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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Fjordman Skating Dangerously Close to the Truth:

Everyone should read the new fjordman article. I've actually been looking forward to this article ever since he released a 'preliminary draft' some weeks ago. Would fjordman actually come out and say anything? Would he make a stand? The funny thing is about Gates of Vienna, is it regularly purges commentators who come out and say something, or make a stand, with Fjordman regularly leading the charge for said people to be purged. If Fjordman were to start telling the truth, it would signal that similar comments are now welcome among the audience, a new dawn of openness and honesty at one of the most two-faced blogs on the web.

First, I congratulate Fjordman for being an excellent writer. I laughed out loud multiple times at the zingers he threw at the sheer ridiculousness of liberalism. But let's take his article apart piece by piece and see where it leaves us, substantively:

As I have stated my essay The Coming Crash, I think we need to realize that the current ideological order is broken and beyond repair. There will probably some sort of pan-Western economic and social collapse in the not-too-distant future; I fear this is too late to avoid by now. The people who support the ruling paradigm are too powerful, and the paradigm itself contains so many flaws, that it cannot be fixed. It needs to crash. Instead of wasting time and energy on attempting to fix what cannot be fixed we need to prepare as best as we can for the coming crash and hopefully regroup to create a stronger and healthier culture afterward.

I don't understand why he thinks this collapse is occurring in the near term. From sheer momentum South Africa has maintained a semblance of civilization even after 14 years of ANC rule. This is a 90% black country, with an average IQ of 70. It is obviously possible for Atlas to shoulder the load of many more non-whites in America and Europe before our eventual demise too. A more reliable estimate would be 50 years. That said, I agree with everything he's saying. There will be a collapse, the people in power are too powerful to stop, the crash is a wonderful and welcome event, our only salvation from the grip of said tyrannous rulers, and there is no point trying to delay said crash by attempting various pawn-grabbing fixes. Worse is better. I would even agree with his choice of adjectives describing the new dawn: stronger and healthier. Not 'freer and fairer.' Strength and health is a fascist approach to statecraft, all talk of liberal democracy seems to end for Fjordman at the time of the collapse.

White GuiltWe are currently in the middle of the White Guilt Gold Rush. If you are a white Westerner you may not have fully realized this, but I can assure you that the rest of the world knows this. The trick is to keep the white man on the defensive and vaguely guilty at all times so that he can be squeezed for money. The climate quotas for carbon dioxide constitute a thinly disguised form of global Socialism through the UN-sponsored redistribution of wealth.

The recent scientific scandal about fake data regarding man-made global warming is just the tip of the iceberg. There are currently so many different layers of lies from “gender equality” via IQ differences to climate that it is virtually impossible to deal with all of them. Our entire society has essentially become one big lie. Our media, our schools and our political leaders repeat these lies every single day; those daring to question them are immediately ostracized.

I'm sure white guilt plays some part in the mooching from the west. But the largest reason why we coddle minorities is out of compassion, and 'competitive altruism' as described in the Amren article of long ago. Women are too emotional to think rationally and will sacrifice their own well being for the sake of any poor sad looking child anywhere on earth, while men have realized that social status and power in the West is gained solely by being more altruistic and enlightened on racial matters than the next guy. Decades of media outlets showing high-status whites believing in racial equality and low-status whites denying it has shaped our psyche in a fundamental way, such that it is now impossible for men to say or even think what they really think. Their careers, their sexual prospects, their friendships, will all be lost if they balk at any limit to liberalism and non-discrimination. The rapid progress of gay rights around the world shows how unlimited the principle of non-discrimination has become, and how quickly people are marginalized who fail to jump out of the 'bigoted' boat before the tidal wave of social disapproval hits them. Once gay rights are done, you can be sure competitive altruism will begin to posture around some other group, like the insane, retards, AIDS carriers, prostitutes, or drug users. No one needs to feel guilty over past sins, to adopt the liberal line of thinking. All he has to see is which way the wind blows, who the media lionizes and demonizes, and who the girls are attracted to, before he makes the obvious conclusions.

I do not think these leaked emails on global warming in any way proves Anthropogenic Global Warming false. He is jumping the gun to call climate change a lie. The truth is there simply isn't enough data to say one way or the other, what impact CO2 has on the climate. Even though CO2 has been rising steadily all last century, the Earth underwent various cycles of warming, cooling, warming again, and now we are back to cooling this decade. Until we understand just what other factors are influencing the climate, and what influence on the climate they will have on our near future, global warming is an irresponsible act of scaremongering. There are experts on both sides of this question and the best thing a layman can do is maintain a healthy skepticism and wait for more data to come in. The Copenhagen summit is of course wretched, because even if we were causing Global Warming, and even if it did have horrible consequences, there's no proof that cutting carbon emissions is the best way to solve the problem. There are plenty of geo-engineering solutions that would be much cheaper. Furthermore, at the rate alternative energy efficiency gains are being made, we could easily let the free market simply switch over to wind and solar as a way to save money, rather than cost us trillions like the Copenhagen plan does. Letting the economy switch to a carbon free economy when it is good and ready is highly preferable to a) high taxes that achieve inconsequential cuts in carbon emissions or b) draconian policies that succeed in stopping all carbon emissions, at the price of putting us into a new dark age.

I agree with his larger point though, that the whole world is living a lie. The lies are so big, and so various, and so plentiful, that everyone is born a slave to fraud and lives out a completely unnatural, unsatisfying existence due to them. Misery has completely overtaken the West as a result of living lies, and our suicide and anti-depressant rates tell the tale. Our fertility rates tell the tale. Our drug and alcohol rates tell the tale. One of the absolute goods in life is Truth, we are all born desiring it over all other things, and we all "perish for lack of knowledge." Socrates revealed the dictum, "know thyself," as the ultimate wisdom, and Sun Tzu more practically pointed out, "Know yourself and know your enemy, and you will be the victor of a thousand battles." Jesus said it maybe even more clearly: "I am Truth." Truth is so divine, that even God equates himself to it.

Not only does living a lie deny us the joy in knowing the truth, and the prudence of living according to natural laws, but it worms away at our souls, both humiliating and degrading us into something less than human. People who do not love truth are inevitably wicked in every other way as well. Truth is a bulwark against the darkness in our souls, without it, self-justifying rationalizations permeate everything. For instance, cheating finds excuses for its actions, people become shameless and guiltless no matter how they hurt others, no one takes responsibility for their actions, and sin, even crime, is magically transmuted into 'lifestyle choices.' No one can take genuine pride in anything, since it's all just a lie, and people take ridiculous pride in worthless things, which inevitably feels shallow in their heart of hearts, and leads to a rejection of all values altogether as the only escape. Take modern art's trend of selling urinals for millions, or putting shit in a can and calling it art. By attaching honor to things that don't deserve it, and not honoring people who do deserve it, you aren't left with simply a redistribution of honor. You are left without any honor at all. People simply cannot swallow vomit and call it good forever.

EU Skull Dragon

Since the EU has forced through the EU Constitution/Lisbon Treaty and in essence abolished not just popular influence on EU policies but dissolved dozens of nation states, the self-appointed European elites have in effect banned any legal opposition to their rule. It is no longer possible to formally oppose their policies within the regular political channels. Given that the same elites appear hell-bent on running the entire continent into the ground, this leaves the options of rebellion or a structural collapse. I don’t think we will see open rebellion just yet, although this could change if the economy deteriorates further. This means that the most likely way out now is a structural collapse, and I fear that’s exactly what we are going to get.

Again, I don't see why Fjordman is so hostile to the EU, or so reverent for popular influence. After all, it is popular influence, democracy, and the individual states of Europe that got us here in the first place. The EU is just a tool, it can be used for good or evil. What you really need to ask yourself is why did every universal democracy lead to self-suicide within a century? Limited democracy has been shown to work for centuries in America and the UK, where there were some standards before just anyone could vote, and women were excluded on account of their complete lack of common sense when it comes to politics. Small, homogeneous democracies have also worked over long time periods, like Athens or Iceland. But universal, multi-cultural, democracy led almost immediately to full-scale collapse of every nation that adopted it. Don't blame the EU, a treaty made to ensure peace and free trade between its member states. Blame democracy, which has elected every 4 years pro-immigrant, pro-lie, pro-suicide laws.

If open rebellion occurs, it will not be over the economy. It will be over men's lack of access to wives and children. The real powder keg in the world today is the alpha male monopoly of all our women, and the resulting beta male sexual deficit that renders their lives empty and meaningless from start to finish. There could be no more painful fate, and there can be no greater fury, than the beta male who suffers it. When monogamy was replaced across the west by promiscuity and divorce and adultery meant the competition was never over and your family was never secure even once you did escape the dating world, it created a completely untenable position for the vast majority of men. Who better to rely upon for a violent revolution? And what better promise than a wife and children to motivate them?
- - - - - - - - -
Didn’t the Obama Administration with international aid “save” the world from a looming financial crisis? Of course they didn’t. The main problem for the USA is that the national debt keeps rising while the national IQ keeps falling. This hasn’t changed one bit in the past year. On the contrary, it is worse now than it was before, and it looks like it will be worse still next year and the year after that. As long as this situation remains unchanged, my bet is that the price of gold will continue to rise as people seek safe harbor from the collapsing US dollar.

Although other industrialized countries have heavy debt loads, too, the case of the United States is especially serious because of its sheer size. Had the USA been a private person he would probably have been declared bankrupt a long time ago. But the United States is not a private person; it is still the world’s largest economy and has the world’s largest armed forces. As writer Takuan Seiyo states in the latest installment of his brilliant From Meccania to Atlantis series: “The strongest, most admired country in the world until just a few years ago is now a cautionary tale of the wages of sin and stupidity told to Chinese schoolchildren.”

I don’t know what the future holds for the USA. It could split apart along ethic and ideological lines in a Second American Civil War, or it could become just another Latin American country along with Canada, in which case all of America will be Latin America.

I could add that I don’t hate Latin America. If we do end up with a series of nasty Multicultural civil wars in Western Europe it is possible that some areas of South America could be better places to live than Birmingham or Marseilles. However, Latin America never has been and probably never will be a major force in world politics. If the United States declines this will shift global power back to Eurasia, where it has been throughout most of human history. China will in all likelihood be a leading player and perhaps the dominant one.

Fjordman and I are remarkably agreed on this. I cannot tell whether our nation will follow the 'total collapse' model, which would allow a white rebirth in a new ethnostate, or the much worse 'gradual collapse' model, which would result in America becoming the new Brazil, with no escape and no hope for the white race. The debt and the dysgenic loss of human capital, however, does ensure one or the other.

The transformation of North America into Latin America is not lamentable because we would 'cease to be a major force in world politics.' It is lamentable because we would cease to be a major force in science, medicine, industry, trade, art, literature, math, peace, prosperity, and so on. We would cease to be anything. We would cease to have the unique traits that make whites so incredibly valuable to the universe, our love of truth, beauty, and love, and our remarkable capacity to produce it. This kind of amoral, geopolitical thinking, worrying about how many battleships and carriers America would float around the world if we became the next Brazil, indicates a deep disconnect between Fjordman's priorities, and the true tragedy that is engulfing our beautiful brilliant white children.

I am increasingly convinced that some of the developments we are witnessing are deliberate and that there is a long-term goal among certain powerful groups of breaking down Western nations to facilitate the creation of a global oligarchy. The lies we are being served are virtually identical in every single Western country. I’ve had discussions about this with my Chinese friend Ohmyrus who thinks this is caused by a structural flaw in our democratic system. I don’t necessarily disagree with that, but there are other forces at work here as well.

According to Herman Van Rompuy, the newly-installed President of the European Union, the climate conference in Copenhagen is a step towards the “global management” of our planet. As author Bat Ye’or has demonstrated and as I have confirmed in my own book Defeating Eurabia, the EU is actively collaborating with Islamic countries to rewrite the textbooks in European countries to make them more “Islam-friendly.”

Euro MedIt is well-documented that there are detailed long-term plans to expand the EU to include Muslim North Africa and the Middle East. This has been publicly confirmed by several high-ranking officials, including the British Foreign Minister in 2007. One newspaper leaked EU plans to import 50 million (!) more Africans to Europe in the coming decades, although urban communities across Western Europe are already in the process of breaking down due to mass immigration. A high-ranking official from Tony Blair’s Labour Government in Britain openly confirmed that they promoted mass immigration to import voters and alter the ethnic composition of the country. Similar policies are undoubtedly being promoted in countries from Germany to Australia.

In June 2009, only a few years after a group of Arabs killed thousands of Americans in a Jihadist attack, former US President Bill Clinton told an Arab American audience that soon the USA will no longer have a majority of people with a European heritage. He believed that “this is a very positive thing.” It wasn’t that first time that Mr. Clinton expressed such views.

Jens Orback, Democracy Minister in the then Social Democratic Swedish government, during a radio debate stated that “We must be open and tolerant towards Islam and Muslims because when we become a minority, they will be so towards us.” He took it for granted that the natives will become a minority in their own country and that they have no right to oppose this.

I could add that Sweden has no colonial history. Neither have Finland or Norway, which gained their independence as late as the twentieth century, yet both countries are still force-fed mass immigration of alien peoples. The “colonial guilt” argument used against the natives in Britain, France and other Western European countries is bogus. The real issue is that we white Westerners should not have any countries to call our own. Our countries should be giant Multicultural theme parks for everybody else, financed by brainwashed white taxpayers.

Arguably the leading academic Multiculturalist in my country, Professor Thomas Hylland Eriksen of the University in Oslo, who has received millions in government funding for his projects, in an interview stated frankly that “The most important blank spot exists now in deconstructing the majority so thoroughly that it can never be called the majority again.” This is the ultimate goal of Western Multiculturalists. Make no mistake about it. Needless to say, this agenda is only pushed in white majority Western countries. All other countries are allowed to retain their demographic profile; only the West is required to commit suicide.

This is an incredibly powerful segment of his article. First off, he admits a worldwide conspiracy to genocide the West, and only the West, off the face of the map. He says it is intentional, not accidental, and that the goal is not kumbayah and rainbows, but our 'deconstruction' so that we will never be the majority again -- in any single country on earth. What is frustrating is Fjordman conveniently refuses to see the disproportionate role of jews in this 'global oligarchy,' this 'world conspiracy,' and this 'plutocratic monstrosity.' If I simply rephrased these paragraphs to, "Jews ever since 1965 have been attempting the genocide of white Americans by 'deconstructing the majority so that we will never be the majority again,'" Fjordman would have conniptions. And yet, that is the real story of what is going on. One can argue that jewish high IQ just makes them inevitably a disproportionate segment of the global oligarchy conspirators, and that they are fundamentally no different from their WASP friends, but it really makes no difference. Either way jews are guilty, and either way breaking the power of the jews is the only way for western man to escape our encirclement and destruction. It is much easier to fight an enemy when you know who they are -- talking about a shadowy conspiracy instead of straight out naming the jew does not follow the advice of Sun Tzu.

One must wonder what satisfaction these elites can feel as they watch the churches, statues, buildings, museums, and art of Europe go up in flames just like the buddhas of bamiyan. As they watch our beautiful women dragged by the hair into alleys by gangs of feral teenage muslim rapists. As they watch our soldiers jeered and spat upon as they arrive home. What twisted souls, what evil men, can these be to watch all that is happening with complacency, even joy? I don't understand their motives, and I really don't want to. As one serial killer once explained to a psychologist, "You don't want to know what is in my head. It is vomit. Just pure vomit." It is enough to identify the sheer evil of their goals, and to eliminate them, without worrying about why. I hate all these arguments about why jews do what they do -- is it due to past persecution, present anti-semitism, their wealth, their liberalism, their IQ, their religion, their genes? Who knows, who cares? They are evil and they must be smashed! That is the truth we should focus on, everything else is, as the serial killer said, trying to fathom "vomit, just pure vomit."

Law and order is rapidly breaking down in major cities across Western Europe, and indeed the Western world, as immigrant gangs rule the streets. The law is only upheld against the “racist” white majority population to ensure that they keep on paying ridiculously high taxes to authorities that do nothing but lie to them, insult them and aid their national destruction.

Interesting that I said earlier today 'high taxes is genocide,' and here Fjordman is making the same point. Good job, Fjordman.

As the eminent English writer El Ingl├ęs says, “The nature and severity of the problems we face are now sufficiently clear for European patriots to start asking themselves what actions they and others like them will eventually be called upon to take when the failure of the state reaches a critical point, and what sort of battlefield they will be arrayed upon at that moment.”

This is the sort of two-faced writing I absolutely despise on GoV. Say what you want clearly, or don't say it. What cowardly wording. Basically, sign my petition: "If a million other men agree to take up arms to secure our country, I will too, and on that day, we will launch a surprise attack and do what it takes to force the USA to the negotiating table, where we will gain our freedom, our sovereignty and our 14 words." Gates of Vienna is saying people need to sign their petition. More power to them. Everyone should sign. Maybe someday they'll have the balls to spell out what their petition says too.

Karl MarxOne thing we absolutely need to do is to break the stranglehold that Marxist and Leftist groups have successfully established over the media and the education system in Western countries. These people need to be squashed. Maybe some readers think this sounds too harsh, but I firmly believe that we cannot deal effectively with our external enemies as long as our internal enemies control the information flow. We must reject those who promote a Globalist world, including multinational corporations that desire unlimited access to cheap labor.

Since he's already told us we cannot prevent the collapse of the West, I assume he is talking about what the petition-signing militia should do after the collapse?

Imagine if you have a person jumping off a plane without a parachute because he is convinced that he has “moved beyond gravity.” If works for a little while, until it suddenly doesn’t. That sounds too crazy to be true until you realize that this is what the entire Western world is doing right now when we pretend that we have “moved beyond ethnic divisions.” It is hardwired into the human brain to look after your people and “tribe” first. The only ones who are not currently doing this are whites. If, or rather when, white Westerners start behaving like everybody else our countries will quickly become Balkanized nightmares of competing tribes.

This isn't a very convincing argument. (Though very funny!) The anti-racists would argue that they certainly don't have any hard-wired instincts to favor their own. Whites are a uniquely flawed tribe, in that we have no instinct of self-preservation. The fact that we have let things get so far, the fact that South Africa, Brazil, and Rhodesia didn't fight their minority status, doesn't speak for any magical instinct that will save us. I think whites have far stronger instincts that may motivate them than tribalism. For instance, compassion, fairness, justice, curiosity, conformism, cowardice, sloth, lust, hunger. . . It's obvious that other instincts are currently trumping our tribalism, and I see no reason why they wouldn't continue to do so. The solution is not to rely on naked tribalism, but to associate many other instincts into the same basket as tribalism. I love white people, but only because they appeal to me on so many levels beyond just kinship. Posting pictures of the Eiffel tower and Alexis Bledel is a stronger appeal to our race-soul than talk about gene maps.

We must switch from a “save the world” to a “save ourselves” mode. In the early twentieth century, people of European origins made up one third of the global population, maybe as much as 40%. In the not-too-distant future this figure will be down to less than 10% and falling. This sharp reduction has not been caused by a plague but by a massive population increase in Third World countries, ironically facilitated by the global technological civilization created by European advances. We have given alien peoples the technological ability to multiply, move to our countries and colonize us. This cannot be allowed to continue.

Why? Why can't it be? What makes Europeans uniquely valuable? What makes us superior to our slated replacements? What would we lose by ceasing to exist? As that one philosopher said, "The only question in philosophy is why we shouldn't commit suicide." Simply saying we cannot allow this to continue changes no one's minds. they are well aware of the demographics, but like Bill Clinton, they think it's great. They think it's just swell. They don't care at all. This is another instance of thinking an argument is self-evident, when it is only self-evident to our own small circle. To everyone else it's a 'phobia.' Fjordman needs to have more outreach, to explain why Europe should live, to explain why we are a Good people, a life form worth saving. So long as whites are best known for the holocaust and slavery, it makes little sense to preserve us.

We must start looking after our own interests just like everybody else. Self-preservation is a natural instinct for all living things down to plants and bacteria. The first thing we must do is to bury the entire notion of “racism,” which is anti-scientific nonsense exclusively designed to intimidate whites. It is perfectly conceivable, indeed highly likely, that there is a major genetic component to culture. This would imply that the preservation of the European cultural heritage can only be accomplished through the preservation of our genetic heritage.

Why should we? Why not just look after other people's interests? Why are our interests any more important than theirs? Only the argument of superior vs. inferior can make headway against these questions. Our natural instinct to live obviously isn't strong enough, or it would have surfaced already. Fjordman will have to invoke something stronger than that. As for his wish to preserve European heritage, WHICH European heritage? The one that has led us, uniquely, amongst all mankind, to self-annihilation? The one that produces the night life of Britain? The one that has more children out of wedlock than in? I have no interest in preserving our culture, Europe has had a thousand cultures and it will have a thousand more. Out of all our cultures, the current culture is the absolute worst. The most destructive, the most anti-human, the most evil to have ever been conceived. I'd rather see him posit a new culture worth preserving, something that fits like a tailored suit the European race-soul, but has nothing to do with the world we live in today. Culture is a tool, it is the creation of people to further their genome, their darwinian success at survival and reproduction. When the culture ceases to be an effective tool, it should be discarded like any other. Also note his use of hypotheticals: 'conceivable,' 'highly likely,' about an issue he knows full well is definitively proven beyond all doubt. I vehemently dislike qualifying your statements when you know full well they are the truth.

It is becoming more or less mandatory for teachers in many Western countries to disparage European peoples, their culture and their heritage. We don’t need to have special reeducation camps because the media and the education system ensure that our society is virtually one large reeducation camp. Unfortunately, that’s not much of an exaggeration. In Hollywood films such as the disaster movie 2012, which I had the misfortune of seeing, all whites are portrayed either as evil and selfish or as losers whereas the non-white characters are portrayed as selfless and heroic. In reality, whites are today among the most selfless and least ethnocentric groups on the planet, and we are being punished heavily for this trait.

Well said. 2012 really was about as subtle as a hammer to the head about its message to whites: "Die, die, die, you worthless scum, so we can create the new rainbow utopia already." It may serve as the best white nationalist recruitment movie yet -- step aside Riefenstahl, we now have 2012. He fails to mention who runs Hollywood though -- in the case of 2012, it was a faggot. In other cases, it is jews. In all cases, they are "vomit, pure vomit," and must be named and opposed directly.

The truth is that whites create superior societies. Not only are others not capable of creating what we do, most of them are not even capable of maintaining it. The one major exception would be Northeast Asians, the only other large group of people on this planet apart from Europeans capable of sustaining a technologically sophisticated society. If anybody replaces us as the world’s leading civilization it will be them, for the simple reason that they are the only ones who possess a genetic intelligence to match ours, and they are not suicidal.

Thank you, Fjordman! Suddenly he speaks honestly, even starting with 'the truth is. . .' ie, nothing he said before was nearly as frank as what he will say now. The truth is we are superior. After all, what other quality should man be judged by than the quality of society he produces? If whites create superior societies to any other on Earth, what else is there to say? It means we are superior to all other races, end of story. Welcome to the ranks of white supremacism, the only honest argument for white survival. I share his praise of Northeast Asia. Honestly, I have more respect for Japan than any white nation left on Earth. But they suffer from the same multi-culturalism, the same low birth rates, the same finance capitalism, the same massive debt, the same women's lib, as we do. I don't really see Asia saving itself without us. They seem to simply copy whatever we do, for good or ill. If anything, Islam will inherit the earth, simply because it still retains a masculine strength that the rest of the world has lost. Also, bravo to fjordman for admitting without equivocation that intelligence is genetic.

ImmigrantsBecause we create attractive societies other peoples want to move to our countries, but in displacing us they will gradually destroy what made our countries desirable places to live in the first place. They both hate and secretly envy us, and our children suffer needlessly from the violence and verbal abuse caused by this. If whites put up a colony on the planet Mars, I am sure others would hitchhike there on our space ships and demand that we let them in. Once there they would not exhibit any trace of gratitude. On the contrary, they would constantly whine and complain about how evil and racist and oppressive the white man is.

Muslims would demand respect because we owe all our scientific and technological advances to medieval Muslim scholars and because the Martian colony is the 63rd holiest place in Islam. In case you thought the latter sentence was intended as a joke, think again. In 1997 three Arab Muslim gentlemen from the Yemen sued NASA for trespassing on Mars, which they claimed that they owned because they inherited the planet from their ancestors 3,000 years ago.

Fjordman makes a good, and humorous, point. Our enemies are parasites. They don't actually think we are oppressing them, or they would be emigrating out of Europe and the USA, not immigrating into us. Everything they say is a lie and they know it. If we ever do develop space flight, they will insist as a matter of human rights that diversity will inhabit the stars alongside every single white who escapes. Obviously, our space program will have to be under the control of a white ethno-state at that time, so that we can simply reject their claims. For now I am willing to live alongside non-whites, because the alternative of Turner Diaries like genocide is too unattractive. Covington got it right, when he depicted the Northwest Republic sending colonies to Mars and saying, "in just a couple generations we'll be free of the muds forever." Indeed. We need to realize that the technology for space flight already exists and we have no reason to stay on this planet. Even if space colonization is expensive, it is of such infinite value, that issues like expense simply don't matter. The process should probably be '1) build a space elevator so we can cheaply get into orbit. Colonize the moon. 2) use water and materials from the moon to build and launch spaceships, because the low G makes it relatively easy. 3) use new, more powerful telescopes to find Earth like planets in habitable zones around their stars. 4) Escape to one, without telling anyone else where you are going. 5) as soon as the new colony has the means, send a new spaceship out to colonize something else, again not telling anyone where they are going, repeat ad infinitum, so that the trail eventually runs cold and our people really will be free, secure, and happy once and for all.

Novelist Virginia Woolf famously wrote that women need “a room of their own.” In the twenty-first century it is whites who need a room of our own, and if we cannot have that in Europe, which is our cradle, then I don’t see where else we can have it. The alternative is that we maintain a continuing cycle where whites create dynamic societies that are overrun by people incapable of sustaining them. This cycle will finally end when the existence of white communities itself ends. The only viable long-term solution to this dilemma is physical separation. If you force very different peoples to share the same geographic space, conflict is inevitable. This insight was once considered common sense. Now it’s “hate speech.”

Will such a policy not be denounced as “hate” and “Fascism”? Possibly, but I don’t see why we should care about that. We, too, have a right to shape our destiny. Besides, we could always use the arguments of our critics against them. If whites truly are uniquely evil and oppressive, as some people seem to think, is it then not an act of mercy to keep non-whites away from us? That way they don’t have to become exposed to our racism, our hatred and our Islamophobia, but can retain their diverse, authentic and colorful tribal violence undisturbed.

Yes, physical separation is the key. The only true physical separation, free of all threats of Mongol conquest, jewish lies, and black crime, is in space. First we carve out our own, separate, state. Then we use the state's resources to get into space. Then we separate once and for all. Separation is the key. Thus, space is the key. Though funny, it is a weak argument to say 'if whites are so evil, why don't you leave?' Obviously, because they can make more money if they stay. To a liberal, this isn't because whites are generous or productive, but due to various accidents of history, like, we stole native's land, or, we happened to be blessed with the industrial revolution fairy, or, we were given cows and grain by various nature deities unfairly long ago. Due to an accident of history, we control all the world's wealth, so non-whites are forced to live among us, even THOUGH we are evil. The solution isn't to just let us evil whites off the hook, it is to break us, and reform us, so that we are no longer evil, and non-whites are no longer poor. Why separate when we can just reeducate whites to do the right thing? Liberals will never agree to silly arguments like, "if we're so evil why don't you leave?" It's another truism WN uses that honestly doesn't fly.

One change that could conceivably take place is that people of European origins develop a stronger identity as “whites” on top of their national identities. I tried to explain to a hostile and now luckily discredited American blogger a while ago that the term “white nationalist” is meaningless in a European context. Maybe it carries some meaning in North America or Australia where most whites are of a mixed heritage, but over here it does not. Englishmen and Germans look fairly similar, but that hasn’t prevented them from slaughtering each other by the millions. Ditto for the French and the Spanish, the Poles and the Russians etc.

I don’t know if there ever will be a “white” identity. Perhaps we are just too different. What I do know is that if such an identity ever comes into being it will to a large extent have been created and forced upon us by our enemies. I have watched a number of disturbing videos, filmed by the attackers, of gangs of blacks or Arabs attacking what appears to be completely random whites. This happens from Sweden via Germany, Britain and France to the United States. This escalating wave of anti-white violence is one of the least-reported major news stories today as Western mainstream media almost uniformly try to cover these things up.

What strikes my about these attacks is that they are based on skin color; nobody asks the victims whether they are Russian Orthodox, Polish Catholics, English atheists, German Lutherans or Dutch Calvinists. These distinctions matter a great deal to us — we have fought many bloody wars because of them — yet they do not seem to matter to those who hate us. If people feel that they are attacked as whites they may start defending themselves as such, too.

Fjordman is basically repeating the same line as liberals, 'there's no such thing as race.' The fact is, all European nations have very similar genomes, any genetic map will show a massive intra-European homogeneity compared to the outside world. For someone so eager to include the alien Jews into Europe, he's excessively diligent in throwing other whites under the bus. Europeans are not just close blood relatives though. We also share many common traits that do unite us as one people: our looks, our Greco/Roman heritage, our shared history as united 'Christendom,' our relatively equal contributions to art and science, our shared participation in the Age of Discovery and Empire, and our shared history of fighting the saracens, the turks, the huns, the mongols, and all the other invaders of fortress Europe. I don't see why he cannot conceive of a 'white' identity. All I see in Europe is a white identity, the petty nationalities are just a distraction from how great every nation of Europe has been, is, and/or will be. Since Europe has agreed to join 27 different nations into the EU, Fjordman seems out of touch with most Europeans too, who clearly think there is a shared white identity among all the member states.

Obviously, since Europeans are being attacked as whites, not as French of Germans, all whites in Europe will come to realize that defending themselves as whites is the only possible response. White Nationalism is inevitable.

The coming pan-Western crash will at the very least lead to an ideological-political paradigm shift and the rise of a new mythology to replace the post-WWII “suicide paradigm” of misunderstood anti-Nazism. At worst, the discontinuity will be so long and severe that what emerges on the other side will be a completely new civilization, the third generation of European civilization, just like what emerged during the Middle Ages was a different civilization from that of Greco-Roman Antiquity. The transition between the first and second generations of European civilization took centuries. History generally moves faster now than it did back then, but I suspect such a transition will nevertheless take several generations.

Here fjordman changes his statement of 'near future' collapse to 'many generations of decline.' A shame, but that's how I see it too. There is no deliverance just around the corner. We will have to persevere. Perseverance requires passion, ie, radicalism. As time goes by, we will see the wheat separating from the chaff, between those really intent on revolution, and those who lost heart somewhere along the way. (Mind you, I reserve the right to lose heart! It is the movement I am arguing will not. If one person drops the flag in a fight, someone else simply picks it up. There will always be someone fighting for the 14 words.)

>How a new civilization would look like I do not know. Medieval Europeans used different elements of the Greco-Roman legacy creatively and added new innovations on top of this. Generation Two of European civilization contained within itself aspects of Generation One, but also contained elements of sharp discontinuity. This will probably be the case next time, too.

All of this does admittedly sound a bit gloomy, yet I truthfully remain convinced that we have the necessary cultural and genetic resources to regroup and regenerate at some point, although it is conceivable that whites will in the future come from fewer bloodlines than we do today.

I agree. There are still millions of healthy white people who are in this for the long haul. These people tend to be smart, passionate, and strong. They have all the best traits in our race, and they're on our side. One way or another, we will win.

All in all, Fjordman said what needed to be said. And he said it to an audience that is used to being fed gruel, and has balked at anything more serious than milk. Viva Fjordman. Write some more essays like that.

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