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Thursday, November 19, 2009


Like the article on crime, I want white nationalists to realize just how minor our problems are today. Only by showing how minor, over-exaggerated, and inflated the arguments for white nationalism are today, can we understand why the sheeple do nothing and never respond to our concerns. It is the curse of intelligent people to have longer future time horizons than stupid people. We can see the future just as clearly as everyone else can see their immediate surroundings. To us, the future is already now, because it is already visible. But for them, it is invisible, it is infinitely far away, it would be like someone next to them announcing "Hey, I can see Paris from here! Wow, what a gorgeous day they're having."

Instead of admitting that their partner must have extremely good eyesight, they scoff and declare we can't see Paris. We can't see the future. Because the majority of people can see in color, we label those who don't see in color, 'color-blind.' They are the ostracized ones, the rejects. But imagine if only a few mutants could see in color. Whenever they said, "I can see colors. Look, the sky is blue, and grass is green," The majority color-blind population would scoff and call them deranged or liars. The sighted would be ostracized and rejected. Being intelligent is being a member of this sighted minority. Only one person in a thousand is as intelligent as me (140 IQ), and yet, I'm not even that smart. I know tons of people who are much smarter than me, friends and family, and great men of the past besides. This means that dumb people aren't just slightly dumb, I'm slightly dumb -- they're incredibly dumb. The mediocre, 100 IQ, 115 IQ, 85 IQ people could be described as color blind. They cannot see the future like we can, and they don't even believe it exists. They would rather demonize and suppress us, then allow us to lead on the basis of invisible forces they cannot understand. The intelligent are like priests and prophets, they deal with invisible, God-like forces beyond mortal comprehension. We are the interface between mankind and the invisible phenomena that control the world. Talking about thermodynamics, physics, chemistry, biology, and ethics to these people is about as meaningless gibberish as speaking in tongues or in Latin during Church. They might feel comforted that the 'priests are at work, and heaven has been pacified, the giant car gods will keep the engines running when we turn the key thanks to their intercession,' but they cannot comprehend what we are saying, or what the connection is between modern civilization and the fields intelligent people study and describe. There is such an absurd disconnect, that stupid people now use genetic testing to identify criminals and ancestors, but reject that same genetic testing when it shows A) our shared ancestry with other life forms, B) our evolved genetic differences between the races.

This is the same as using the car to get to work every day, but rejecting the principles of thermodynamics that make our engines run. It is absurd, and it is dangerous. If these stupid people are allowed to influence politics, they could well ban all cars, by somehow labeling the principles of thermodynamics heretical and evil. What they have done instead, is ban eugenics and discrimination, two blows whose long-term consequences, but not short-term, are the complete annihilation of the white race. To intelligent people, the moment you order the principles of thermodynamics to no longer be used, we say, "but this would mean banning cars." No one else sees it that way. They say that's nonsense, that's just scare-mongering. Look, there are cars everywhere. Likewise, when people ban eugenics and discrimination, open up our borders and encourage anyone who wants to have children with anyone who wants at public expense, intelligent people say, aghast, "But this means the annihilation of the white race. What you're calling for is the most massive genocide in history." Then stupid people scoff and say that's nonsense, it's just scare-mongering. Look, there are whites everywhere.

Short of a coup by the shadow elites, the only way to teach stupid people the truth about these matters, is to let things happen. Eventually even stupid people will be able to see what we already see, by virtue of the time horizon becoming closer. Just as those with bad eyesight can eventually see the same things as those with good eyesight, once they get close enough, stupid people will eventually see the same truths smart people did, once the future gets close enough. Waiting on stupid people to see the same things smart people do is extremely frustrating, because it means there is no advantage in being smart. I can see the future first, but no one will believe me until they can see it. This means I may as well have had as bad eyesight as them, because nothing will change until that threshold of eyesight is reached. Evolutionarily, intelligence allowed people with long future sight the ability to predict and avoid disasters. For instance, if a beach's water suddenly receded, smart people would think, "This is dangerous, I'm leaving." While stupid people would say 'hey neat,' and go collect starfish as the tsunami rolls in. If smart and stupid people watch a giant block of ice fall into one side of the lake, while they're standing on the other side, smart people think, "The ripple of that water from the impact is right now crossing the lake, it will soon reach this side and drown us, I need to run." Stupid people will think, "hey, that's pretty, wow." Not in the least aware that water of the same lake is linked to each other, and what happens to one side eventually impacts the other side as well.

Unfortunately, the nature of our problem does not allow smart people to avoid this disaster. Smart people are just as endangered by mass immigration as dumb people. No matter where we run inside the country, we are still subject to the law code constructed by our diverse overlords. They can rob us, rape us, steal our children, and kill us, and there's nothing we can do to stop them. The communists, in fact, specifically sought out the smart people and killed them first, wherever they came to power. Smart people cannot avoid risk when the threat is the entire assembled community they live among turning on them. The likelihood of our community turning on us increases, the less racial solidarity we have with our fellow countrymen. It approaches near 100% certainty, when we allow races with age-old ethnic grievances to become our masters: hispanics (we stole their land and genocided the Indians) blacks (slavery and jim crow) jews (the holocaust), asians (colonialism, discrimination), muslims (Palestine, the Iraq war, being infidels in general), everyone has their reason to hate us. Everyone is itching for a chance at revenge.

At this point I'd rather be ruled by alien invaders than fellow humans of any other race. They all hate us and have it in for us. They say so openly and brag about what they'll do once they come to power. We already know the jewish modus operandi, the USSR told us what will become of dissident intellectuals. It's the gulag or the shot to the back of the head for us. We already know that the gringos will be cleansed from Atzlan, and hispanics won't be content until we 'go back to Europe.' We already know what blacks intend to do once they get in power -- one long riot of torture, rape, and murder like the LA riots -- they'll drag us out of our trucks and throw bricks at our head, or kidnap us while we're on a date, rape both the man and the woman indiscriminately, pour bleach on us, throw us in a trash bag, and then have a hearty breakfast of ham and eggs together as we slowly suffocate.

And as civilized as Asians appear, we have to remember that just 50 years ago, these were the same Japanese who murdered millions of chinese and ruthlessly executed our prisoners of war during WW II. These are the same Chinese who murdered tens of millions of their own people for holding 'bad thoughts,' and specifically targeted the intelligentsia during the cultural revolution. These are the same Cambodians who took everyone out of the cities and left them to die in open fields, killing everyone who wore glasses as 'bourgeois,' and then cut out their livers and ate them during the communist revolution. Asians are chillingly heartless people. They still eat cute animals like dogs and abuse animals regularly without any hint of empathy or compassion. If there were some ideological justification for cutting us down, Asians as a group would all gather around and do it, as coldly and mechanically as whatever convinced them to kill their own people fifty years ago. Personally, I feel much safer among my own people. People who love me, because I'm just like them. People who share genes with me, so have no evolutionary desire to stamp me out. People who share a language, history, culture, and looks with me, so they do not feel threatened by me, or have any particular animus towards me for not fitting in. Jewish and Asian genocides have killed far more people than black crime ever has. Being among high IQ people is no protection. Only being around people who love you is safe. Everything else is a recipe for disaster. Mind you, there are individuals among the other races who do love us, and they should be dealt with on a case by case basis -- but they should not hold us hostage, or require we all die just so as not to incur the risk that we might mistreat them. People of good heart and good intentions, if we unfairly discriminate against them, would say, "I understand this is for the survival of the white race, whom I love, and therefore I forgive you." If they don't have a good heart or good intentions, we owe nothing to them anyway. There is no moral reason why a few good apples require we accept barrels and barrels of bad apples and rot our entire genome to corruption, depravity, and death. The crime done to white people by not discriminating at all, is far worse than the crime done to non-whites by discriminating too rigorously. Anyone who says otherwise is no longer a compassionate humanist trying to objectively lower the pain in the world, but a lying, mendacious ethnic warrior (or race traitor if they are white) who is just saying whatever it takes to keep us disarmed and supine while they go about their slow and steady slaughter.

As for muslims, we only need to see how ruthlessly they strangle out all minorities to see what they would do. When muslims first conquer a region, it is primarily non-muslim. But slowly and surely, the native culture is wiped out. The ancient Persian religion is nearly gone in Iran. The hindus have been driven out of pakistan and Bangladesh. The christians of the middle east are nearly eliminated. The greeks of asia minor ethnic cleansed from what is now Turkey. And the serbs driven out of their historic land of Kosovo. Islam does not brook dissent and it does not allow intellectual progress. While northwest Europe was going through the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, and the Enlightenment -- while Europe was discovering the laws of math, electricity, steam, perspective, chords and melodies, cannons, vaccines, and inventing the modern world -- the Ottoman Empire did nothing. While Europe had invented the printing press and was churning out classics for the entire populace to read, study, and admire, the Ottoman Empire did nothing. Massive numbers of whites lived within the borders of the Ottoman Empire. The genetic potential of the Ottomans to participate in this progress, to at least mimic and adopt the progress being made around them, was entirely possible. However, all the whites who lived under Islam were completely unproductive. They made no invention, they made no art, they made no science, they made nothing.

In other words, Islam cannot achieve anything itself, and anyone it conquers is equally ruined, regardless of what quality they would have shown had they lived under anything else but Islam. Islam is so destructive that nothing survives in its wake. Just look at the living standards and nobel prizes of any majority muslim state. It now makes up one quarter of the human population and is spreading on all continents. Isolationism and individualism cannot oppose a force this powerful. Libertarianism has no answer to the threat of Islam. Only white racial solidarity creates a bloc of power strong enough to impede the progress of this menacing force. It has to exist across all of Europe, all of Russia, and all of North America, at least to the extent that we Americans do not interfere with Europe as they take the drastic actions necessary to save themselves. Like usual, smart people around the world are crying out with all their might about the threat of Islam and the future in an Islamic state. As usual, people in the present say this is nonsense, there are non-muslims all around them, and Islam isn't currently in power, so there's nothing to fear. Describing the future to stupid people is like describing colors to the blind. It's just impossible. It's like banging your head against a wall.

What we can do is make a clear record of both our warnings before the calamity happens, and our solutions for how to avoid it/overcome it. Once the worst has come to pass, there will be one golden, shining, brilliant moment, when the collective stupid sheeple of mankind get on their knees, admit we were right from the start, and beg for guidance. Beg us to take control and save them and set things right, in just the manner we said we needed to. This one, tiny, sliver of opportunity, will be at the hair's breath between us and extinction. They will ignore the problem until it can no longer be ignored, they will turn to smart people's guidance and direction, the people who were right all along, at the last second, and then one second before we would be totally exterminated, intelligent white people will finally have the collective power of their community to wield in constructing an utopia instead. It has happened before -- when Jamestown was on the brink of extinction, it turned to the strong leadership of John Smith. When Germany had fallen to ruins, it turned to the strong leadership of the Nazis. Chile had Pinochet. France had Napoleon. England had Cromwell. Russia had Lenin. Rome had Augustus, Vaspasian, and Constatine. In times of turmoil, strong leaders are finally welcomed by the people, and in the space of a few years, they effect revolutionary change on their societies. They completely overturn all previous trends and create a new world, nothing like what came before.

A time of incredible turmoil, as bad as the French Revolution, the Russian Revolution, the 1930's Weimar Germany, the American Revolution, the time of troubles, or any other period in world history, is coming. The storm is coming. History has taught us that with every time of turmoil, a strong leader is chosen by the people to steer them out of it, and their will is bent like heated iron to the new mold. Only terrible calamities can loosen people's hearts, weaken people's wills, to stop and listen to their betters. To their superiors. To their natural born leaders. Then the people can be reforged, in the heat of peril and adversity, into a shining new republic more beautiful than anything has been for centuries. (Until long use and rust cycle it back to ruin again.)

This is why it's so important to tell the truth now. To establish credibility, not with the present age, which will always mock and scorn us, but with the future age, when they look back and see we were right all along. If we are the same dissembling liars as everyone else, we cannot emerge as the voice of guidance and reason when the calamity appears. When people look back to see who had predicted this, who was right all along, who was telling them the truth instead of honeysweet lies, they will find -- who? Sarah Palin? Angela Merkel? Or straight forward, truth telling, plain dealing people who do not flinch at words like 'We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children.'

This is why we must reject Christianity root and branch. Not because it makes us more popular. Because Christianity is a lie. This is why we must entertain conspiracy theories and revisionism. Not because it makes us more popular, but because the truth is more complicated than people are being led to believe. This is why we must oppose and hate jews. Not because it makes us more popular. But because the jews really do hate and oppose us. No matter what we pretend otherwise, their voting records, their media outlets, their campaign donations, their organizations (ADL, SPLC, ACLU) all tell the same story. We must not allow popularity, or pure squeamishness and fear of ostracism, to derail us in the world of today. Because we are not fighting to be heard in the world of today. We are fighting to be heard in the future, when people will be desperate for the truth, and will only follow the one group brave enough, confident enough, and principled enough to hold steady from start to finish, and do whatever must be done, and say whatever must be said, and believe whatever must be believed. It is a test of character. It is a test of character whether people accept the holocaust, despite the fact of our never finding any documents, any gassed bodies, any mass graves, any photographs, any effective gas chambers or crematoria, any prussian blue stains, any anything that would indicate a Holocaust really occurred. If people can be browbeaten into admitting the holocaust on the basis of such flimsy evidence, simply out of fear of ostracism, they certainly can't lead us a century from now, when courage will be everything and truth our only salvation.

For the same reason, we MUST be atheists. We cannot live in a fairy land when our adherence to Truth, and our Neitzschean will to power, will be the difference between life and death. If we peddle the same old lies, the same old truisms, what hope do we have of separating from the pack? If we all go to heaven after we die anyway, what's the point in struggle? What's the point in resistance? What's the point in trying to survive? If love your neighbor as yourself really is the golden rule, the absolute law above all others in morality, why should we value ourselves more highly than others? Why should we hurt others to save ourselves? Why should we do anything but be the blessed meek, poor, and downtrodden, who when slapped, turn the other cheek?

Of course holding to the truth is painful. Of course belonging to a minority of a minority of a minority is painful. Only those willing to suffer pain should be allowed to inflict it. This is a test of our character, of our devotion. If we are willing to hurt others to achieve our goals, we must be willing to hurt ourselves twice as much. When the storm does come, people will want to know who is brave, who is true, and who is strong. It will not be hypocrites, dissemblers, moderates, cowards, or fairy tale peddlers. It will be the truth tellers. The people who went wherever the Truth led, no matter how high the price, and told everyone else what lay on the other side. It doesn't even have to mean we are more accurate, more right, in our opinions than others. That is mere humbug. What it means is that we were inspired by a love of truth in everything we said, whereas the inspiration of other people when they spoke was not truth, but always some mean, base material motivation that only happened to be right, like a broken clock twice a day. It means that if we believe something, we say it, and not something else. That is our test of character. That is what it means to deserve victory, to deserve the mantle of leadership, to deserve followers.

Hitler didn't receive much support in 1924 during the beer hall putsch. Nevertheless, the same person who was not granted leadership then, was elected to become Germany's leader in 1933. Why? Because he had not swerved from his course in between. Just because what we say now does not get us into power now, doesn't mean what we are saying is wrong, or we should start saying something different. If you want to get into power, the best thing you could do is become a democrat, second best, would be to become a republican. We don't want power at the price of principle. What we want is power to enforce our principles. That power cannot exist if we aren't given legitimacy, given the reins of leadership, under the program our principles call for. We must wait for the people to come to us, we cannot go to them, without losing the sacred ground, the haven, the refuge, we have built for ourselves and them. It is like standing in a magic circle of salt, with ghosts and spirits floating all around, and calling out to people to come inside, to come inside the magic circle, where it is safe. The people disagree, they urge us to leave the circle and join them. They say they'll follow us wherever, so long as we first leave the magic circle. This does not save the people, it only dooms ourselves along with them. No matter what, we must stay in the magic circle, where the demons and spirits cannot reach us. All we can do is wait for others to listen to us, and come to us. To where we stand. To the ramparts of courage that cannot be breached and the fortress of wisdom that cannot be stormed. It is the only safe place on Earth.

Neitzsche was never even popular at any point in his life. He was never recognized, he died lonely, unmarried, insane. Today he is recognized as one of the greatest 10 philosophers to have ever lived in history. Tomorrow, who knows, his reputation might even be higher. Nietzsche was the first to realize that Christianity was an attack by the jews on Rome -- the white race. An undermining of our principles and values that made us strong, and a corruption that had ruined the white race and rendered us incapable of self-defense against any other group. When people list the crimes jews have committed against whites, importing that awful religion has to come at the very head. When people discuss the extent of jewish power, the 2 billion people who mindlessly worship and believe an entirely jewish concoction must be counted as their greatest strength of all. White Nationalists are too afraid to point this out, for fear of upsetting Christians. This won't do. Idiots who attack Christians, but praise jews, and idiots who attack jews, but praise Christians, are both alike in dignity. Christianity is the jewish extended phenotype. The Vikings, the Greeks, the ancient Germanic tribes, and the Romans who battled them, are our extended phenotype. They are what whites produce under their own guidance, under their own beliefs, under their own culture, in their own native soil. White Nationalists should feel closer to the native products of our own people than the foreign imports of our greatest and longest foe, who has done nothing but undermine, betray, and exploit us ever since we met. Who opened the gates to Constantinople? The jewish quarter. Who opened the gates to Seville to the Muslims? The jews. Who, whom? Who, whom? Who opened the gates to the 1965 immigration into America? The jews. Jews have done nothing but open gates to our enemies for the last two thousand years. For God's sake, it's time we caught on to their game.

Regardless, what I mean to say is that present popularity does not predict future impact. We should not sacrifice future impact to present popularity. That is suicide. It's abject surrender. Our movement has nothing to do with the present, it is about saving the future. The future of the white race, the future of our children, and the future of mankind.

Now, turning to the link I provided: we find that 776.5 people died in 2006, per 100,000. Or .78%. Out of those 776.5, we recall from last post that 6 of them were murdered. Leaving the other 771 dead to other causes. Why would people be worried about murder in the United States, a mere .7% of the total deaths that year?

When we scroll down to the meat of the study, page 5, we get a table of the causes of death and the percentages thereof:

Heart Disease, 26%. Cancer, 23%. Stroke, 5.7%. Chronic Lower Respiratory Disease (80% of which is caused by smoking): 5.1%. Accidents: 5%. Diabetes: 3%. Alzheimer's: 3%. Flu: 2.3%. Kidney Disease: 1.9%. Sepsis (Inflammation due to infections:) 1.4%. Suicide: 1.4%. Liver Disease: 1.1%. Hypertension: 1%. Parkinson's Disease: .8% Homicide: .8%. Everything Else: 18.5% (I wonder if drug overdoses is included here, or in 'accidents'? I wish the table were more detailed, but I guess this is all we get.)

Now, if you're a public policy maker, and you're worried about present day America, what should be your priorities? #1, obesity. #2, smoking. #3, car accidents, drugs, workplace dangers, safety in general. #4: stem cells, so that we can cure alzheimer's and other diseases. Suicide and homicide don't even enter the picture. People aren't miserable enough to kill themselves, so obviously solving problems like atomization, broken homes, and adultery are not important. Murder isn't common, so obviously stuff like minority crime and rioting is not important.

Sure enough, we find Congress thinking about one thing, and one thing only, in America today. Health Care! How to provide more health care, cheaper, and better than before, to save all these people from needless death. Very noble of them, but like usual, with an incredibly short time horizon. No one is asking where we are going to get the money to pay for this. No one is asking how we can afford health care with an aging demographic. No one is asking why we should spend more money preventing deaths instead of encouraging new births. Because all of that is an issue for the future, for the invisible beyond. The people understand their worries and their concerns of the day -- health care! Diabetes! Cancer! They will wear plenty of ribbons and go on plenty of marches for those causes. But no one will rally to fight crime, or stop adultery, or increase fertility. All of these problems are minor today, and only become calamitous in the future. They are invisible to the crowds. And here we have the gall to tell people that they must sacrifice their current concerns, their current priorities, for the sake of improving our situation in the future. That they must forgo free health care, so that they can afford to have more children using the citizen's dividend. That they must give in to cancer, so that the cancer of dysgenics doesn't wipe out modern civilization. That we can do nothing about brain strokes, because what really matters is what our kids are learning in school. We are like the grinch who stole Christmas. We are no fun at all. All we say is give, give, give, do, do, do, and the reward is always in some indeterminate future, that they'll probably never see.

That isn't a strong position to argue from. Though I do think it is a winner for white nationalists to slam down on vice. The real killers in the world are alcohol induced drunk driving, smoking, obesity -- vice. If we legislated against vice, we would have the healthiest people on Earth, with the longest lived, highest quality of life, and the cheapest health care costs imaginable. So very simple. And yet so impossible, so long as we believe individual freedom is more important than the general welfare. That is just one instance of how the whole can be made better by a sturdy discipline of the parts. It is also why libertarians are such false friends. They really have nothing to do with us. Just because they are also opposed to the status quo, doesn't mean there is any room whatsoever for their beliefs or plans in our country. They are more like a hyperdegenerate version of the country we already have. They aren't the cure, they are more like the principled extreme of what is already killing us. Too much freedom, too little responsibility.

But imagine a world where not .8%, but 20% of people die by homicide. Imagine another 20% die by suicide. Imagine not 20% of people are unemployed, but 80% of people are unemployed. Imagine hell. Or Detroit. People's priorities, at this point, will shift away from breast cancer, and towards civic regeneration. It cannot be otherwise. For the same reason people are only concerned with heart attacks today, they will only be concerned with black attacks tomorrow. And the only people with the answer will be those evil white nationalists they disparaged from the start.

The liberals will say 20% homicides is a small price to pay for our enriching, vibrant diversity. The libertarians will say 80% unemployment is a small price to pay for our free market economy. The Christians will say this is all because we didn't have faith and the solution is to pray to God and repent our sins. And the people, utterly disheartened, will sneer in contempt at every single bullshit phrase that leaves their mouth, and they'll ask themselves, WHO, WHO, WHO is prepared to save us? Who is prepared to give me a better life? Who is telling me the truth? Who is brave enough to act? Who wants change? Who has a plan? Who has a solution? Who is willing to help me?

The only people who meet that criteria will be us. We are the only ones with a plan. We are the only ones who can help the average joe achieve a better life. We are the only ones with a solution to the problems of the future. We are the only ones not mouthing platitudes and truisms, fiddling while Rome burns. And they'll flock to us, like they always do -- johnny come latelies, probably blaming us for not convincing them earlier, and complaining about how we should make all sorts of changes once they're on board. But they'll come, they'll follow, and we will prevail. I just cannot see any other movement or philosophy delivering us from the woes of tomorrow. In a multiple choice question, simply by eliminating all other options, the last answer must be the correct one. People will bubble in 'white nationalism' on their scantrons, and dreams will become reality.

What else could possibly happen? Does anyone imagine Christianity could save our country? That non-discrimination will usher in an age of abundance and good will for all? That freedom will mean everyone suddenly starts making the right decisions for themselves, unlike the last fifty years where they have made nothing but mistakes? That democracy will vote in the perfect bipartisan government that defeats the very debt they caused? The wars they got us into? The social programs they originally passed? The taxes they originally raised? Come now. It's impossible. There is one small possibility, that technology will simply invent away all our problems. I have perfect respect for anyone who suggests that. But supposing it doesn't, there is nowhere else people could turn. All other ideologies are bankrupt and completely incapable of handling the problems of tomorrow. All of them. They are so absurdly, laughably wrong, that they will collapse like a house of cards. All of them. And if everything else collapses and we are still standing, like the three little pigs, the remainder will all run to take shelter under us. It's just natural. It can't proceed any other way.

All we have to do is make our stand, and stick to it. Persevere, and wait. Victory is inevitable, because we are the only people who believe the truth, and reality answers to the truth. As in, all nations not built on truth, collapse to reality. Leaving only one people, one idea, one movement left -- the one that's built on truth. It's just tautologically so. When the time is right, we will be given power, and we will build our new homeland, our utopia, and it will be the stuff of dreams. It will be worth all the pain, all the rejection, all the frustration, all the bullshit that came before. It will redeem humanity and show why life even exists at all. It will be our gateway to the stars. It's worth waiting for. It's worth persevering for. It's worth staying true to. It's worth not compromising or negotiating away. It's worth our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.


Wong Dave said...

So you're blaming Asian Communists who killed many people and say that being an Asian is the original fault of mass murdering? Communism is first introduced by karl Marx who is an European. Also, mass murdering due to culture and politics have existed throughout the history in different civilization and countries. Adolf Hitler and Stalin who were european were on the top list of Mass Murdering and you're saying that you would love to be with your fellow Europeans instead of Asians. LOL
Moreover, if you're want to bluff about IQ of yours and your race, go check out Wikipedia first. There's world map which represents the average IQ of each country in the world and Eastern Asians' IQ is higher than 105 while western countries are 100. This is FACT and it wouldn't change even if you disagree with it.

Diamed said...

I'm well aware Asians have a slightly higher IQ than whites, nor did my post say anything to the contrary of this fact. It doesn't seem to help them much, given that whites are responsible for every major invention and discovery in the history of art and science, but oh well. To me, both 105 and 100 IQ's are about as impressive as mole hills.

As for who is more likely to go on a campaign of mass slaughter, wikipedia answers this question handily as well --

Asia is either partially or wholly responsible for all ten of the top ten entries! That's pretty impressive. When it comes to slaughter, whites can't even hold a candle to Asians, and that's just the indisputable verdict of history.

Whites have every reason to fear what Asians might do if they held the whip hand over a bunch of white subjects, just look at what they do to themselves. This statement doesn't stop Asia from having their own countries just for them, so I don't know why you're taking umbrage to it. I don't see how America wanting to stay American does any harm to Japan, China, or Korea, all of whom have stayed pure Asian without somehow instigating your ire. Asia for Asia, and white countries for everybody, huh? Must be nice.