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Sunday, September 11, 2011

10 Years After 9/11:

Ten years after 9/11, terrorism has been soundly defeated. Bin Laden is dead, as is most of Al Qaeda, and muslims have been incapable of perpetrating a single additional attack on American soil. Regimes that supported terrorism: Like Libya's Gaddhafi who blew up the Pan Am flight, Saddam Hussein who paid Palestinian suicide bombers, and Mullah Omar's Afghanistan who hosted Bin Laden as 'guests,' are all gone now. So long as we restrict ourselves to the war on terror, America can be rightly proud of its overwhelming might and continuous success.

But 9/11 wasn't 'terrorism' in abstract. It was a specific type of terrorism, motivated by a specific belief. 9/11 was jihad. According to the people who actually did it, they didn't consider themselves terrorists, they considered themselves jihadis, martyrs, devotees of Islam doing their religious duty. And the problem is in the last ten years Islam has been victorious on all fronts. Muslims continue to grow as a proportion of the population in India, Russia, Europe, America, Australia, and Africa. Christians are driven out of Muslim lands, like the millions of Iraqis who were forced to flee after the second Iraq war began. Pakistan, Bangladesh, and Egypt become ever less tolerant of their religious minorities. Kosovo was taken away from Serbia, including even the demographically Serbian portions of the country that did not want to leave their homeland.

So while America can brag about its defeat of 'terrorism,' our record against Jihad is the exact opposite. Islam's eternal mission to conquer the infidels and make us submit to the worldwide rule of Allah is still proceeding apace. It's even accelerating year by year.

Demographics is destiny. The fact is, Muslims have more children than their non-Muslim neighbors. In a democracy, this will inevitably mean the Muslim takeover of any land they reside in. Across all of Europe, now, it's only a matter of time. Vain hopes that Muslims will 'reform' and 'assimilate' have never occurred in the last 1400 years of Islamic history, so there is little reason to believe they would suddenly change their modus operandi now. Nor have Muslims reformed or assimilated in the past ten years since 9/11. Most still endorse violence and sharia when polled. They are still a criminal underclass that fills Europe's jails to bursting. They are still rioting whenever they feel like it, burning cars for fun and raping western 'whores' for not covering their hair. If Muslims could be reformed or assimilated, why have there been zero hopeful signs or trends of this in the past ten years? Many of the rulers of Europe came out this year with the shocking revelation that 'multiculturalism has failed.' IE, none of Europe's attempts to reform and assimilate muslims over the past ten years have succeeded. Now, of course, we're to believe that the new paradigm, 'integration' will succeed. But why should we believe that? Muslims have proven themselves impossible to reform and completely unassimilable to any society. They don't blend in, they take over. That's all they've ever done for over a thousand years. Einstein once said that insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.

Integration, like multiculturalism, will fail. Maybe ten years from now brave politicians in Europe will announce 'Integration has failed,' and then they'll propose -- "MULTICULTURALISM!" to assimilate muslims into the mainstream. Since they can't propose anything else without violating human rights, Europe will just swing back and forth on this useless semantic gesture offering people continuously new false hopes that somehow the problem of Islam will be peacefully resolved. And each decade our ability to save ourselves from Islamic domination will recede. Muslims will be 10% of the population. Then 20%. Then 30%. Then 40%. Then 50%. Then 90%. Then 99%. And every ten years we'll be saying, "We're going to pivot to integration, no inclusion, no unity, no respect, no tolerance, no blah blah blah." The liberal buzzwords will change, but nothing on the ground will change except the number of Muslims. Why should they assimilate when they see how soon they will have total power, power to make us assimilate to them? Only a fool would give up now, when victory is visible to anyone, and they can have complete control of society without making any compromises for the sake of anyone.

But even Islam's conquest of the supine, better red and dead nihilist Europe isn't the worst tragedy. Sure, it will mean 1/3 of the world's economy will simply evaporate, plunging the rest of the world into a sustained depression, but India and China will eventually pick up the slack. Europe hasn't been producing anything useful culturally for a century anyway, so we won't miss the disappearance of their voices on the world scene. And since their birth rates have already signaled that they truly welcome death and non-existence, I don't really care what the muslims do to them once they take power. They did it all to themselves ahead of time. Europeans, via birth rates, have been wiping themselves out faster than the Black Plague managed in the 1300's. Europe belongs to a death cult, so good riddance anyway. The real problem is what happens when Islam conquers Russia. Russia has thousands, if not tens of thousands, of nuclear warheads. In a democracy, Muslims can become the next prime minister as soon as they become the majority, which will occur sometime this century. Russia's native population is also disappearing, as the men do nothing but drink and fail to marry or reproduce or even survive into their 50's. Russia has reached rock bottom and the Muslims are simply walking in unopposed.

I don't pity the Russians either, let them taste the fruit of their decisions as a people. Since they worship death, let them die. But I pity the rest of the world when Muslims suddenly gain ownership of the largest nuclear arsenal on Earth. In Islam, martyrdom in the service of Jihad is the fastest path to paradise. Jihad means killing the infidels until they acknowledge Allah. So there is nothing stopping Muslims, religiously or culturally, from simply nuking the entire world in a glorious Allah Akubar attempt at martyrdom. If we nuke them back, they'll rejoice, because now they'll surely go to heaven. If we don't, the world will belong to Allah, which is just as bad as the world not existing at all. Only a terminally morbid culture would allow barbaric religious nuts like Muslims to gain a nuclear arsenal capable of destroying the world. But no one is suggesting we do a single thing about this. No one dares violate the human rights of Russian muslims. And so the march to our funeral pyre simply dirges on.

Ten years after 9/11, it should be clear to anyone Islam poses an existential threat to mankind. If it is not destroyed, it will most definitely destroy us. It cannot be reformed, it has not been reformed, and weaklings like us who respect 'human rights' and 'tolerance' would never have the guts to put into place necessary reforms anyway. When you see a strong horse and a weak horse, you naturally prefer the strong horse. Europe, Russia, America, and all the rest of the liberal west is a weak horse. They wring their hands over the death penalty and cry over broken nails. They host gay pride parades while failing to reproduce. Their people are becoming frail teetering grannies while the children are all powerful physical muslim 'youths.' Any muslim looking in on this culture will not want to join it, they will not want to reform so they can be like us. They will not want to assimilate into a clear death cult that cannot even perpetuate itself. They will sneer in disgust at our 'weak horse' and embrace their 'strong horse' as the clearly superior alternative. Any Muslim living in Europe will not learn the superiority of European culture and wish to join in it. He will learn the exact opposite. He will learn, and quickly, just how necessary and vital his religion is as an immune system and vaccine against European nihilism. He will see that his people are strong and growing, while Europeans are weak, old, frail, whiny, pacifist, fruity and most of all shrinking, shrinking, shrinking. He will become radicalized in his religion. He will cling to it as the only stable support in his life, the one thing preventing him from becoming like us, the walking dead. Islam will not reform no matter what we say. Our actions will always betray us, and teach them a completely different lesson from what we want them to learn.

The lessons from 9/11 are lessons about humanity. The lesson is clear: Nature abhors a vacuum. Because the west lost confidence in itself and abandoned its soil to wilderness, naturally something had to take our place. That something is Islam, one of the most evil, barbaric, impoverished, close-minded and destructive religions of all time. Jihad across history has claimed hundreds of millions of lives, it has been more murderous than even Communism as an ideology. We could only have done worse by giving half the world over to the Aztecs and tolerating their bloody heart ripping step-pyramids as an enrichment of our diversity.

But maybe, just maybe, the vacuum that is Europe and Russia will be replaced by some other emergent group. Maybe this emergent group will have the guts, intelligence, and strength of will to not only confront Islam, but defeat it. Maybe they will not be nihilists, and will actually reproduce, and they will confront and overcome the decayed husk of already-hollow-cicada-shell-old-granny-Europe too. Maybe nationalism will come back in vogue. There are signs of it: The political success of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, the literary success of Thilo Sarrazhin in Germany, etc. As the old weak Europe discredits itself beyond all doubt and beyond all hope, Islam will not be the only beneficiary of the cultural void. Other parties, long oppressed and silenced, will also explode onto the scene. When the Weimar republic proved itself incapable of administering Germany, there was not just one party that emerged to take its place. The Nazis fought raging battles in the streets with their opponents, the communists, for many long years. Nature abhors a vacuum, but passionate people with the will to power love them. Europe, and Russia, will not fall uncontested. There will be another battle in the streets, another epic clash between the black flag and the red flag, and that battle is not yet determined.

Here's hoping for the victory of the black flag.

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