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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Changeling: Afterword

Anyone reading this, be aware that you're looking at the end of a novella. To start at the beginning, search for 'Changeling: Prologue' or 'Changeling: Chapter 1'. Because posts go in reverse time order, you need to read the story in upside down order. My apologies for any confusion.

If you don't want to read a silly work of fiction, just ignore all the posts with the words 'Changeling' in them. They aren't for you.

Changeling covers a lot of things I care about, but not everything, and not exhaustively. Still, I hope it serves as a more pleasant contribution/counterweight to the endless right wing pontificating that goes on in an endless variety of websites. This is something I could uniquely do for the Good Cause. Whether it's any good is debatable. But at least it was fresh, new, and fun.

Compliments from anyone who does finish the book are welcome.

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