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Monday, October 26, 2009

The Shadow Elite:

Just as when Nixon relied on the opinion of the 'shadow majority' to deliver him from his woes of public gatherings and media denunciations, we must rely on the 'shadow elite' to deliver us from the world of today.

The majority are not equipped to be revolutionaries. They are not intelligent enough to see through the brainwashing their culture has set them through from day 1 in the media and the public schools. They are not courageous enough to buck the pressures of conformism and the carrot and stick of praise/ostracism. They are not idealistic enough to sacrifice present goods and comforts for a principle, a vision, a cause -- nor ruthless enough to smash anyone or anything that gets in the way. I do not blame them for their weaknesses. Everyone is born with a host of weaknesses, some have more, some have less, but we are all human, all too human. It would be nice to be born in a world of higher evolution, where everyone was intelligent, courageous, idealistic, and ruthless, but that just isn't the case. We must make do with the materials provided.

The shadow majority will not come to our aid. If they have some dim sense that something is wrong in the world, they will simply hope it all works out in heaven and pray to God for deliverance. Or they will trust the talking heads on the TV shows that everything is actually fine and improving every day. Or they will simply shut down and withdraw into themselves -- using Russia's tried and true methods of resistance -- drugs, drink, suicide and abortion. We've already seen what the majority of people do under tyrannies, under terrible living conditions, under genocides -- they shuffle along like sheep and offer no resistance at all. Not in Cambodia, not in China, not in Russia, not in South Africa.

True hope rests within the bosoms of the shadow elite. People with at least 120 IQ, who have not bought into the system, and are not being rewarded by the system. People who could be the doctors, lawyers, politicians, army generals, and everything inbetween -- people who could be the famous artists, inventors, actors, and so on -- but aren't. Just like in the UK, where the opposition party has a 'shadow' prime minister, a 'shadow' cabinet, and an entire roster of people ready to take on all of the government's roles, while not actually being the government. There is a cadre of elites, high IQ people wandering around America, (or whatever western country), who have fallen completely off the radar. Who aren't doing anything. Who either don't want to do anything, because it's all so pointless, or can't do anything, because the system is designed to stop them.

These people are the only source of power that hasn't been co-opted to serve the status quo. Therefore they must be the source of power for the revolution against the status quo. It's simply tautological. The people who aren't actively ruling, but could rule given the chance, are the only people who could cause, and win, a revolution. Who are these people? They will definitely be young people. Our society is a gerontocracy which actively denies youths the opportunity to become powerful or successful. Laws like social security, the income tax, medicare, and the banning of hiring based on IQ and reliance on credentials that take endless years of muckwork to acquire, all favor the old over the young. They will definitely be males. For one, women are too timid to fight a revolutionary war, they're too timid to even be called names or make an unpopular stand on an issue. But for another, women have it pretty nice in the world of today. They find school and college agreeable. They like not having to have children. They enjoy having a higher employment rate than men, in largely parasitic jobs like government employees who actually just live off the earning power of men who make the real money elsewhere in the economy. A shadow elite is someone who is not in the system, and not being rewarded by the system. That basically rules out women from the start.

They will be white, because whites are the only people being screwed by the system. As Old Atlantic Lighthouse has pointed out, the Slicer Coalition of jews and Asians from above, and affirmative action blacks and hispanics from below, have made whites a vanishingly thin minority in elite colleges like Harvard or Berkeley. Even though we are 60% of the population, we make up only 10% of the population of these colleges. This means an inordinate number of elite whites are currently chewing hay and staring into space without any means to get ahead while their inferiors get hired, promoted, and eventually like Obama get elected president, while never even having the grades to get into Harvard by any fair measure in the first place. This type of injustice isn't just due to the slicer coalition's displacement effect. It also has a lot to do with political correctness. A white man finds it physically impossible to succeed in the modern work environment. He is surrounded by things that offend him, but has to act like none of it does. People can trample all over him, but he can never retaliate in any way, shape, or form. Because hate speech is all one way. If a bunch of gays mock straights, that's fine. If a bunch of women mock men, that's fine. if a bunch of blacks mock whites, that's fine. If a bunch of jews mock goys, that's fine. But if a white man opens his mouth and says ANYTHING, ANYTHING at all either in defense of his self against all of these attacks, or in opposition to any other group, then the hammer comes down. He is fired, blackballed from further hiring, sent to diversity training camp and sensitivity seminars, or simply relegated to the edge of the universe with no hope of promotion.

If there is any conflict, which will inevitably occur, between a worker and his boss, or a boss and his worker, the white man cannot win. If the boss is non-white, a woman, or gay, then you cannot appeal to anyone against your boss, because you are clearly just a bigot. If your worker is non-white, a woman, or gay, then you cannot fire them or discipline them, because you are clearly doing this only because you are a bigot. There can be no good outcome for a white man in the workplace, because every time there is a conflict, the white man must give way. Consider how emasculating this process is, how soul-deadening it becomes, to always be biting your tongue, suppressing your opinions, and bowing and scraping to the inferiors all around you. Maybe the white man has to do his useless coworker's work for him, because he cannot object and say he is lazy or stupid, because the coworker is black, or gay, or a woman. Perhaps he can't object to the trashy language or dress style of a coworker, because she is a woman and that's sexual harassment. On and on and on. Since the courts of justice have set things up in such a way, that white men are always in the wrong -- that whenever a problem emerges at work, it is due to the white man and no one else -- that whenever there is a problem in a marriage, it is due to the man and no one else -- that whenever there is a problem in Africa, it is due to white men and no one else -- that whenever there is a riot in LA, it is due to white men and no one else -- it is practically impossible for white men to succeed in life.

The real men, the men with guts and a backbone, would never submit to all this groveling. They would abstain from the situation entirely, rather than be put in a position where some inferior black, woman, or gay can lord it over them. Either they will do nothing at all, or they'll found their own business, or they'll pursue some all male line of work, like computer programming, an electrician, the US special forces, or just anything that hasn't been invaded and corrupted by diversity yet. Talented white men are being choked away from elite jobs and powerful positions, by the stupid hoops of college and credentialism, the stifling political correctness of the diverse workforce, affirmative action, and an entire culture dedicated to keeping us down in the most myriad of tiny ways. Like commercials that always depict white men as the hapless and stupid clown. Or cop shows that only have white criminals, usually neo-nazis, in a country where blacks are nine times as likely to murder someone as whites. Or simply sons lacking their fathers because the mother divorced him. No doubt it's bad for a daughter to lack her father too, but I can't help but think it's particularly hard on the son. With no template for how a man should be, what can the son possibly grow up into? His mom?

There is a shadow elite, there is a group of disempowered, but high potential, young white men all over this country. Men who were born for better things, but end up on the road to nowhere, aimless and adrift.

Unfortunately, they are not angry. Because they have not yet made the connection, that they don't DESERVE the life they lead. That they didn't cause it, that it is not natural, and it doesn't have to be this way. That is the fundamental difference between a 'generation X', 'beatnik' style of shadow elite, and people like our founding fathers. Our founding fathers did not remotely have the majority of the USA behind them. They had only the fact that they were elites who were out of power, and not being served by the system, because the British had monopolized it all for themselves. The government, the economy, everything was monopolized by the British and served only the British. And yet the Americans were of the same stock, and had just as many qualified men for elite positions as the British. This shadow elite joined together, realized they did not DESERVE this injustice, that it was not natural, and that it could be changed. Then they pledged their lives, their fortune, and their sacred honor, to change it. Tens of thousands of deaths later, and after many personal sacrifices by every single signer of that Declaration of Independence, America had won its freedom. And the shadow elite became the ruling elite -- the greatest rulers in American, perhaps in world history. Forged in the crucible of war and passionate heroism, they went on to become statesmen, philosophers, and leaders for all time. Washington, Jefferson, Madison, Monroe, Thomas Paine, my heart swells at even the mention of their names. What men! What an age! And what a wonderful 50 years America had, being ruled by the same revolutionaries who won them their freedom in the first place! Who in living memory had put everything on the line, sacrificed everything, for an ideal! There can be no corruption in such a state. Nor can there be any deception. All one needed to ask was 'where were you at the battle of valley forge?' If you said, "I was walking in the snow carrying the flag," Then you are someone who could be trusted. They couldn't get elected by giving flowery speeches while dodging drafts like Clinton, or acting like a tough guy while staying stateside like Bush. You were either there in the thick of the revolution, or you were not a natural leader, a true elite, a good person, a courageous friend of America. To think! We once had a president who wrote our constitution! By God!

For the fifty years or so after the coming revolution, we will have the finest leadership in history -- again. They will be the people who walked through fire for the sacred cause. Who were shunned, penniless, hated, even jailed before the war -- and killed and died (if that's how the cookie crumbles) during the war. Because they cared that much. Because they weren't cowards and they weren't compromisers.

What needs to be spelled out to the shadow elites of this era, is that they should be angry. Red hot angry. Seething, smoldering with anger. Murderously angry. That's the first step. That this is a demented, evil world, out to get them. That they have been abused, usurped, displaced, and dispossessed at every turn. That they are being ruled by their inferiors, by worthless scum, by liars, hypocrites, and thieves. And that it doesn't have to be this way. Then, with a group of tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, or millions of intelligent, passionate, idealistic, courageous and ruthless young white men -- we will have a force to match the current elites and their cow-like simpleton masses that serve them.

One thing people must realize is that America is a paper tiger. One blow and the whole thing will collapse. Just look at 9/11. A couple buildings fall down and the whole economy collapses, trillions of dollars are lost and everyone's too afraid to ride an airplane anymore. Just imagine what a real insurgency could do! They haven't seen anything yet. And 'their' forces consist of diverse untermenschen, women, old geezers, gays, and greasy street punks who weigh 80 pounds each. If we simply make our points well enough, tell the truth strongly enough, get out the message loud enough, the real men will all be on our side. And in war, it's the real men who count. How many men would it take to bust into the white house and seize the launch codes for our nuclear missles, while meanwhile seizing a sub at sea with an internal mutiny full of said nuclear missles? In a matter of minutes we'd have the same military strength as the entire US military and could hold the entire nation hostage to meet our demands for a free and independent northwest.

Maybe it's more complicated than that, I'm no strategist, but I don't think it's as complicated as people make it out to be. I don't think America's nearly as invincible as it pretends it is. I know that no one would fight a war over secession like they did in the Civil War. The American people will never sacrifice as much to keep sovereignty as the North did against the South. They are too soft, too afraid, and too weak willed to fight that kind of war again. In that case, all WE have to do is be as hard, strong willed, and fearless as the South was when it tried. In a world completely devoid of heroism, it doesn't take much to be a hero.

Vinland could be so much better than America. Every year America gets worse, Vinland will only look that much better. A place without crime, without affirmative action, without political correctness, without immigration, without a biased media, without adultery, without illegitimacy, without sodomy, without drugs, without poverty, without corruption, without degenerates or simpletons. A place founded by and dedicated to the race that gave us Wagner, Beethoven, Newton, Dostoeveskey, Watt, Hume, Plutarch, Plato, Homer, Tacitus, Mozart, Kant, Goethe, Rousseau, Euclid, Euler, Galileo, Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Titian, and everyone inbetween. A race that hands down has the most beautiful, moral, and honest genome on earth. A race that split the atom and went to the moon. And this time, a race that is aware of itself, its greatness, its moral purpose and its mission -- Truth, Beauty, and Love -- spread throughout the stars. Not praying and fasting to reach heaven. Not giving charity to mud people and having coffee colored multicultural rainbow children. Not holding hands and singing kumbayah. Not 'self-fulfillment.' Not atomized individualism. And not nihilism. Not all the phantoms that white nations have chased in the past, to their corruption and ruin. Truth, Beauty, and Love. And the living who embody them. Vinland would be the first nation of its kind, ruled by a chosen few who went through fire to achieve it, in a time of gathering darkness, squalor, and misery. It will be like night and day. And when that contrast shines bright enough, when we MAKE it shine bright enough, when even the most obtuse shadow elite can see the difference between the two, and longs with passionate intensity for that different world -- things will change.

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