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Saturday, April 14, 2012

The Long Wait Update: 4

Major is available for download. So is Saki dvd, so long as you don't demand brand-name quality. That may be the best we'll ever get, so no point waiting any longer. Going by a cryptic post with a cryptic picture, it looks like Elysium subs intends to do blu-ray Kobato. Coalgirls will do the Suite Precure movie in blu-ray once the third volume comes out late this month, if it doesn't come out sooner. Still no progress on the remainder of Precure or Steins;Gate. That's a rundown on the anime that's out, but not translated.

Now for a rundown on the remaining spring anime:

Ginga E Kickoff: This series is surprisingly great. I love the art style, and the characters. I love soccer, so adding a 2nd soccer anime to the same current lineup is pretty sweet. I really don't see how this series could go wrong, at this point, I like everything about it. Of course, it isn't going to be very serious or dramatic, so it won't win the Oscars or anything. But it's fine as a niche product.

Jormungand: A group of psychopathic badasses go on a murder spree for the sake of profit, and the government seems to find this a-okay and look the other way. Really? First off, this would never be allowed. But nevermind the realism, it's just stupid. You can't call these people characters. Monsters perhaps, but not people. They don't seem to care about anyone or anything.

Sakamichi no Apollon: This show is cool. Both boys showed spunk, and stood up for themselves. The girl was nice and understanding. We already have the makings of a solid group of friends here. I don't really care that they're starting a band, but revolving around one activity is as good as any other.

Tsuritama: This show is terrible. The characters are way over the top, the animation is way over the top and makes no sense. No one acts like that. If they do, I certainly am not interested in following the lives of such total losers/nuts.

Shining Hearts: Did every character in this series have a lobotomy? What is with their mindless laughter and constant smiles? It's creepy. They don't seem to have any other emotion or even any thoughts passing through their heads. I like the Shining tactical rpg series, so I assume this will shortly become a war story, and start playing to its strengths, but this was a really dumb way to begin.

Watching the 2nd ep, Space Bros is still skating the edge of watchability, Natsuiro Kiseki got much better, Sankarea was fantastic, Sengoku Collection was solid, Medaka Box was funny, and Zetman was okay.

The spring season still has Hyoka, Akb0048, and Kingdom to come, so it can't be judged as a whole quite yet. However, I'd set up my tiers, knowing what I know now, like this:

Must See:

Smile Precure
One Piece

Should See:

Saki Achiga
Hunter x Hunter

No Harm in Seeing:

Kore wa Zombie Desuka?
Kuroko no Basuke
Ginga E Kickoff
The Knight Area
Sakamichi no Apollon
Medaka Box

If You're Bored:

Kimi to Boku
Mouretsu Pirates
Natsuiro Kiseki
Shining Hearts
Space Brothers

Not Worth Watching:

Everything else. Sadly, Naruto and Fairy Tail are currently on filler.

Spring has a decent quantity of watchable series, but nothing really jumps out except the obvious Fate/Zero and Saki Achiga. My favorite surprise is Sankarea. If I had to point to what novel anime should win an award for spring 2012, I'd say Sankarea.

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