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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Pew Poll Shows What Muslims Really Think:

If we multiply these numbers together, we get 4% of Southeastern European Muslims who want the death penalty for apostasy.  4% of central Asian Muslims who want the death penalty for apostasy.  30% of Southeast Asian Muslims who want the death penalty for apostasy.  55% of South Asian Muslims who want the death penalty for apostasy.  And 53% of Mideastern Muslims who want the death penalty for apostasy.  These are rough estimates but they'll serve well enough to make my point.

Islam has a number of awful rules that no one would ordinarily wish to live under.  One is the wearing of those awful clothes, another is the total subservience of women, a third is having to pray five times a day, a fourth is all the dietary restrictions, and the list goes on and on.  No normal person could possibly enjoy living with all these random religious laws restricting their pursuit of happiness.  In addition, no person with love in their heart could ever worship an evil deity like Allah who enjoins mass slaughter, or an evil prophet like Mohammed who committed rape, mass murder, robbery and every other crime including the sexual violation of a nine year old girl.  In addition, no person with integrity could ever believe in a religion full of such monstrous lies.  Part of the religion of Islam says that those born to Muslims are automatically Muslim.  This means that every Muslim child starts off Muslim, and therefore, if they ever leave the religion they are 'apostates,' even though they never consented to join the religion in the first place.

This means that anyone who rejects Islam because they care about happiness, compassion, or truth, is liable for the death penalty.  While this evil law isn't very popular in pockets of European Muslims, 1/3 of Muslims from Southeast Asia endorse this position, and over 1/2 of Muslims from South Asia and the Middle East support this position.  Mysteriously, they don't even give this question to sub-saharan Africans.  Is it because the results would be even more damning than they already are if the answer was known?  In any case, the answer is good enough already.  The largest number of Muslims do not live in Europe, they live in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and the Middle East.  And of these Muslims, the majority of them support the execution of any child who rejects Islam on conscientious grounds.

This study also mentions blithely that the world is set to become 1/4 Muslim in the near future due to demographic inevitabilities.  What if, instead of non-white Muslims, we had done a poll of Germany, asking if we should execute anyone who leaves Nazism.  All children are considered automatically born into Nazism, and it is their sacred duty to someday grow up and go to war to create more Lebensraum for Germany and slaughter the Jews.  If they reject these teachings, they are executed for apostasy.  And what if the response this poll had been given is that the majority of Germans believe this was a proper law and should be enforced.  What would the world response be?

Would we really sit by and say, "Oh, that's not such a bad law.  What's the big deal?"  Okay, suppose we did.  Fine.  Let's pretend that no matter how evil a people are, we'll just look the other way.  What if Germany was slated to become 1/4 of the world's population though?  What if ignoring this evil meant condemning 1/4 of the whole world to diabolical darkness?  This means that every soul born into Germany is immediately condemned to a choice of destroying their soul or losing their life.  They never had a single chance.  The moment they were born they were dead or doomed.  Would this still be acceptable?  One fourth of all humans ever born must either become pure evil or die, automatically, with no one who will protect them?

No one should be forced to believe Nazism on pain of death.  That choice is too cruel, especially for children who were born innocent into the world and deserve as happy as life as anyone else born anywhere else on Earth.  Likewise, no moral or rational person could ever accept Islam, and yet every child born in the largest portions of Muslim populated lands must do so on pain of death.  These children are never given a chance in life.  The moment they're born, they're condemned to worse than prison.  Worse than slavery.  They must actually be evil for life.  And in the end, on pain of death, they must transmit this evil even to their kids, so that the chain of vileness extends into infinity.  In the 1800's we crusaded all across the world banning slavery in foreign countries.  We did not permit the behavior even when it had zero impact on our own lives.  Now, in the 21st century, we should sit back and permit something even worse than slavery, which is making people believe lies and do evil against their own will, for over 1/4 of the world's population?

The death penalty for apostasy must be abolished.  All children, everywhere on Earth, must have the right to leave this vile faith freely and without penalty.  No one should be forced to participate in a religion of mass murder and child rape worship.  This is simply unacceptable.  Like cannibalism, human sacrifice, or slavery, the custom is so barbaric and so vile that it simply must not be allowed to exist anywhere, no matter who is doing it to whom.  The majority of Muslims have endorsed pure evil, so the majority of Muslims the world over are evil.  They've confessed it out of their own mouths.  They are a despicable people who believe despicable things, and they should be dealt with accordingly.

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