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Saturday, January 14, 2012

My Reply to Susie Green: has a new column out today which is particularly disgusting.

Jewess Susie Green pretends she is on 'our side.' ((The side of white, western civilization.)) But we learn what she really thinks and cares about at the very end of the column:
"Because of the errors and superstitions of today, the West is doomed to endure a very long and painful period of barbarianism, misery and even mass death. When it finally becomes unavoidably clear that group differences are real, I worry that the Jews, as the intellectual leaders of modern egalitarianism, will be shamed and no longer respected in philosophy and the social sciences."

Got that? Because of the Jewish-led philosophy of egalitarianism, the West is doomed to barbarism, misery, and mass death. Pretty grim, huh? That sounds like a pretty strong indictment of Jews in general. It would be reasonable to resent Jews just a tad if they were to cause all that in the future, now wouldn't it?

Nope! Susie Green doesn't think so. No matter what Jews do, Jews can never be blamed or resented for it, for that way leads anti-semitism, which, to her, is an even GREATER evil than sinking the entire West, billions of people, into 'barbarism, misery, and mass death.'

"Even worse, there is a danger that, out of this dark period, a deep anti-Semitism will emerge, as revenge for the betrayal by the intellectuals. The Right could become what the Left already claims—Nazis—and Left could become the lesser of two evils."

Did you read that correctly? "EVEN WORSE" than the majority of the 1st world reverting to the stone age, losing at least half of our population, and the remainder living in eternal 'misery,' is the prospect that ANTI-SEMITISM might rear its ugly head again!

The most damning statement of all is that even at this point, even once the left has plunged the flower of the Earth, billions of beautiful, brilliant white people into 'barbarism, misery, and mass death,' it would still be preferable to stick with the left than to side with the "GREATER" of two evils, Nazism.

Because we all know that Nazi Germany was EVEN WORSE than living in the stone age, with half the population mere skulls and crossbones, and the other half miserably going about their broken, wasted lives, because it DISLIKED JEWS.

It is worse for Jews to be hated, as a world historical outcome, than that all whites should suffer and die.

So says Susie Green, and she's "on our side."

No, Susie Green, you're not on our side. You're a sick, sick woman, a Jewish Supremacist, who is only thinking about what is good for the Jews, and you could care less about what happens to the rest of us. You hate white people and loathe them as all potential, proto-Nazis just waiting to burst out of our Jew-hating cocoons. You would prefer we all die out in your fantasy dystopia than that we should ever see and realize just who were our friends, and who were our enemies, all along. And that puts you decidedly on the "other" side.

Pro-white Jews are a joke. All they care about is anti-semitism, their own Jewish hides. They police us like they're our betters, and act as though they're the only people with the right to criticize Jews. At the last moment, they always betray pro-white peers and stab us in the back. Just like they stabbed Germany in the back in World War I. Just like they stabbed Spain in the back and aided the Moors. Just like they stabbed Tzar Nicholas in the back and assassinated the Imperial family of Russia, ushering in the communist reign of terror. Just like they stabbed America in the back with the 'HART-Cellar' immigration act of 1965 that took a 90% white nation, the strongest, richest, happiest nation on Earth, and gave it away to the 3rd world flood. Jews have betrayed and destroyed every single culture that ever tried to coexist with them. Rome, Byzantium, Germany, Russia, and America were all betrayed and ruined by the Jews. They are the most evil force, the most evil people, to ever live.

Like parasites, they seek out the strongest and healthiest hosts, the population that is the kindest towards them, the most industrious and creative among each other, and then suck them dry with lies and cons, only to finally finish them off, when they are no longer useful to Jews anymore, in an act of bloody insurrection. Then the Jews, the eternal wandering Jews, go find a new host and repeat the process over, and over, and over again.

And we never learn. We never learn. Even after they have destroyed every good country that has ever lived in the past, we still worry about Jewish suffering, prejudice against Jews, paranoia against Jews, as the 'greatest' evil, greater even than the end of the world. Even though we know the history of the Jews, even though we know they were the leaders of the Bolshevik revolution, even though we know they were the ringleaders of the 1965 immigration law, the Civil Rights act, and everything else that has destroyed America, we allow them to write articles on our own websites where they get to denounce whites yet again as horrible awful proto-Nazis while giving the Jews another pass, another excuse, another lie about how they're really on "our side this time."

Jewish apologists always have some excuse about how their host society 'hit them first,' sort of like a two year old, ignoring the fact that two wrongs don't make a right, and that the complete overthrow and destruction of a fundamentally good country just because you were slightly oppressed in some minor way is a ridiculous overreaction that cannot be justified in any way. But it's not even true. America never did anything to Jews, except keep them out of prestigious country clubs and put a quota on their college opportunities. Meanwhile, we defeated their most hated enemy, Nazi Germany, at the cost of hundreds of thousands of white lives and our entire treasury, in the process saving the lives of all the remaining Jews of Europe, and they still betrayed and murdered us.

As thanks, they freed the black plague on us, imported the entire impoverished, criminal, illiterate and Spanish-speaking population of Mexico into our borders, and broadside us every day with slavering hatred and derision in their propaganda factories: Newspapers, Magazines, TV shows, Hollywood movies, even our churches and public schools. They hate white Americans so much that they pulled off the ultimate coup, they even made us hate ourselves, and wish ourselves dead.

The children of Portland State University cheered when Bill Clinton announced the white race would soon go extinct in America's future. Normally, people do not cheer their own deaths. For that to happen, they must first learn to hate themselves. And where did they learn that kind of hate? Certainly not from their own ancestors. The white ancestors of America were proud of their nation, proud of their founding fathers, proud of their constitution, proud of their race, proud of their European roots and culture, and declared over and over that America was a white man's country and destined for white men's children. So where did this self-hatred come from? Where did they learn to turn their back on themselves and beg for a chance at mass suicide? Not from our mouths, this continuous poison. Not from us!

We learned it from the Jew. The Jews who wrote Archie Bunker sitcoms, movie scripts like "Guess Who's Coming to Dinner," commercials where dumb white male employees are shown up by wise black bosses, Holocaust education thrown into the face of every 5 year old on up in school, every year, all year, and every single editorial in every newspaper we ever pick up. We learned to hate ourselves because the Jews told us we were hateful beings. They told us this because they hated us. And they hated us for -- no reason at all. For saving them from Nazi Germany. For sacrificing ourselves so that they might live.

Jews betrayed Russia, which led to the deaths of 100 million people. But let's just ignore that. The Jews were being oppressed. There were pogroms in Russia's past. They were forced to live in special zones set aside for them. It was just so horrible. Anyone treated like that would kill 100 million people, right? So, never mind.

Tell me what America ever did to the Jews to deserve this:

According to Susie Green, America's future is doomed to 'barbarism, misery, and mass death.' And according to her, this is all because of Jewish-led egalitarianism. So, Susie Green, explain to me what we ever did to the Jews to deserve this last, final betrayal? What did we do to the Jewish people to deserve our wholesale destruction? Jews are the most honored people in America, the richest, the most powerful; a protected, Chosen race who all revere in public and fear to offend in private. All our presidents go pray at the wailing wall in Israel while wearing a yarmulke. We set up a giant Menorah on the White House Lawn every Christmas, a supposedly Christian holiday, but don't put up any corresponding crosses. We built the holocaust memorial, a crime we Americans didn't commit and actually put a stop to, before we put up a memorial to our own fallen troops in World War II. What more do you want from us? Our firstborn sons? We already gave our firstborn daughters, 37,000 a year according to the Justice Apartment, over to be raped by your black-unleashed-plague. How much more of a price must we pay to redeem our white blood in your eyes, for our awful American crimes against Jewry?

Enough. Jews always had some half-cocked excuse for every other betrayal of their host peoples before us. But they have no excuse for what they did to America. They are, definitely, beyond any doubt, the aggressors in this unsought war of annihilation.

Jewess Susan Sontag says white people are the cancer of human history. Jew Tim Wise says he is rejoicing in the collective sound of white America's fading heartbeat. We give them everything, do everything they say, fall prostrate at their knees, and they still want us all dead. Not just one or two radicals, but practically every Jew in America. Why do I know this? Because the 'mainstream' Jews never renounce these radical Jews, they never denounce them in a public forum. They never say, "these radical haters of white America do not represent us, they do not speak in our name, true Jews love America and love white Americans most of all for the opportunities they have given us by allowing us to immigrate into this wonderful land." Instead, said 'mainstream' Jews almost universally donate to, endorse, and vote for the traitor's party of America, the one that is full-steam ahead for wealth distribution from whites to non-whites, unlimited immigration of non-whites into white lands, unlimited black-on-white crime, and affirmative action for non-whites against whites, the Democratic party.

The Jew's destruction of America, if it should come to pass, will be an unforgivable sin no amount of great composers or physicists will ever exculpate. It should harden our hearts to Jewish whining, Jewish pleas about prejudice and paranoia, forever. I don't want to hear about anti-semitism anymore. I don't want to hear about the evil gentiles who unfairly want to harm perfectly innocent Jews who just want to play the violin or whatever. I don't want to hear about the dangers of Nazis coming back to power.

Guess what, Jews. You had your chance to show that you could make a better world than the Nazis, and you blew it. You destroyed everything you touched. You murdered everyone you ever gained power over. Nobody could be worse than you.

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Anonymous said...

"Jews who align themselves with organizations or publications that explicitly promote the interests of European-Americans should be willing to acknowledge the role of the organized Jewish community in the dispossession of European America. They should also acknowledge that the policies of the organized Jewish community at the present time are definitely opposed to the interests of European Americans. ...

Moreover, when pro-European-American groups feel it judicious to be silent about the role of the organized Jewish community in our current malaise, this must be seen as an expression of Jewish power. Much of our task on behalf of European-American civilization and our people is the promotion of historical understanding. Many Jews will inevitably find an honest discussion of the history of European abdication threatening because of the prominent role of Jews revealed by any objective account of that history. ...

Even worse, it prevents these organizations from making explicit attempts to oppose the very real power that the organized Jewish community and other strongly identified Jews continue to exert in a wide range of areas in opposition to the interests of European-Americans. Again, the best role for Jews in these movements is to be vocal critics of the Jewish community and its role in the dispossession of European-Americans. But the unfortunate reality is that, just like mainstream politicians forced to never mention the power of the Israel Lobby, these pro-European-American groups end up ignoring the 800-lb gorilla in their midst."