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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Has the White Race Already Won?

According to Harpending and Cochran's 10,000 Year Explosion, if a gene has natural selection advantages, it only takes a couple thousand instances of intermixing to become firmly rooted in a new environment. Simplistically speaking, just a few crossbreeds between the races will ensure any superior gene's success. It will spread like wildfire across the entire host race. Because of improved transportation and millions of miscegenators, all genes of all races have been 'vectored' in to all the races of the world. Whites have any superior genes from Africans or Asians, even if they are only 1% African or Asian, because natural selection would have preserved the important, good genes, no matter what other genes were lost along the way. Likewise, Africans and Asians now have any superior white genes. All the races now have total access to the best genes, as selected by natural selection, from all three races. Superficial differences will remain, ones that have no selection value in the great game can be allowed to vary wildly -- but any gene that's important because it's genuinely useful will no longer vary between the races. We will all be the same underneath the skin.

The 10,000 Year Explosion proved this thesis by showing what genes spread like wildfire in the past -- lactose tolerance, for instance. Another good example is blue eyes. Everyone with blue eyes is descended from a single common ancestor, and yet eventually tens, if not hundreds of millions of people ended up with blue eyes. If a gene has sexual or natural selection value, it will be preserved regardless of what else happens in history. Some things are sure bets, statistically speaking, it is mathematically impossible for a successful gene to die out once it has a large enough base population.

Whites have injected their genes into every corner of the world. Hispanics are half white, African Americans are 1/3 white, north American Indians are mainly white these days, subcontinental Indians are half whites, Arabs, Persians, Afghans and the like also derive their ancestry from ancient white groups. There's even evidence of white mummies buried in present-day-China. Whites have also crossbred with Africans and Asians on a massive scale in the modern day. There are now millions of 'infected' blacks and Asians with white genes who, if they rejoin their host racial communities in later generations will spread white genes to all blacks and Asians in the world. We have covered all our bets. There isn't a single group in the world that isn't partially white, or bound to interbreed with someone who is partially white.

If you think of how many billions of people are '1/3' white, '1/2' white, 'debatedly' white, and so on, it turns out that we are the majority population of the world. Furthermore, that hispanics overtaking European Americans is no big deal, since we both have white genes, and therefore all the superior white genes are bound to survive in either group. The same is true of Arabs or Turks or Pakistanis overtaking Europe. All of those have all the superior genes, those selected for by natural selection, of whites, having had plentiful interaction with whites in the past. Biologically, there aren't any demographic changes happening in either continent. Whites are just moving around from one region they already control to another. This is only true of genes that have strong natural selection pressure, however. Random genes that distinguish Germans from French will all be subsumed into a general morass, but genes that Evolution cares about never die.

This isn't just a theory. It's definitively proven in 10,000 Year Explosion that good genes don't die, they spread. This is of course by definition. But it's also common sense. It isn't a surprise that the ability to drink milk and eat cheese is a huge evolutionary upgrade, because it widens our calorie base and makes procuring food easier, which in turn allows larger populations, which in turn makes your group a larger and large percentage of the total human gene pool. Therefore, it isn't a surprise that whenever lactose tolerant people interbred with lactose intolerant people, in a few generations, everyone in the lactose intolerant group had either died out or become lactose tolerant, inheriting the superior genes that the first interbred with tribesmen received from 'outside.'

The problem is it isn't certain that natural selection will favor the white genes we actually treasure. For instance, intelligence doesn't seem to have any natural selection value in the world of today. Dumb people have more children than smart people, so as far as evolution is concerned, intelligence genes are a curse and the fewer of them the better. What other genes do we care about that natural selection doesn't necessarily favor? Honor? Trust? Fairness? Compassion? Many things whites care about and are extremely good at don't seem to have any evolutionary advantage. They may in fact have an evolutionary disadvantage, as these virtues can be easily exploited by unscrupulous aliens. Whites are a sort of hothouse flower, vulnerable and weak, and our virtues are the fragilest genes of all. It could well be that evolution makes sure to protect all the white race's 'best' genes in the larger world -- but all that will amount to is basic things like disease resistance or musculature. If there isn't any selective pressure for virtue and intelligence, what's the point?

This is why we need an environment that selects for virtue and intelligence, we need artificial evolution. If we craft a law code in such a way that those with virtue and intelligence genes have more children, and those without have less, we can create a new natural selection that is actually in line with our values. What's interesting about this is that there is no special need to protect WHITES as a race under this scenario. A law code that ensures the natural selection advantage of intelligent, virtuous people will preserve all of the artificially elevated superior white genes that code for our virtue and intelligence. Therefore, long after whites as a race go extinct, Africans and Asians still living under this law code will be forced, by natural selection, to have preserved all the good white genes that contributed to our virtue and intelligence. The point is it doesn't matter if whites live or die, only that Good lives on in the human heart. I think it's quite clear that whites are uniquely virtuous and intelligent compared to the other races, their personality, behavior, and track record as artists and inventors is completely unique in history. Therefore we do have valuable genes somewhere in our genome that need to be preserved. But if a culture rewards virtue and intelligence with more descendants while punishing vice and stupidity with fewer descendants, it is mathematically impossible that these genes, whatever they are, won't be preserved. Whether these genes nest in European hearts, or African, or Asian, or Arab, or Indian, or Hispanics, or whoever, they will still succeed. Everything good about whites will live forever.

So the question isn't 'how do we save the white race from its coming demographic catastrophe?' The question is, 'how do we save the white race's genes that code for virtue and intelligence from natural selection forces that seem to be encouraging stupidity and vice in modern society?' Obviously the first step is giving government, not individuals, control of who is allowed to reproduce. The second step is then having that government actively support people with proven track records of virtue and intelligence to have more kids, while actively discouraging those with proven track records of vice and stupidity to have fewer. It's really that simple. In a few generations, we would all be the same 'under the skin.' At that point, what happens to the white race is just a matter of academic curiosity, not of moral urgency. But if people aren't willing to accept a eugenics program, I suppose there could be other roundabout measures that achieve the same objective, stealthily. We could cut welfare to all single mothers, saying we will only support married couples. We could pass the death penalty on more criminals, or at least life in prison where they're unable to reproduce. We could give scholarships or tax credits to people who have refrained from premarital sex, drugs, smoking, alcohol, or tatoos as shown by a careful tracking, testing, and oversight program. I can imagine a bunch of these silly, roundabout methods that might be more palatable to the general public. However, I'm not that interested in finding ways to lie to a community such that they'll do the right thing, because they're too stupid or evil to do the right thing because it's self-evidently right. I'll leave such theories and proposals to others. The point is that it could be done.

There are race neutral options to preserve the superior portion of the white race's genome. These race neutral options don't even have to whisper the word 'eugenics,' but can all lay hidden among other policy proposals that pretend to have an objective other than eugenics. If these options are implemented, the white race cannot die, because so long as the law holds, the genes that thrive under the law will also hold, and those will be the best genes whites evolved in their long and storied 40,000 years of separate evolution. Everyone will be white, where it matters, which is the heart. Due to our unique global presence that has crossbred with virtually everyone on Earth, any good genes we have lay dormant in the hearts of all other races. If natural selection started to favor those dormant genes in the hearts of all Africans and Asians, we could make sure that soon all of them lived by them as strongly, or more strongly, than we ever did. Therefore the modern crisis besetting the world has never been what happened to the white genotype. It has always been the same crisis, the ordinary crisis of history -- whether civilization or barbarism will prevail. Rule of law, or corruption and anarchy. Enlightenment, or nihilism, or mysticism. Honesty or duplicity. Playing fair or cheating. Which strategies will be allowed to rule? In much of the world, corruption, duplicity, and cheating is the only way to get ahead -- to find a mate, reproduce, and support your kids. Only in the civilized world can honesty, following the law, and playing fair find a mate, reproduce, and support your kids. If we want good genes to thrive, we need a culture, an environment, that allows innately virtuous traits to succeed. This means we must win the culture war that states civilized life is better than barbarism. That honesty is the best policy. That law-abiding folks are better than criminals. Etc. Very simple things -- and yet most of the world has lost out to the forces of darkness -- so how simple is it? Most of the world lives by hook and by crook, by force and by fraud, by corruption and thuggery. Only in a few pockets of the world do good genes find themselves with a natural selection advantage. These pockets of order, law, and honor must be preserved. If they are, the genes will be preserved --- WHOEVER LIVES INSIDE THE POCKETS. Whether they immigrated there recently, or have lived there for millions of years, the natural selection forces of the environment will code them all to support the good genes and suppress the bad ones. The immigrants will adapt to their new environment that requires they be good instead of evil if they wish to succeed. they will interbreed with the people there, who will give them all the genetic tools necessary to adapt. And in a few generations the two groups will be indistinguishable from one another -- IF THE NATURAL SELECTION PRESSURES FOR GOODNESS ARE MAINTAINED.

A proposition nation can make everyone in it good. A nation of good people will eventually devolve into bad people without a proposition nation, a law code, specifically keeping natural selection forces that artificially favor goodness. Therefore proposition nations will always outcompete nations founded on ethnicity or race. There's no way to unscramble an egg, so racists don't make any sense these days anyway. Every white nation on Earth is fixing to become majority non-white within the century. But there is no requirement or necessity that these majority non-white countries must have bad laws that encourage bad genes to thrive and prosper. The proposition of our nations is still up for grabs, even though the demographics of our countries is no longer in our power to control. What's great about propositions, however, is that they can genetically engineer the demographics of their population, just by handing out rewards and punishments, such that in a few generations any demographic differences between groups will become moot. Not only are proposition nations more durable, they're also far more powerful. They can actually assimilate foreign groups, unlike racists who are flummoxed by immigration and have no answer to the world we find ourselves in today.

So my answer is this: No, whites haven't already won. But we do have all the preexisting conditions necessary for victory. The genes for virtue and intelligence have been spread far and wide to every last person on Earth. Now all we need to do is turn them on, evolutionarily speaking, by creating a proposition nation that rewards their holders with more mates and more children. We don't need to protect, or expand, the white gene pool. Our ancestors did everything necessary to spread white genes far and wide, to every last corner of the globe. We just need a country that rewards those genes with success. We need a proposition that rewards virtue and intelligence with mates, children, and the resources to support them. I've brainstormed dozens of them over the years, any would do. What we don't need is to secure the existence of our people -- our ancestors did that for us, by putting a little bit of 'us' in all of 'them.' We just need to secure the existence of our goodness within those people, and we need to do that with good laws. A much simpler, and much less demanding, task.


Ahmad said...

You must have had taken something interesting to post something like this.
First you say that whites have injected an aspect of their genes into every corners of the world and that they are the "majority race", but then you neglected the notion that... it also goes the other way around. If an asian and a white person produce a child, that child will also carry the asian portion. You omitted this, you've made it sound like that only white genes are prominent, as if other genes attained from other races will become irrelevant.

Diamed said...

First off, not every race has penetrated every corner of the world. East Asians, for instance, do not have a large genetic presence within hispanics, Arabs or Indians. Whites have penetrated all of these populations.

Second off, good genes are protected by evolution and made to become ever more dominant in a population. Bad genes fall by the wayside and go extinct. Due to survival of the fittest favoring white genes, even a dollop of whiteness will eventually become the dominant character of every other population. Sort of like how the ability to drink milk was so useful that even if only a few people in a tribe could do it at first, eventually the entire tribe had the ability, because the rest of the tribe lost out in the competition for future generations.

This is, of course, presuming that white genes are better at succeeding in life than non-white genes. This has been true for a large part of human history, but isn't true today, because of our dysgenic policies like welfare.

However, I have a sense that these policies will eventually change to start favoring white genes again, once society is too damaged to tolerate black misbehavior any further. A eugenic environment that encourages intelligence, beauty, and virtue will arise again out of necessity, once all the welfare states go bankrupt attempting the impossible, and then the white genes embedded like land mines inside every non-white will body snatch the future away.

Just you wait! :).

Herexe Momux said...

A few points:
- You value intelligence and law-abidingness, which is fine; but you are neglecting things such as health and physical force. We humans have degenerated as a species ever since Neolithic times due to unhealthy changes in lifestyle. What use is a good society if we are just a bunch of unhealthy weaklings?
- A society needs law-abiding individuals, but the individuals who abide by the law aren't always driven by honor or good conscience. Sometimes they abide by the law because they are wimps. Would you be ok with a society of people who follow the law but can't stand up for themselves in the face of abuse or unfair laws? Successful societies wouldn't be what they are today if they didn't have some degree of rebelliousness.
- Rewarding desirable traits wouldn't help much if these traits aren't present in the population in the first place. An example: there are measurable milestones which even the brightest black (including those who are part-white) hasn't been able to achieve.