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Sunday, October 4, 2009

9/11 Still a Mystery

I still don't know what happened on 9/11. On one side, we have the NIST report, which has finally in 2008 or so decided what happened to WTC 1, 2, and 7. They say fires are sufficient to bring down skyscrapers when combined with various coincidences -- the damage from the planes, the damage from falling debris, etc. I'm not an engineer so there's no way I can verify whether they are telling the truth or not. It could well be that they're the experts and they know best. We also have seismographic data showing no loud noises, such as explosions, took place during the event.

Furthermore, there are two additional arguments in favor of the 'fires' theory -- If it were a conspiracy, how come no one has confessed to their part in the conspiracy yet? Second, if it was demolished, why is there no evidence of this?

But there is an answer for all of these arguments on the Truther side. Opposing the NIST experts, are other engineering experts, Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth. They quote their engineering expertise and say the exact opposite, that fire could not bring these buildings down, and only demolition devices could have done it. As for the lack of explosions, they counter this with the mysterious nano-thermite, which can (they claim) quietly cut huge beams and bring down buildings. This same nano-thermite is found on dust all around the WTC wreckage, providing evidence for the building's method of destruction. Only, no one else will verify that the dust samples they have really is nano-thermite, or really are from the WTC. The truthers argue, quite reasonably, that fires cannot create pools of molten metal that burn for weeks after the buildings had collapsed, and that only nano-thermite could account for this. Unfortunately, we have only anecdotal evidence that these pools of molten metal existed. The truthers counter that the crime scene was deliberately hidden by not allowing cameras and video tape, which would have revealed these pools of molten metal. The same is true of the steel. We could have easily seen if the steel was 'warped' like the NIST report says, or 'cut' like the Truthers say, but unfortunately all of the steel from the WTC was quickly removed, scrapped, melted down and recycled. There are only 236 isolated pieces of steel left of the entire WTC, which Truthers either can't get access to, or can't learn anything from anyway. The evidence which could have told us what happened that day has all been restricted, hidden, or destroyed. Bureaucratic negligence? Or perhaps the government felt that '9/11 was an inside job' was such a ridiculous hypothesis, that they never even imagined they would have to preserve evidence from the WTC to prove their innocence. Or perhaps it's a cover up and they're guilty, guilty, guilty.

As for no one revealing his role in the conspiracy, this isn't surprising, as many conspiracies have been successfully kept for decades, centuries, or forever. Many conspiracies of the Soviet Union were only revealed after its fall. We still don't know the full details of the JFK assassination. Only recently has the Pentagon declassified a conspiracy they were cooking up in the 1960's,, where they planned out a false-flag terrorist attack the US would conduct on itself, in order to go to war with Cuba. Bernie Madoff was certainly part of a conspiracy, and it was kept hidden for years, as are tons of criminal conspiracies. It's absurd to say that every conspiracy is eventually betrayed by members of the conspiracy to the public. If conspiracies weren't effective, no one would do them. If every secret on earth were instantly discovered and revealed, there would be no such concept as a secret, or even the word 'secret' in the English language. Conspiracies surround the events of Pearl Harbor, the Maine, the Lusitania, the Gulf of Tonkin, the USS Liberty, the Lavon Affair, and many more events that the US public has been deceived about ever since. A few lonely historians have exposed these lies in well documented books, but the media does not pick up on it and it never pierces public ignorance and indifference. If every past conspiracy has succeeded so well with no consequences for the perpetrators, why wouldn't the US or Israel decide to try another, and why wouldn't they get away with it these last 8 years? It is obvious that America has an enormous tradition about deceiving its people into war, and covering up for Israel's outrageous actions in the past. The idea that they've done so again is therefore hardly startling or implausible.

What about Al Qaeda? Mystery surrounds this group as well. The traditional narrative is Al Qaeda are a bunch of crazy muslims who want to conquer the world, establish a Caliphate, or at the very least destroy Israel and push America out of the middle east. But there are plenty of alternatives to this supposition. Al Qaeda may not even exist, it may be a complete fabrication of the media. Or it could be a wing of the CIA! After all, the CIA funded Bin Laden during the Afghan war with the Soviets. And Sibel Edmonds says Al Qaeda worked for the CIA all the way up to 9/11. The fact that we missed multiple opportunities to arrest Bin Laden in the 1990's under Clinton, and another golden opportunity to capture him at Tora Bora in 2001, and still haven't captured him 8 years after 9/11, lends credence to the idea that maybe we have no intention of capturing him and the whole thing is a farce.

There is another burning question, why has Al Qaeda failed to carry out any further attacks on America, if it is so competent that it could carry out 9/11? It's been eight years of total war with that organization, but not a single attack, not a pipsqueak from our enemies. It should not be difficult to cause major damage against the USA. Our borders are completely uncontrolled. Even school children manage to kill 10 to 20 people with just a few guns. If the terrorists wanted, couldn't they infiltrate, say, a thousand men, who each walk into a public square and open up with a simple pistol? They could kill 10,000 people like that easy. It requires no bombs, no funding, no 'planning,' it would be as easy as 1, 2, 3. You would think at least one Al Qaeda 'cell' in America would get bored with doing nothing for the last 8 years and at least kill someone, somewhere. All of the 'terrorists' we have caught 'plotting' against the USA were hopelessly incompetent or entrapped by our intelligence agencies into terrorist attacks our own intelligence agents proposed, funded, and planned for the hapless dupes. No one can possibly believe these are the same people who performed 9/11.

The Madrid, London, and Bali bombings were all done by local muslims, not foreign Al Qaeda members, so that hardly proves Al Qaeda is a terrorist organization that can carry out overseas attacks. The disparity between the present effectiveness of Al Qaeda and the effectiveness of the people who did 9/11 must raise eyebrows!

Why did Al Qaeda first deny having done 9/11, then claim credit for it later? How can we verify the video tapes and audio tapes released by 'al Qaeda' aren't just disinformation spread by our own government?

Even more confusing, Al Qaeda could easily believe it did 9/11, but was actually led by the nose, aided, abetted, and not stopped by willing helpers inside the US or Mossad. Another possibility is the US or Israel learned of the impending 9/11 attacks, and strung up their buildings with bombs to coincide with the plane impacts. Or they knew of them, let them happen as a way to get us into war, and the fires of the impacts really did bring down the towers. There are infinite speculations one can draw from the tiny amount of information we do know about these events. For some reason there were Mossad agents dancing on top of a white van, filming the buildings coming down that day. There were also Mossad agents crawling all over America at the time, many tailing the hijackers. Were they watching them, working with them, using them to their own advantage, or what?

The fact that fires have never before brought down a skyscraper can be countered by the special factors of the plane impact, or the falling debris, or the unique construction of the WTC, or just blind chance. Or it could be proof positive that demolition agents had to have helped bring the buildings down. Who can say?

It may be impossible to ever discover the truth of that day. But it is obvious that our government is so secretive and opaque, that it is impossible to ever know the truth about anything that happens. This in itself is a crime against the people. How can a democracy possibly function when the people are not informed enough to even know who we are at war with, or why? At a certain point Bush had 70% of Americans believing SADDAM did 9/11!

The next time we found a nation and write a constitution, we must ban all secrets, everything must be public knowledge. If this hurts our ability to fight wars or do clandestine activities overseas, then so be it. That's a far lower price to pay, than never knowing the truth about what your own government is plotting and doing. I don't intend to have secret agencies doing anything overseas, or fighting any wars, anyway. The nobility will have nothing to hide, because we will all be good people, doing the jobs they were assigned to do, without corruption or deceit. And if they aren't, they'll be tossed out by their peers. The culture won't allow it, our education will not permit it, the people will not sit for it.

In other news, the Irish voted for the Lisbon Treaty -- but treaty or not, immigration was happening anyway, so what does it really matter? And jews really showed their true colors this last week, by all jumping to the defense of fellow jew Roman Polanski, a fugitive child rapist who drugged and sodomized a 13 year old girl. Typically, this scumbag also made a Holocaust movie which automatically won an Oscar. But let's be serious, what is this in the face of the white prostitution ring Israel runs, enslaving and raping millions of white women from around the world? Or the Israeli organ harvesting rings broken up in New Jersey and elsewhere? They are a despicable people, who perform all the lowest acts imaginable, from the Holodomor on down, and they will always excuse themselves and they will never, ever accept responsibility or feel any guilt for any of it. This is the story of Roman Polanski's defenders, and the story of jews in general across all space and time. They are a bunch of psychopaths.

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