Amerindians in the first place, which is true of the ruling class of Mexico just as much as Argentina or Brazil.  If not for the white inhabitants in these regions, it's doubtful whether they could even outpace the real Indians.  Therefore, before we accepted a single mestizo into our borders, we may as well invite all billion Pakistanis, Indians, and Bangladeshis who wish to move here first.  No tragedy ever befell South America or Mexico that has retarded its natural progress.  They gained independence around the same time we did, and long before most of Asia did.  They have been ruling themselves for centuries, not oppressed or invaded by anyone else (thanks to our Monroe doctrine, by the way, not like they've ever thanked us for it).  The same colonialism excuses that might work for South Africa simply don't work here.  They've been free for as long as Greece has been free from the Ottomans, and I don't hear anyone blaming Greece's woes on the legacy of Ottoman brutality or whatever.  The idea is patently absurd.  Southeast Asia only got freed from colonialism in the 1960's or 1970's, and yet they've already surged ahead of Latin America effortlessly.  There's no way Europe is somehow to blame for South America's poverty because they ruled it until 1840 or whatever.

Hispanics are bad news.  They've ruined their own countries, and so now like locusts they've come to ruin ours instead.  They can't help but destroy, and they can't help but keep moving, because only ruin is left in their wake.  It's suicide to invite them in with open arms and welfare checks.  If we don't stop them, they'll soon be the majority population of the United States, and even then they'll keep streaming in, and streaming in, and streaming in -- because once you're the majority population of a democracy, you can vote yourself whatever privileges or laws you could ever dream of.  Free sundaes for all Hispanics?  Free cocaine?  Free cars?  Why not?  In a democracy, if the majority votes for it, anything goes.  And the people who will be obligated to pay for all this are the rich, who smugly thought they could avoid all the consequences of infinite Hispanic immigration just by living in a gated community.  Let me explain something, your fortunes are worth nothing in a Hispanic state -- just look how the rich were treated in Venezuela.  There is no respect for private property, rule of law, or even human rights.  Anything dear leader wants, goes, and woe betide anyone who speaks up against it.  They tend to disappear.  And if you don't like the drug gangs who kidnap your rich daughter for a rich ransom, well then she'll come back without a head, with her face stitched to a soccer ball, because criminals in Mexico have already done this and could care less about your delicate sensibilities.

Every American suffers every time a single additional Hispanic crosses the Rio Grande.  Given their higher birth rates than the native population, they then go on to multiply the damage every generation by an exponential, ever climbing factor, just like a woman who repents ever having swallowed the fly.  A Hispanic America is a doomed America.  It's insane to support Hispanic immigration.  Just across the border, just north of us, Canada only accepts high skilled immigrants, most of whom come from Asia.  And Vancouver, a mostly Asian city, hosted the most recent winter Olympics.  It was a beautiful city, totally safe and crime free, humming with economic activity.  Why is it okay for Canadians to have immigration standards and create Vancouver, while we are only allowed to have open borders and create L.A.?

If economists feel that America needs an economic boost (because in the end, all we care about is the economy anyway, right?), by all means open the borders.  Give visas to every rich, highly educated, high IQ, high skilled human the world over.  Let them come here and create companies, hire workers, and pay huge sums in taxes, while voting for salutary laws that their socioeconomic profile would largely prefer.  I don't care if America becomes majority Chinese overnight.  What difference does it make now, when America is already slated to become a minority with no united culture?  There's plenty of room in America.  Our country is still mostly empty, and if only there were jobs for people who came here, we could support billions of people in terms of open land to settle them on.  If a flood of doctors came to America, the price of health care would go down, and the taxes to pay for our Medicare would go up.  The same for any other expensive job category like engineer or programmer.  If labor prices go down, goods become more affordable, making everyone else richer.  What's not to like?  I'm fine with any immigration policy except the one being offered, which would still basically ban any immigration from Europe or Asia, and require we accept solely more immigrants from Mexico and Latin America.  It's madness.  It's pointless.  What exactly are we even trying to prove?  That we don't even care about our money, our freedom, or our lives?  USA's murder rate, already rather high, stands at 5 per 100,000 (thanks to the blacks and Hispanics who have already made our country so vibrant and diverse).  Germany, Japan, and other civilized countries have a murder rate of 1 per 100,000.  El Salvodor?  71 per 100,000.  Honduras?  67 per 100,000.  Mexico?  A peaceful 15 per 100,000.  Why would we want to triple the murder rate in America?  China has a murder rate of 1.2 per 100,000.  Can we please at least grab a billion immigrants from China?  We could remake our flag into red with yellow stars and all learn Mandarin.  We can prove once and for all we're not racist by simply incorporating ourselves as a conquered province of China's almighty empire.  But can we at least keep out the Salvadorans, who apparently think murder is a game and everyone should have to play?  Please?  Pretty please?

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