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Friday, July 1, 2011

Stray Thoughts on the Far-Right Scene:

The women's World Cup is ongoing, a little extra bonus after the amazing 2010 World Cup that saw a new first time winner in #1 team in the world Spain. This time the USA is ranked #1 in the world going in to the tournament. Does this mean the USA is fated to win the women's World Cup? Maybe!

The Women's World Cup is only half as big as the men's World Cup, and the skill level is noticeably lower. Even so, there are good things about the women's World Cup lacking in the men's. For one, there's far fewer fouls, which allows the game to proceed naturally and pleasantly. There's also far less play-acting of injuries, because there are so fewer fouls that the play-acting would get old pretty quick. The only game that went against this grain was Nigeria vs. Germany, where, typically, blacks acted more like thugs than sportswomen and simply tried to assassinate the members of the other team. Germany still came out with a win, 1-0, over Nigeria, and knocked Nigeria out of contention, but its remarkable how impossible it is to talk about anything without returning to the topic of racial differences, superiority, and inferiority. Of course Germany would beat Nigeria. Of course Nigeria would play like a bunch of Niger-ians. Of course Germany, two time defending World Cup champions, would play like a bunch of Aryan ubermensch. Was there ever any doubt?

The problem with stereotypes is they're true. This is why every piece of factual data, no matter where you look, keeps supporting them. What else can we glean from the women's World Cup so far? Women are less violent than men, another stereotype confirmed by the play on the field. East Asians and whites are better athletes than equatorial teams -- just look at Japan's 4-0 drubbing of Mexico, or the fact that nations with enormous populations like Pakistan and India never even qualified for the World Cup. The Axis powers are still cooler than the Allies -- Germany and Japan have already advanced to the next round with a game in the round robin to spare. Africa is still a basket case -- Nigeria's out and Equatorial Guinea will soon be joining them, having lost their first game. Blonde girls still have all the fun -- just look at the latitudes of these countries: Sweden, Norway, Germany, Canada, USA, France, England, New Zealand and Australia. All the white teams come from places near the North and South poles, and they all sport blonde, blue-eyed girls well above their proportion in the general population. The same trend can be seen in the Olympics wherever athletes gather. There's just a sea of blonde haired blue eyed whites taking all the top spots.

Since the USA has won Olympic gold most recently, and Germany the most recent World Cup, you can probably bet one or the other is going to win it here. Since there's only 16 teams, there's a high probability between these two of winning it all. But if you asked me what team has impressed me the most with their quality of play, it would definitely be Japan. Since Japan produces almost everything I love, I'll cheer for them over anyone but the USA, even though they aren't blonde. ;). Even Nazi Germany described Japanese as honorary Aryans though, on account of their high level of civilization, courage, integrity, intelligence and ambition. It's simply impossible to form a bad opinion about Japan, they shine too brightly whenever the spotlight is placed on them to be anything but loved.

Watching all of the young German kids escorting the women into the playing field during the opening ceremonies of each match is extraordinary, in comparison to the men's South Africa setting. Nearly all of the children are blonde, cherubic, angelic samples of a world long lost to inhabitants of the United States. The majority of children born in the USA this year were non-white. But in Germany, the children still come out of a beautiful picture book from the past, full of charm and grace, still Germans, a nation with a still-beating heart. Whenever the camera pans around the idyllic architecture of their ancient cities and the all-white crowds you get a sense of what America's missing day in and day out. A people and a place we can call our own, instead of the world's greatest flophouse that exists solely to make money as ruthlessly and efficiently as possible, like some giant demonic self-maintaining machine. Still, the USA is my country, so I'll cheer for it, right or wrong, over both Germany and Japan who I envy and admire. ((Also the two foreign languages I know, German and Japanese)). Like it or not I live in the USA, so I want it to do well, for my sake, whose fortune waxes and wanes with the fortune of my homeland, and for appreciation for all the things the US has given me by being born here. It's a good thing to cheer for team USA heading into July 4th, too. :).

The USA plays Columbia next, which is an easy win, thus propelling us to the second round of the tournament. Because of the small tournament size, that means we're already practically in the quarterfinals. The tourney should be ending as soon as it began, and we'll just have to see how the stories play out from here.

In other news, New York found the time to pass gay marriage, riding a rising tide of support for the act in the general public. It's inevitable, so long as we believe that equality is a virtue, that laws like this will eventually pass across the entire nation. It hardly matters, most gays are too promiscuous to marry even when given the right. What marriages they do have will be jokes, full of adultery and childless. Gays come to an early death after a life of nihilistic alcohol, drug abuse, and STD's, whether they have the right to marry or not. Even if we treat them equally, they won't act as equals. We could also give monkeys the right to marry but they wouldn't make good use of it either.

What bothers me more about New York is that they took time off from an economic depression, a World Trade Center that hasn't been rebuilt even after ten years, a bad showing in the Census as their business environment continues to drive away people and jobs, and spent all this time and energy giving gays the right to marry, an absurdity on the face of it, since marriage is about commitment and raising a family, two things gays can't and won't do. For the handful of gays this does help (most likely all of them lesbians who would've done just as well or better as bisexuals or single mothers with donated sperm children), was this really a priority compared to the millions of regular New Yorkers suffering from unemployment and poverty? This is principle over substance. New York has decided to feel good instead of actually be good. Meanwhile, states like Texas are attracting people and jobs, getting people the work they need, keeping taxes low and cutting spending to balance our budget. We have a real state government that actually cares about the wellness of its people.

In other news, whites who attempt outreach to Jews got burned again today, when the head of the 'Jewish Division of the English Defense League,' an anti-Muslim organization, turned on the hand that feeds it and called the EDL 'riddled with neo-fascists.' Then a Jewish, ostensibly anti-Islam but far more importantly anti-anti-semite blogger Pamela Geller, immediately agreed with this baseless accusation and also labeled the EDL a neo-nazi anti-semitic group just itching for another Holocaust. This is the same Pamela Geller who attempted to smear Jared Taylor as somehow in on the conspiracy to assassinate Rep. Giffords in Tucson and called him 'in bed with Nazis.' So you see, after all the effort both the English Defense League and American Renaissance took to appear pro-Jewish and even have Jewish spokesmen, they're still attacked by their supposed 'friends' who share their 'values.' Jews care about nothing but anti-semitism, and they see anti-semitism everywhere. Glenn Beck is an anti-semite. Apparently, a Polish politician who complained that Poland hasn't been ruled by a native, ethnic Pole since the Soviet Union conquered it, is also an anti-semite, for daring to assert that Poland might be better off not ruled by ethnically Jewish presidents. He never said the J-word, but Jews could instantly identify what he 'meant' and vilify him for it. Nobel Prize winner Alexander Solzhenitsyn is an anti-semite, and so on. Anyone who says anything negative about any Jew anywhere who ever lived is an anti-semite. Only unreserved love of all Jews who ever lived isn't anti-semitic, and even then if you're white you're still suspect. White is just one step away from Nazi Holocausters no matter how much love you gush towards Jews. Even the Amish, apparently, have to apologize for the Holocaust, even though they're avowed pacificsts and can't, logically, even try to hurt Jews, or anyone of every group, because they apparently didn't 'protest enough at the time.' So a group of Amish visited Israel and begged forgiveness of the people there for the Holocaust, because even when you're a continent away milking cows in an archaic 1700's way of life without even the ability to defend yourself much less wage war according to your religious beliefs, you're white and therefore still to blame for the Holocaust and still must beg forgiveness of the Jews. Remember, whites are the 'cancer of human history,' according to Jew Susan Sontag, and supported by every other Jewish writer and intellectual who ever scribbled. Even the Amish must eventually go, for the sake of a better tomorrow.

Gates of Vienna is condemning Pamela Geller's attack on the EDL, but meanwhile is waging similar ghetto tactics on anti-semites as well. Fjordman made a long post on all the forces trying to deconstruct white, western civilization. He even had a six point list including the 'EU,' and 'the USA.' However, is it really the EU and the USA who is trying to deconstruct western civilization? Or all demographic sections equally to blame, equally in favor of white genocide, or are some groups more responsible than others? Fjordman is trying to tell me that the 'USA' is up to no good, which means the Amish are up to no good, and so are the people of Vermont, and Minnesota, and the good people of Alabama, all equally involved in the destruction of western civilization. It couldn't possibly be financial elites in New York City and media elites in Los Angeles who are the driving force behind the west's deconstruction. No, it's an amorphous, nameless blob known as the "EU" and the "USA." When Chechar pointed out how ridiculous it sounds to include six different groups trying to destroy western civilization without mentioning Jews, Gates of Vienna went ballistic. You see, Jews aren't even 1/6 of our problem. To imply they're responsible for even 1/6 of the ruination facing the USA and Europe is anti-semitic. Nevermind that they're 50% of the most influential mainstream media columnists in the USA. Nevermind that they singlehandedly fund the Democratic party's political campaigns. Nevermind that Freud, Boaz, and Marx were jews. Nevermind that the Frankfurt school was Jewish. Nevermind that the Hart-Cellar act, the 1965 immigration act that opened our borders to the 3rd world, is named after the Jew who created it and got it passed. Nevermind that they produce all the movies in Hollywood and most of America's TV shows. Nope, Jews aren't responsible for even 1/6 of our woes. But the EU! The EU is pure evil! Curse those Finlanders for trying to genocide us all!

Gates of Vienna is intellectually bankrupt. It can't argue the merits of its case (Jews aren't responsible for even 1/6 of the liberalism that has dominated the white west ever since World War II, or if they are, it's our fault because we 'made them do it', something only a 2 year can get away with saying, or apparently a Jew), so it has just decided to shut down all comments on Fjordman posts from here on, so the pesky voice of logic and reason can no longer intrude on their perfect angelic choir of philosemitism.

Since its antisemitic to even disagree with a Jew's thinking, it's antisemitic to not be a liberal who wants the white race to perish in a sea of miscegenated color. Gates of Vienna is attempting the impossible -- to not be antisemitic while also saving white, western Civilization from the toxic ideas, bountiful moneybags and endless energy of Jews.

I've already admitted that there is no saving white, western civilization because whites are too stupid, placid, and weak to organize in their own defense. They are also too browbeaten by Jews, and too afraid of being called anti-semites, to ever speak up for themselves or do anything not sanctioned by some sort of Jewish council willing to give it their 'non-nazi' stamp of approval. Jews aren't to blame for white spinelessness, whites are. Any race this spineless and stupid deserves to die as just an evolutionary mercy. If Jews weren't killing us, some other group would find it just as easy and profitable, because we're the biggest, wimpiest suckers in the world. So in a way, Gates of Vienna is right. Jews aren't responsible for even 1/6 of the situation we find ourselves in. 100% of the fault is our own, for listening to Jews and being cowed by their endless false charges of anti-semitism, prejudice, homophobia, sexism, racism, fascism, authoritarianism, Islamophobia, etc. Asians don't do it. They keep their borders closed and their nations to themselves. Japan doesn't do it. South Korea doesn't do it. China doesn't do it. They don't feel one iota of guilt towards Jews, or any other group, and are proud to be themselves and to carry on their own ancient traditions among their own people. Whites are a joke compared to East Asians. It's not like Jews are these fierce unbeatable dragons that conquer everything in their path. Asians will never be controlled by Jews. They're set to economically and politically dominate this century as the undisputed masters of the world. Culturally, they already dominate it by producing all the best art and a good portion of the best science currently being made. Therefore, the fact that we're being browbeaten to our deaths by loudmouthed Jews doesn't say anything about Jews -- it says everything about ourselves.

But to deny Jews aren't a force intent on the deconstruction of the white west is a lie, and a part of the very problem I'm talking about -- cowardly, despicable, spineless whites who won't stand up for themselves. Gates of Vienna is the problem. So in a paradoxical way, their very slimy jellyfish nature when the debate was attempted proved their own point -- that whites are entirely to blame and have done all of this to themselves. More than Jews, I despise whites like them most of all. They're going to be the death of us, and unlike Jews who aren't part of my ingroup and thus can't be expected to wish me well, they're my own kin -- traitors who conspire with the enemy outside the gates -- inside the Gates.

Occidental Dissent is reporting black crime rates as though this is some sort of new discovery, instead of well known for the last fifty years. Apparently Hunter thinks getting these facts out will somehow change people's minds. Everyone knows about black crime. Liberals already have boilerplate answers for that -- white crime is even higher but our racist justice system ignores it and doesn't prosecute whites. Black crime is only high because of how horribly whites treat them in the present and have treated them in the past ((Blacks only do crime because whites 'made' them do it, ala the 2 year old's argument, and Takuan Seiyo's argument concerning Jews.)) Black crime is at an all-time low and only racists would be complaining about crime in this day and age. Blacks are the primary victims of crime, not whites, and black crime is only high because of racist white drug laws, suburban pampered white drug users, and a lack of gun control. If only racist whites would chip in with more tax money, we could eliminate the root cause of crime, which is poverty, and install more midnight basketball programs. So you see, simply reporting black crime is meaningless. Without addressing the arguments liberals have come up with over the past 50 years concerning those statistics, the statistics on their own won't change anyone's mind.

Only by dissecting counterarguments can a debate move forward. Occidental Dissent is wasting its time because it isn't engaging its opponents anymore, but just mindlessly repeating itself concerning well-known, empty facts. The lack of commenting traffic on his 'new, improved' posts tells the bitter tale. There's nothing interesting left to comment on.

Meanwhile Vdare is playing the fiddle of its own futility. An organization dedicated to stopping immigration now has a country with majority non-white native births. What's the fucking point? Since we're going to be a third world nation no matter what we do, we may as well start now. Nothing will change if it happens in 2040 or 2050. Ignoring the fact that immigration is now a moot issue, Vdare still posts business as usual opposition to stuff like Amnesty and H1-B visas, and the rants of Paul Craig Roberts, a lunatic who thinks America is a police state, ignoring the fact that he hasn't been arrested or assassinated yet, and the world is going to end tomorrow, no, make that the day after, etc. Alternative Right has a new post up titled 'The Worse the Better' and encourages the far right to vote for Obama in 2012 so he can hurt America even more and teach the electorate 'a lesson.' Wonderful. So the far right now supports Obama, their complete intellectual and ideological opposite. Can they debase themselves any further?

Rather than trying to stop immigration, something that won't happen and hasn't happened for over 20 years of asking, why don't these organizations try to apply themselves a bit and find out a way America can succeed as a people, as a future, With the immigration we're fated to have? There's no point preventing the unpreventable. We need to move on to the next stage of planning -- So we're going to be Brazil, or Mexico North. So what? What's the new plan? Do we secede? Start a civil war? Assimilate? Integrate? Should we be libertarians or socialists? Religious or atheist? How do the white elites stay in power in Mexico proper? Should we mimic them? Can we improve the economy despite our demographics? How should we do so? Is it time to seriously get behind space colonization, genetic engineering, or some other technological cure? Vdare isn't thinking. They aren't even trying anymore. They're complaining about a dead issue, like Rebels who say we should've gone to the right to win at Gettysburg. We lost the Lost Cause. What does it matter what we should've done? The war is over and done. The South must look to its well-being in the situation it finds itself in, as part of the Union for the last 150 years. I'm so tired of 'think tanks' not thinking, but just grousing about how things should be, but never will be. The present is past. There's no changing it. It's time to focus on the FUTURE.

I know these people are intelligent. Why not use that talent, and those good intentions, for something actually meaningful? There has to be something better than complaining about black crime, something we were fated to endure ever since we imported them as slaves, and only have ourselves to blame for, Mexican immigration, something we were fated to endure ever since 1965, welfare, something we were fated to endure ever since LBJ's great society, and so on. It's like the far right is living in a time warp. They're complaining about stuff that has been settled for almost a century and will never change, expecting it to 'change back' any second now. Who are these people and what are they smoking?

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