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Monday, April 11, 2011

The First Real Evidence for the Holocaust I've Seen:

For years I've been asking for real evidence that there actually was a Holocaust -- not eye-witness testimony that could be fairy tales for the sake of self-interest, and not coerced confessions gotten by torture or threats from German officers. I wanted physical evidence, like the autopsy of a gassed jew, or someone digging up a mass grave, or an enormous official paper trail, none of which existed. All the jews we actually found dead in the Allied-liberated regions were not being killed systematically, but were only dying due to starvation and disease, a reasonable event when Germans were dying en masse themselves and had little to spare for their enemies. At least two million Germans died after World War II from the harshness of the conditions they faced after being conquered, but no one describes that as a deliberate and systematic Holocaust.

For years my position has stayed the same, "Give me real evidence the Holocaust occurred, and I'll believe in it. Otherwise, why should I?"

A news article that came out today has offered the first real evidence I've ever seen. Very cleverly, the Allies had secretly bugged prisoner of war cells and listened in to freely given conversations between Germans that admitted to the Holocaust. For some reason, this evidence has never been released until today. But these are not confessions by Germans trying to give the Allies what they are looking for, they are spontaneous admissions between friendly parties of the event. Nor are they witnesses claiming absurd things in order to gain sympathy and reparations, they are the perpetrators who, if anything, have every motive to deny doing such a thing. Finally we have the first hand accounts of people whose words we can trust.,1518,755385-5,00.html

The transcripts contain comprehensive details about the exterminations, including the mass shootings, the killings with carbon monoxide in specially prepared trucks, and the later disinterment and incineration of the bodies as part of "Operation 1005," with which the SS sought to eliminate the traces of the Holocaust starting in 1943.

Hardly any soldier says that he was directly involved, but many talk about what they saw or heard. The accounts are often astonishingly detailed and, in any case, much more precise than the information German investigators could later glean from witness testimony. In April 1945, Major General Walter Bruns describes what happened during a typical "Jew operation" he witnessed.

Bruns: "The trenches were 24 meters long and about 3 meters wide. They had to lie down like sardines in a can, with their heads toward the middle. At the top, there were six marksmen with submachine guns who then shot them in the back of the neck. It was already full when I arrived, so the ones who were still alive had to lie on top, and then they got shot. They had to lie there in neat layers so that it wouldn't take up too much space. Before this happened, they had to turn in their valuables at another station. The edge of the forest was here, and in here there were the three trenches on that Sunday, and here there was a line that stretched for one-and-a-half kilometers, and it was moving very slowly. They were standing in line to be killed. When they got closer, they could see what was going on inside. Roughly at this spot, they had to hand over their jewelry and their suitcases. A little farther along, they had to take off their clothes, all except their shirts and underpants. It was just women and little children, like two-year-olds."

Of the around 6 million victims of the Holocaust, no more than half died in the death camps. About 3 million people died in the ghettoes or were killed by hand, often by a shot to the back of the neck, which made it necessary to create special firing squads. In principle, soldiers in the Wehrmacht were exempt from performing these tasks, which were handled by special SS units and police battalions.

No Attempt to Keep It Secret

Many of the reports revolve around the unreasonable demands imposed on the marksmen, the monotony of the work, in which the firing squads had to be relieved every few hours "because of overexertion," and the special challenges of this type of piecework. The shooting of small children was seen as problematic, not for ethical reasons but because they wouldn't stand as still as the adults did.

Many Wehrmacht soldiers became witnesses to the Holocaust because they happened to be present or were invited to take part in a mass shooting. In one cell conversation, army General Edwin Graf von Rothkirch und Trach talks about his time in the Polish town of Kutno:

"I knew an SS leader pretty well, and we talked about this and that, and one day he said: 'Listen, if you ever want to film one of these shootings? …I mean, it doesn't really matter. These people are always shot in the morning. If you're interested, we still have a few left over, and we could also shoot them in the afternoon if you like."

Unless this article is simply lying and all these transcripts are forged, I think we can confidently say the Holocaust is now a proven fact of history. I would be interested to hear from Holocaust Revisionist scholars what possible response they could give concerning these newly revealed 300 pages of soldier testimony given to each other in spontaneous friendly conversation.

What's interesting is that the narrative of the Holocaust has had to change again to fit the facts. We were told that jews were gassed to death, as a general rule, which Holocaust Revisionists have shown over and over again is inefficient and stupid. Auschwitz was featured as the largest death camp of all, but these 300 pages of transcripts make no mention of Zyklon B homicidal gas chambers in Auschwitz. It's probably safe to say they never existed, if there isn't a single mention of them, which is exactly what the Revisionists have been arguing all this time. However, just as old myths are debunked, the truth is revealed. Six million jews still died, but only three million in the death camps, and of that three million, even fewer who died by gassing, apparently by carbon monoxide poisoning, not what we had been told previously. The other three million died due to the harsh circumstances of the war and being forced to live in a compact, poorly treated ghetto ((reminds me of the conditions of a concentration camp)), which compounded those harsh circumstances, and Nazis simply lining up and shooting kilometer long lines of innocent Jewish civilians, men, women, and children. Shooting, which has always been the most sensible way to kill anyone, therefore takes back the spotlight as the major cause of death in the Holocaust. Now what we are being told accords with common sense. Every time I asked, 'why this elaborate death machine? Why not shoot them in the back of the head like the Soviets did?' We now have the answer -- That's precisely what the Nazis did!

Naturally, there is no excuse for Nazis going out of their way to shoot innocent women and children who hadn't done anything to anyone, regardless of their ethnicity. It's also worse than trying to cause civilian casualties with a power you are currently at war with, like bombing urban districts of an enemy state, because these people had already been conquered and pacified within the Reich's borders. They posed no threat and there was no way killing them could lead to an enemy's surrender. Mass shootings, on a scale of evil, however, are no worse than what the Soviets were doing to their own conquered people, which also targeted minorities like the manufactured famine in the Ukraine, which claimed up to 7 million lives. These 300 pages of transcripts do not describe the more lurid fantasies of the Holocaust, like people being sewn together, or jewish skulls being used to pave streets or turned into soap, which causes some Jews to insist that the Holocaust was the most evil atrocity ever done, and they the worst victims of all time. I would like Holocaust Scholars and Holocaust Revisionists to now make a compromise -- we'll admit the Germans heartlessly and inexcusably killed six million jews if you admit they did it no more creatively or sadistically than their Soviet contemporaries killed their hated minorities.

Then we can put this whole matter to rest as a historical footnote: "Before, during, and after World War II, various dictators like Stalin, Hitler, Mao, and Pol Pot massacred their own citizenry for completely specious reasons, with no concern for the taking of innocent life, due to some ridiculous ideology that justified the obviously unjustifiable. Luckily, this age is past and will never return, because nations will no longer stand for such uncivilized behavior, even within a country's borders, and people are no longer eager to participate in it, having become too sensitized to the suffering of innocents for another such evil ideology to win any following."

That's all that need be said about the Holocaust or the Holodomor or the Great Leap Forward. It was all 70 years ago, and the world has changed -- for the better. The crimes of their ancestors have nothing to do with the Germany or the Russia or the China of today. These atrocities have hit their statute of limitations, and its time to forgive and forget.

P.S. Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica will be airing its conclusion April 21st. I can't judge the series or explain why I like it until I've seen the ending, so I'm putting my 'stories of the top 80 anime,' with Madoka slated at 17 to be the next post, on hold until then.

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