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Saturday, December 31, 2011

1001 Books:

Just a fun little aside:

You know how every anti-racist comes on to this site and declaims about the ignorance of racists, then prays for our hearts full of hate, then sums it all up with a comment about us living in caves?

Well how does that compute with the fact that in the waning days of 2011, I've surpassed the sound barrier and read a whopping 1001 books across my lifetime?

I doubt any of these detractors have read even 100 books, much less 1,000+. The fact is, it takes a lot of self-study and self-education to break free of the 'matrix' of liberal lies taught in school and the media. Therefore, to be a racist, you must first be a free, inquisitive, original thinker. Racists are a cut above normal men, not below. We are smarter, more intellectually curious, more self-sacrificially honest, and better informed than any of our peers.

Racists also possess courage, though. I think that's our defining trait. Everyone in the back of their heads knows we are right, they know that races, sexes, sexual orientations, religions, cultures, and ethnicities are fundamentally different and that some groups are superior to others. They just don't dare say it, not even in their own conscious thoughts. The willingness to embrace this truth and then to say it, without 'retreat, surrender or apology,' is what makes racists truly admirable. It's the single major difference between us and everyone else. Even knowing what the consequences will be to us, we go out and tell the unvarnished truth that the world needs to hear, if we are to protect the superior from the inferior. Because unlike everyone else, we care about the great and the good, as opposed to 'getting by,' and will gladly give up the second for the first. That's the stuff heroes are made of.

'Discrimination' is simply another word for judgment, it means valuing one thing over another. There cannot be morality without discrimination. For something to matter, it must matter more than something else. If we 'hate' something, it's because it is in direct conflict with something else we love. To hate is the only proof we love at all. People who hate nothing, love nothing, because they don't care what happens to the things they 'love,' or else they'd be incensed at any and all threats to it.

Racists have an overflowing abundance of hatred for this world precisely because we have an overflowing depth of love and passion for this world. We don't just throw the world away and prepare for the harps and togas of the afterlife. We want THIS world to be a paradise, the real world, the only world we have. Nor do we think in some sort of nihilist fashion that it's okay for the world to be destroyed so long as we are happy, or so long as it happens after we die, because we think we're a part of something larger than ourselves -- ie, we're collectivists, and even after our deaths our collective will live on -- even if we're unhappy, we can be happy for the sake of our collective if it is prospering. Racists are fundamentally different from hedonists/solipsists/liberals/nihilists and fundamentally different from religious types AND fundamentally different from libertarians. We are our own type, the most complete type of Man: A man of action, who cares about something other than himself. Just by definition you can tell how praiseworthy we are compared to every possible alternative.

Ignorant? Try 'best informed group on Earth.' Haters? Try the most loving and altruistic people on Earth. Cave dwellers? Try the most progressive thinkers on Earth, who rely on science and logic, not superstition and emotional fluff to come to their conclusions.

We are the best. We're more elite than 'the few, the proud, the marines.' Let's enjoy the New Year's celebrations -- because the future, more than any other group or type of thinker, always belongs to us -- the scientific collectivists who care about this world and this world alone. Every year that passes we get closer to our goal, and our victory is even more assured.

Genetic engineering, AI, spaceflight. Who will use these tools most effectively to craft their utopia? Nihilists who don't care what the world looks like? Religious people who just want to die and go to heaven? Libertarians who refuse to organize their communities along any rational, holistic lines? Or us? Who is situated to turn technology into a community that will be more powerful, more beautiful, and more united than anyone else? It can only be us. We're the only group suited for the job, and the world knows it. That's why they're so deathly afraid of Nazis and rant against them day and night -- one of us is equal to a thousand of them, and ten of us is almost enough to conquer the world, and they know it. Last time it was Germany vs. the world. But this time they'll have allies everywhere -- wherever people are bright and honest enough to see.

This time we're going to win.

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