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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

USA vs. Japan in Women's World Cup Final:

Weeks ago I said that the teams most likely to win the World Cup were either the USA or Germany, but that of all the teams Japan impressed me the most with their play. Weeks later the tournament has verified everything I've said, all of my predictions, and all of my judgments. The world cup final will be the USA vs. Japan. This just goes to show I'm always right about everything. I'll go ahead and predict the USA beating Japan this coming Sunday too. It will be a fun match but I think we have the speed and strength to beat them. Also, we have great defenders who never get caught out of place, and a golden goalie who never misses a save. The goals Japan has been scoring on other teams will dry up against our defense. But our goals, off of Abby Wambach's headers, will be all the more likely due to Japan's small size.


luppe said...

hope ur right.!

Hiroka said...

Sweden beat USA + Japan beat Sweden = Japan beat USA

Diamed said...

Congratulations to Japan on a splendid final. It was a fair game that went all the way to penalty kicks that both teams played perfectly, in the end the USA got a little unlucky with two (three?) shots off the post, and that was the difference between glory and tragedy.

The victory couldn't have gone to a more deserving opponent or a more wonderful player in Homare Sawa who scored Japan's game-tying goal in overtime.

Sometimes losses like these (and our overtime hockey loss to Canada in the Vancouver Olympics gold medal match last year) are better games to watch and experience than victories. Close, clean matches like these, whichever way they fall, leave both sides feeling good about themselves.