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Thursday, September 29, 2011

21st Century Bill of Rights:

How do we avoid the collapse of the world?

Currently, the world is slated to collapse somewhere around 2050 because at that point no amount of taxes or debt can possibly pay for all the medicare and social security of our elderly. This collapse will be universal -- it's true of China, Japan, Europe and America. The entire developed world is going to be majority too old to work by 2050 and ready to cash in their benefits checks to the nearest government office.

Who will provide them with all this free money? There aren't enough young people to provide it. By 2050, the undead age 60+ population will be higher than the productive 20-60 age group. Even if we ramped taxes up to 100% we couldn't pay the promised amounts for our retirees.

The answer is obvious, we must either do away with these retiree benefits entirely, or drastically reduce them. But how do we do this in a democracy? The electorate will also be majority 60+ year olds who will demand infinite money, 100% taxes, infinite debt, anything so that they can suck our blood for the rest of their comfy lives.

The answer is we must suspend democracy and introduce a new constitution that expressly forbids parasitism such as this from ever occurring again. The new constitution should have two new rights in the 'bill of rights.'

1. The right to a citizen's dividend. Each citizen's share of the citizen's dividend will be equal to 25% of your country's GDP divided by your country's population.

2. The right to not be taxed through any other means except one flat sales tax, which will not surpass 100% of the sale price. (ie, government can at most double the price of goods and services, thus bringing in 50% of the nation's GDP for total reallocation.)

In this manner we can give to the elderly -- or anyone else, for that matter, whether they be the homeless, the poor, the sick, the disabled, or whatever -- only that which is within our means. Everyone has a stake in the economic health of their society -- the only way to get a higher citizen's dividend is for the GDP to grow proportionate to the population. You can no longer claim any larger portion of the pie for yourself. Special pleading, on the taxes as well as the spending side, is no more.

In addition, everyone can have the guaranteed assurance that the majority of their work will be for their own benefit, no one else's. This is the difference between taxation and slavery -- in slavery, you are allowed to keep only enough money that you stay alive, primarily serving the interests of others, under normal tax rates, you are the primary beneficiary of your own labor, and only a minority portion goes to serving the interests of others. With this guarantee, we can end tax slavery just like we ended all the previous slaveries that have emerged across human history.

While we're at it, let's pass some more rights under this new democracy-free constitution:

3. The right to a mother and a father. Children cannot be born except to married, heterosexual parents, and said parents cannot abandon their children via separation or divorce until they are fully grown and out of the house.

4. The right to a clean environment, now and for the foreseeable future.

5. The right to an education that deals with science, logic, and facts, not religious or PC falsehoods, and that children actually enjoy.

6. The right to a crime-free, corruption free community.

With these rights in place, the disaster that this coming century is promising to become will be forestalled. Dysgenics will be replaced by eugenics, global warming will be stopped, the debt crisis will end, children will be raised well both at home and in school, and want will become a thing of the past. But bold steps like these can't be undertaken so long as we worship democracy. Democracy or Freedom, you can only have one. Under democracy we will be the tax slaves of the elderly for the rest of our lives, as they vote themselves infinite pensions, social security and medicare. Only through unelected leadership can we hope to be free.

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