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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Saimoe 2011 Final Four:

And the final four areeeeee:

Erica Hartman, from Strike Witches.
Madoka Kaname, from Madoka Magica.
Mami Tomoe, from Madoka Magica.
And Kyouko Sakura, from Madoka Magica.

Astarotte was my last 'horse' in this race, but I'm rather pleased with my predictive power. I said characters like Astarotte should win, but that ultimately characters from Madoka WOULD win due to Madoka being the most popular anime of 2011. Since this is Saimoe 2011 it only makes sense that the breakaway show of the year would get all the attention. It also only makes sense that the title character and lead would defeat Sayaka, a side character in the quarterfinals, despite my preference for Sayaka Miki over Madoka Kaname.

Erica Hartmann might just beat Kyouko Sakura to create a non-all-Madoka final, but she will most definitely lose in the final to Madoka. Madoka, meanwhile, who didn't lose to Sayaka Miki, couldn't possibly lose to Mami Tomoe. I predict now that not only will the franchise Madoka Magica win, but that Madoka herself will win from amidst that franchise. We won't have long to wait to see, the final is in a mere four days.

On one hand Saimoe 2011 is playing out, and on the other hand we're rounding the bend towards the greatest #1 vs. #2 match in regular season college football history (more or less). LSU vs. Alabama should be a spectacular 'final' as well, at about the same time.

Looking a bit further ahead, 2011 still has a new Kenshin special, a new Major OVA, a new Toradora bonus episode, a new K-On! movie, a new Gundam OVA and a new Higurashi OVA to come. So that means that 2011 will have released new content for 41 of the top 110 anime franchises ever. This is far and away better than any previous year in anime history. IE, 2011 will have been the best year in anime history.

But 2012 isn't looking too shabby either. 2012 promises a Bakemonogatari sequel tv series and prequel movie, another Amagami SS tv series, another Prince of Tennis tv series, a new Zero no Tsukaima tv series, a Higurashi OVA, a To Heart OVA, a Berserk movie, a Strike Witches movie, an Evangelion movie, and a new Nanoha movie. This is just the tip of the iceberg, what the anime industry has let us know so far. They've also made promises concerning Fate/Zero, Steins;Gate, Hayate, Saki, and Code Geass; and doubtless immortal series like One Piece, Naruto, Gundam, Bleach, Pretty Cure, Fairy Tail and Hunter x Hunter will also be joining us for 2012. Lastly, Hanasaku Iroha, Usagi Drop, and many other 2011 series are still being released in blu-ray with additional bonus content, which means 2012 will include all of them too.

We're already up to 23+ of the top 110 series being represented in 2012, and we only have the barest idea of what's coming out next year. If that's not enough, the London 2012 Olympics are just around the corner.

Most importantly, Memory of Light, the final book in the Wheel of Time series, quite possibly the greatest literary work ever, is coming out in 2012. It would take something phenomenal in the entertainment world to overtake 2011's output, but with the help of this lone book, it might just be enough.

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