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Friday, February 3, 2012

Anime Updates:

So much is happening in the anime world, someone should keep track of it.

Negima's manga is coming to an end shortly, one of the best mangas ever. It will be sorely missed.

Bleach is entering its final manga arc. It's unknown how long it will last though.

Naruto is, presumably, on its final arc already.

So our constant companions of the last decade are all going away. It's sad, but necessary. A story can't be good without a good ending. A good ending is when all loose ends are tied up, all mysteries explained, all characters paired off romantically, all enemies defeated, and so on. If everything is just left in a mess in the middle of some pivotal scene, the story can never be called 'good,' no matter how well it began.

The final episode of the final season of Higurashi finally came out.

Kobato and Saki are coming out in blu-ray in March for the first time. In February, the Hayate, Negima, and Sora no Otoshimono movies are coming out in blu-ray.

Speaking of Sora no Otoshimono, a new season has been announced, so this fine series isn't over yet.

Suite Precure has come to an end, ushering in the beginning of Pretty Cure's 9th season, Smile Precure, which will surely be as amazing as all of its predecessors.

As far as winter anime impressions go, Inu x Boku is okay. Thermae Romae was fun. Zero no Louise was even worse than I feared, but Papa no Iu Koto Kikinasai was way better. So much happens every episode, the characters feel so human and so real, I'm completely invested in them emotionally, and the situation is full of dramatic potential. It has an overload of ecchi content, but then so did Strike Witches, Sora no Otoshimono, and almost every other good anime. Sex sells, there's no denying it, so if it takes random ecchi scenes to pay for all the good storytelling that's also in these series, then so be it. The dumb fans can enjoy the ecchi parts and I can enjoy the actual story, drama, and characters, and we can all be one happy family.

Knight in the Area is worse than I had hoped. The story isn't very compelling or believable. Prince of Tennis is much better -- but then I guess that's expected out of one of the best sports anime series ever.

The obvious standout of this season is Nisemonogatari. Every episode has been wonderful, insightful, gripping, funny, sexy, you name it. There's not much to say about this series because everyone should obviously be watching it, they don't need my advice for such a no-brainer.

Another is scary, but does that make it good? I don't like it, but then I hate the entire horror genre.

Senhime Zesshou, Rinne no Lagrange, and Mouretsu Pirates are all great, just like my initial impressions of them. None of them stand out enough, however, to enter my rankings. Maybe once I've seen the entire story?

Recorder to Randsell is dumb.

Amagami SS+ is impressively good, for being filler. Like usual, the opening theme is godlike.

In merely eight weeks, the world will be turned upside down again, and it will be time for the spring anime season. A plethora of new and returning shows will replace everything before our eyes and the evaluation process will have to begin anew. Tanoshimini.

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