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Sunday, November 20, 2011

What Does Racism Even Mean?

The dictionary definition of a racist is someone who thinks 'his' race is better than another race. But what do you do when that's simply blindingly obvious? How can you not help but think that, when good and evil are compared side by side in the full light of day?

How could anyone not be a racist when comparing whites to blacks?

How could anyone think anything but 'whites are better than blacks?'

How could there be any attempt to compare the two by any measure? Just by mentioning the comparison everyone knows who will win.

Whites are better athletes than blacks, just look at their olympic medal count.

They're also better warriors than blacks, just look at the war record when whites fight blacks.

Whites are more moral than blacks, just look at our crime rates, levels of corruption or illegitimacy rates.

Whites are smarter than blacks, just look at our nobel prizes.

Whites have done more good for the world than blacks, just look at our inventions: modern medicine, including vaccines and antibiotics that ended plagues as a historical force, the green revolution that fed the world and ended famines as a historical force, cars, airplanes, trains, steel for tall buildings, computers, the internet, etc, etc. Blacks meanwhile invented obscure nothings that nobody cares about and somehow pass them off as equal to white progress. Who are they fooling?

Whites are even prettier than blacks. Black women straighten their hair and bleach their skin just to look a little more like white women, not that it works. Most black men flee as far from their own women as possible in the hopes of getting a white woman instead, as shown by O.J. Simpson, Tiger Woods, etc. Meanwhile no other male of any other race has any interest in dating a black female -- as shown by endless online dating sites.

There isn't any imaginable metric wherein whites could be compared to blacks and blacks could end up superior, except for laughably obscure, trivial issues like 100 meter dash speeds. How could anyone not be racist? Are they blind? Deaf? Living in a dream world?

But here's what really gets me, if I were hispanic, I would think the exact same thing: Wow, hispanics sure are better than blacks. And if I were Asian, I would also be thinking the exact same thing: Wow, Asians sure are better than blacks. And the same if I were Arab, Indian, or any other combination. In fact, every single race from every single country, if you ask them honestly, both has a history of racism against blacks, and still currently thinks they're better than blacks!

Do Hispanics in L.A. worship blacks as the superior race? What about Korean shopkeepers in L.A.? Do they think their black customers are superior to them? Does anyone not just look at this race and cringe in embarrassment and not laugh a little inside? Behind closed doors, isn't every single member of the human race laughing at blacks as the most pathetic creatures on Earth?

Am I supposed to believe that the sole parameter that makes you a good person is that you aren't racist, and therefore, since every race except blacks are racist against blacks, both historically and to this day, blacks are the greatest race on Earth, and racists should all be ashamed of ourselves because our sense of superiority is false?

Or am I supposed to believe that racists are so blitheringly stupid that they would ever make such an absurd statement as "Every single member of my race is better than every single member of your race," even though that would have to include child rapists like Sandusky from Penn State over Clarence Thomas or Thomas Sowell? Is there anyone on Earth saying anything that stupid? Can anyone imagine the most strident racist on Earth saying something so patently absurd as every single black on Earth is worse than the worst non-black to ever live? Jack the Ripper? Jeffery Dahmer? Mao ZeDong? Pol Pot? Seriously? Of course no racist thinks anything of the sort. Of course, therefore, 'racism' can't be the belief that every single member of your race is better than every single member of someone else's race. If that were the meaning of racism, then no one in world history has ever been racist. No one, not even insane people, have ever come to such an absurd conclusion.

Or is racism the belief that the various heirarchy of races is set in stone and can't change over time? Is it simply the belief that races are genetic and not 'cultural?' But this too is such a hopeless endeavor. Even supposing blacks were only inferior due to possessing an inferior 'culture,' how many thousands of years have they been the lowest race on the totem pole? They have always served as slaves to the outside world, whether to whites, arabs, hispanics, Amerindians or anyone else. They are currently still being worked like slaves by foreign Chinese 'advisors' in Africa today. They are always the poorest people in any country they live in, whether it's white, brown, yellow, or any other color. Let's suppose that somehow all the scientific data is wrong and there is nothing 'inherent' about this racial heirarchy.

Let's just imagine for a moment that everyone is born a blank slate and starting from tomorrow on blacks could be the new master class in every country and we their slaves.

What does it matter? Is there any conceivable way their culture could be changed to something that is superior to our own? With their poverty, their illegitimacy rates, their lack of stable homes, their crime rates, their rotten school, their corruption, their dictatorial regimes and bad governance, their complete lack of role models, moral guides, or any civilizing force whatsoever, who but God could possibly 'change' their culture?

If the pitiable state of blacks is due to 'culture,' then when will this change? Culture is transferred in an unbreakable chain from cruddy parents to cruddy children to cruddy grandchildren. No amount of money or schooling can intervene. No intervention is enough. Changing black culture was what midnight basketball, welfare, affirmative action, food stamps, HUD housing, Section 8 vouchers, medicaid, free public schooling, head start, the free lunch program, and everything else were FOR. If that didn't come even close to working, what hope is there that some bright new program will? Seriously? Does anyone really think the next 'intervention' will finally succeed and blacks will become the greatest race of all in no time?

So are racists evil because they believe it's hopeless and blacks are inherently inferior, whereas non-racists know it isn't hopeless, because though no nation on Earth has ever managed even at the price of hundreds of billions of dollars and endless time and effort has ever managed to change the self-destructive black culture, it's still possible somewhere 'over the rainbow' and the miraculous solution to everything is always 'just around the corner?'

Racism = realism? The only moral stance is to believe in an obvious fairy tale that no one beyond the age of five could stomach, like the idea that the communist utopia is just around the corner and these 50 year long food shortages and bread lines are just a 'temporary setback' due to 'local causes?' The black cultural revolution is about as 'just around the corner,' one good 'social program away,' as the communist utopia was in 1989. No one believes it anymore. I can forgive ignorant fools believing it in 1960. But that was 50 years ago! Barely any black alive has ever been discriminated against in any way. Almost all of them, contrarily, have received extra benefits and handouts throughout their entire lives. We have been doing nothing but showering them with attention, praise, money and unearned jobs and the whole world, from France to Britain to the USA to Brazil has nothing to show for it. Blacks don't succeed ANYWHERE, no matter HOW much we 'invest' in them.

If the definition of a racist is someone who isn't insane or delusional, who thinks that not only are blacks blatantly inferior, but that there is no way this is going to change as far as the eye can see, then THE WHOLE WORLD IS RACIST.

If a racist is someone who thinks every single member of their race is better than every single black who has ever lived, then NO ONE ON EARTH HAS EVER BEEN OR IS NOW A RACIST.


The only other possibility is that racist means 'someone who loves their own race.' But what's wrong with loving your own race, so long as you aren't black? All non-black races have something to be proud about. It's not racist for blacks to love the black race, is it? Isn't that because they have good traits they can take pride in? Well then, how much more so is that true for any other race on Earth? How especially true is that for whites, who have Beethoven's Ode to Joy?

So maybe racist means loving your race beyond the objective and fair proportion you should love it just because it's your race?

But how is that different from loving your family more than its allotted measure simply because it's your family?

Suppose that is a sin. Suppose loving your family members is a grievous injustice that must be done away with for the sake of a truly just world. Fine. In that case, we can also say racism is a sin, for the very same reason. But when has love ever hurt anyone? When is 'too much love' a culprit in any crime? Even if the love is unmerited, even if it's unjust, isn't love so good that we should embrace it, wherever it came from, however it came to be, as a good thing?

I keep hearing that all this world needs is love.

In that case, why call loving your family more than you 'should,' or loving your race more than you 'should,' evil? Isn't it a virtue to love anyone for any reason? What harm does it do? And how much good arises from family love, national love, racial love? How much does it unify us, empower us, create harmony and order between us, to think we're all on the same side and all a part of something bigger and better than ourselves? If the two were put on a scale, would we really be so quick to throw out this 'irrational' 'racism' ?

I love my race, the white race. I love them because they deserve it, as the progenitors of nearly everything good in this world, and I even love them because they don't deserve it, just because they're like me and I love myself. Is this 'racism' such a terrifying thing that it must be stomped down at all costs?

Psychologists have shown that ethnic pride/belonging makes children more confident and happy among minorities. Am I to believe that the exact opposite is true of white children? That they should hate their race and hate anything that is similar to themselves for their own mental well-being and spiritual grace?

A racist is someone who doesn't hate himself? REALLY? Seriously? That's what it boils down to?

If that's the case, I reject any meaning to the term 'racism' down this path as well.

Either everyone is a racist or no one is a racist. The false distinctions liberals make to put on airs over their more honest and truthful opposition is all a lie, a mask. They know, underneath, that they are making distinctions without a difference. If they actually believed whites and blacks were equal, they'd be living in South Central L.A., not in their 90% white suburbs. They'd be sending their children to ghetto schools, not private schools or 90% white public schools. They'd actually marry blacks, instead of other whites or Asians. As Joseph Sobran said, in residence and dating habits, liberals are indistinguishable from members of the Ku Klux Klan.

If they seriously believe they're enlightened because they have a black friend or two and know not all blacks are evil, then guess what, no one is so stupid as to think otherwise, so no, that doesn't make you 'enlightened' and us 'benighted.' In fact, liberals themselves mock the argument 'some of my best friends are xxx' as some sort of indicator that you aren't racist. This is because they know that racism is a belief about averages, and that NO ONE ON EARTH IS SO STUPID AS TO THINK IT'S AN ABSOLUTE PERTAINING TO EVERY SINGLE INDIVIDUAL, therefore assuring people that you don't think the superiority of your race is an absolute pertaining to every single individual is a laughable instance of 'anti-racist enlightenment.'

If being racist simply means loving your race and wanting it to survive, prosper, and be happy, then only nihilists/genocidal haters would be 'anti-racist.' If this makes you a 'racist,' then it's simply a badge of pride. If an anti-racist is simply someone who wishes death and suffering upon his own race, then in what twisted world is this a badge of honor?

Liberals are taking the position that they are better than 'racists' because they properly celebrate the genocide and coming dispossession and misery of the white race. But God can see that anyone who celebrates such horrendous things is not good, he's evil. Only Satan could celebrate death and pain.

Alternatively, liberals are taking the position that they are better than 'racists' because they believe the black cultural rejuvenation is going to occur 'tomorrow,' whereas gloomy racists hatefully, hatefully, hatefully think nothing will change. Not in five years, not in fifty, and not in five hundred. And yet fifty years have already passed and, if anything, blacks are worse now than they've ever been. Their families are more broken, even more black men are in prison, their STD rates are skyrocketing (a new study came out just a couple days ago pointing this out), their wealth has been wiped out by the recent depression, their unemployment numbers are higher than ever for the same reason, and so on. Liberals had a point in 1960, when we didn't have enough data so we could really believe in the tooth fairy, santa claus, and the black cultural rennaissance. That is ridiculous in 2011. We're all adults now. Santa Claus isn't real. Communism doesn't work. And blacks aren't going to have their long awaited renaissance where they all become properly pinky-bent tea sippers with dapper accents riding white unicorns through grassy fields. No one in their right minds could possibly believe this anymore.

You aren't superior to 'racists' for believing ridiculous falsehoods like the black unicorn manifest destiny renaissance, Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy. It just means you're a child who needs to be kept away from anything dangerous or serious until you grow up, or an insane person who needs to be put in a strait jacket before you hurt someone.

If you aren't 'racist' because you believe in the black unicorn riders who will come back with the Messiah alongside the black freedom riders of the 1960's come Judgment Day, this does not make you better than me. This makes you an irrepressibly irritating idiot.

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