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Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Those who reject Evolution, Evolution Will Reject in Turn:

As someone who objects to any organized religion or any concept of the supernatural, right off the bat I have to admit that 90% of the world is hopelessly mired in ignorance and stupidity. The fact that people take these ridiculous religions seriously and make important decisions based on what a book says 2,000 years ago or 1,400 years ago before there was any concept of science or logic is a testament to the stupidity and gullibility of mankind.

Wizard's First Rule: People are stupid. They'll believe what they want to believe.

People want to believe in some divine plan that gives meaning and direction to their life. They want to believe in some divine justice that punishes evil and rewards good. They want to believe in life after death. They want to believe in a guardian angel that protects them and their family, they want to believe in miracles that can cure illnesses, and so on. All of these things certainly would be nice if true, however, there is no evidence for any of them. There is, in fact, overwhelming evidence for the contrary.

Evidence has shown that evil men like Genghis Khan, who slaughtered tens of millions of people in his monomaniacal goal to conquer the world, is the most successful man on earth. Some large percentage of the entire earth's population is descended from his genes. He lived his entire life in wealth, splendor, fame, power, and had an enormous harem and eventually millions of descendants. His evil activities towards others were rewarded, not punished, both during his life and afterwards. 'Fortune favors the brave.' Is the old amoral reality. Perhaps today we could say 'Fortune favors the ruthless,' or 'Fortune favors the fraudulent.' If we want justice to be imposed, it has to be done through the force of government, it doesn't occur 'spontaneously' through some sort of natural law, or by the 'grace of God.' If good people are not in control of the reins of state, the people who will prosper on this earth, both in their personal lives and in their genetic footprint on the generations that follow, will be the least moral among us. This isn't some sort of hypothesis, it's the reality we are simply staring at every day. In Lynn's book, Dysgenics, we find that not only are stupid people having more children than smart people, but that criminals are having more kids than anyone else! There is a reason why evil exists, it's because in an unregulated world, it has survival value. That is, evil people really do benefit from doing evil, crime really does pay. The ability to lie, steal, cheat, rape, intimidate, and murder all gives people, or groups of people, advantages over the rest of society. Neither Karma nor God punishes them. In fact, the laws of Nature reward evil behavior, they are both the initial cause of evil, (emotions and faculties engraved in their genes) but also the payoff (more power, wealth, and fame for themselves or their group, which translates into more descendants.) Nature has no objection to evil: plants, bugs, bacteria, and animals all live in a ruthless world of parasitism, predation, rape, adultery, murder, theft, etc. Only Mankind objects to evil. Only Mankind can ever put a stop to it among men.

No one else cares or has any interest in saving us. There is no afterlife where things are finally set right. If there were, wouldn't the same people be interested in setting this life right? Wouldn't they simply start life in the afterlife where things were already right? It defies all reason that good people would sit by and watch all the evil and suffering that occurs on this earth, and somehow decide there's nothing they could possibly do to improve it in the slightest, and that somehow we have to wait until everyone's dead before we can take any effective action to improve people's lives. We condemn it as 'child abuse' when a parent neglects to take care of his children. We realize that children, being foolish, weak, and helpless beings, must be taken care of by parents who constantly intervene in their lives. And yet Gods, who are infinitely more advanced than adult humans, are not required to take care of adults, nor are they accused of neglect and abuse by abstaining from offering any help. What kind of hypocrisy is that? If it's the duty of the strong to look after the weak, where is God? Sipping a fucking tequila? If it isn't the duty of the strong to protect the weak, where is morality? Is it sipping a tequila too? Not to mention the fact that God, having created us and the entire universe, is responsible for everything that happens in it, and is thus the source of all evil that occurs anywhere. Parents take responsibility for their children, companies take responsibility for faulty products, it is only God who refuses to accept any responsibility for the diseases, natural disasters, and evil desires engraved in the genes of Man. What a fraud!

Here's what really happened: Spontaneously, as a result of the infinite size and timespan of space, a universe bubbled off from the chaotic multiverse which is the default state of reality, the event we know as the Big Bang. This bubble of self-contained reality has its own rules and a certain amount of matter and energy which both contain the rules by their nature and express them by their interactions. These rules had the infinitely unlikely chance to be amenable to life, but are infinitely likely to emerge somewhere given the infinitude of space. It's not surprising or miraculous like religion would have us believe, just mathematically inevitable to at some point occur.

These bits of matter/energy evolved into the universe we know today, through endless combinations and recombinations of a few constituent parts driven by the laws of physics. Some of these structures happened to include a penchant for self-replication, which then ensured that such structures would grow in size and number relative to their neighbors. Life evolved the moment self-replication was made possible, and soon enough was not just devouring physical nature and turning it into more 'self-replicating nature,' but had to start devouring each other, to turn into more of each other. Due to the constant stress of competition, life had to keep evolving higher and higher faculties that could defeat all the surrounding life attempting to murder it and assimilate its constituent parts into more of the alternate life form's genome copies. After billions of years, this included not just poison, stingers, claws, fangs, tusks, scales, night vision, etc, but intelligence as well. After a few million years the intelligent primates were all wiped out by homo sapiens, who in turn evolved yet further in the past 100,000 years by competing with both nature and each other to the world circa 1500 AD or so.

Then the age of discovery reconnected all the stranded parts of the earth and the sub-species that had evolved separately for the last 100,000 years were all thrown back together again. The strong flourished and the weak perished, just like what had happened when homo sapiens spread out of Africa and killed erectus, habilus, neanderthals, etc, whenever the two came together. This went on until 1800 or so, when people in the midst of their good fortune developed a sort of altruistic hubris, and abandoned the struggle for life that life had begun 3 billion years ago. Instead of out-competing our neighbors, we decided to uplift them. Instead of maximizing our own descendants, we decided to maximize their descendants. Instead of increasing our faculties, we decided to abandon them and unilaterally disarm against all of our competitors. This unique illness started slow and has been rapidly accelerating into a degenerate grand finale that will occur within this century, the death of the white race. Evolution brought us to our river of worldwide conquest and dominion, but it could not make us drink. So now instead the white race will perish, and those with a greater will to power, a greater desire of existence, will inherit the earth.

For this, we have only ourselves to blame. And why did we do it? Because in 1850 we were offered the truth, Darwin explained the whole story of life from beginning to end, Darwin and Galton explained all the racial and eugenic implications this implied for the continuation of modern civilization -- and we rejected it. We preferred a fairy tale some jew had made up along the way and imported from Palestine two thousand years previously. We preferred our fantasy miracles, guardian angels, afterlives, and creationism. We threw away the Truth for the comfort of lies -- and by rejecting the truth, we planted the seeds of our own destruction, which are all bearing fruit today. The long suffering God of Nature has finally called our number. If we will not believe in Him, He will no longer believe in Us.

It could not be any clearer that evolution exists. Ever since we discovered how traits are passed down by genes, it becomes self-evident both how evolution occurred, and why it occurs. If people have beneficial genes, like the ability to drink milk as adults, they can survive longer and have more children. If their entire tribe comes to share these genes through interbreeding, they develop an enormous advantage over their neighbors, who are less numerous due to having a lower food supply. At this point the tribe can conquer and kill their neighbors, since their good nutrition makes them healthier, bigger, stronger, more numerous and longer lived. The land is then seized by the old tribe to produce more milk and thus more milk drinking tribesmen, or the women are seized and forced to have kids, thus introducing the milk-drinking gene into their community and raising the new children into the folds of the evolved core of mankind.

Furthermore, it is impossible to believe that our genome is mostly shared with all other life forms, and we are most related to those animals that have genes most similar to our own, and yet evolution did not occur. What did God do, make all life forms to look like they were related to common ancestors branching off millions to hundreds of millions of years ago, where DNA clocks are so reliable we can tell how old life forms are simply by the mutation rates inside our genes, but cleverly actually created them all from scratch at the same time, just to trick us? Is this God or Loki? I get upset how anyone can question evolution when the concept is so damn simple, and the process so clear in our everyday life. How do diseases grow resistant to our antibodies? Through magic? Or evolution? The ones who lacked resistance to our antibodies died, the ones who had them, survived and multiplied. This is evolution, survival of the fittest, in action. In a time frame of just a few days, microbes can go through millions of generations of evolution. The statement that we've 'never seen an example of evolution,' is brazenly false. The simple fact that AIDS used to be a monkey disease but has now mutated into a disease that infects and spreads between humans is an example of evolution. HIV used to be one thing, now it's another. What happened in between? A miracle? A curse from God? What is this Dark Ages shit? We are fine with relying on modern medicine to save our lives fighting off disease, but we refuse to believe the underlying principles that fuel modern medicine's effectiveness and insist they aren't true. What hypocrisy! At least the 'Christian Scientists' refuse to get vaccinated and let their children die to any disease they catch, refusing all medical care and insisting on the power of prayer.

What makes things worse, is people who object to Darwin's theory of evolution, go on to object to every single logical followup from the truth of evolution. "Evolution isn't true, therefore eugenics is also false." "Evolution isn't true, therefore there's no such thing as ethnic genetic interests." "Evolution isn't true, therefore all races are equal." "Evolution isn't true, therefore there is no long term impact on mankind no matter what policy governments pursue." On and on, we hear about how we must reject evolution because it leads to logical conclusions like eugenics, hatred of unrelated minorities, expansionism, homophobia, anti-feminism etc. And yet, since evolution is most decidedly true, unimpeachably and unambiguously true, it follows that those very logical conclusions are also all completely true. People who reject evolution cut themselves off from their very own survival. If it's necessary for survival to adopt the logical followups of evolution, obviously the people who object to them are doomed to extinction. (Like almost all species that have ever lived on earth). We don't have the luxury of denying darwinian logic. If anyone, anywhere, is following darwinian logic, and we aren't, they are gaining a decisive advantage over us in the gene pool. The Mexicans certainly don't mind 'expansionism.' They are quite happy to have high birthrates and export their excess population to foreign lands. They are quite happy to announce they will soon conquer the USA and march around our country waving their Mexican flags.

Jews have no objection to Eugenics. The jewish authored 10,000 Year Explosion shows how jews living in Europe lived in such a way that their IQ rose 15 points in just a few hundred years through the force of culling the unintelligent of each generation and refusing to out marry and thus lose their concentrated genetic experimentation. The entire advantage jews have over whites is a recent innovation of this past millennium, the longer we dawdle, the larger a lead jews will open up over and above us. It will eventually reach a point that there are not enough smart whites to handle the instruments of a sophisticated society -- medicine, law, physics, economics, ethics, mathematics, etc, and instead of relying on jews for 1/3 to 1/2 of our positions of wealth, power, and prestige, we will have to give them 100% of the slots. At which point, we will be their servants forever, unless they choose to replace us with more tractable and even more bovinely stupid muds. ((Which of course they've already chosen to do since the immigration act of 1965. Why would they want potential competitors for their slots in the food chain? Darwinianly speaking, jews are not in biological competition with Mexicans or blacks, since they have a different 'food supply' (in modern terms jobs that secure the money that secure food.) They are only in competition with whites. Replacing all whites with blacks and mexicans will therefore increase the niches open for smart jews to occupy and thus jewish population and power. The same is true of elite whites -- eliminating all their white middle class competition frees up more space for their descendants to thrive among intellectual occupations, while no amount of blacks or mexicans will interfere with their chance at getting a high-octane job the muds are too stupid to qualify for.))

Arabs certainly don't mind 'homophobia' or 'anti-feminism.' They hang their gays and imprison their women in body bags. The result? Even though they are dirt poor, they have higher reproduction rates and are conquering all their neighbors -- Russia, Africa, India, and Europe. There is nothing more viral or successful than the muslim genetic strategy, even though they're a bunch of illiterate primitive superstitious retards. Why? Because they have adopted darwinian strategies that we refuse to believe. All around the world we see the cultures that are thriving and growing being those christians/liberals object to most! It must be hilarious to these outsiders, to watch us protesting about how immoral they are, even as we commit worldwide suicide and will disappear entirely within the century. It must be a stupendous joke to them, that we continue to harass them about their lifestyle, while completely oblivious to the destructiveness of our own. There is not a single culture or civilization worse than the white race's on earth. We are the absolute dead bottom of the barrel. Why? Because we are the only people on earth who have rejected Darwinian evolution and the logical corollaries thereof -- social Darwinism, expansionism, eugenics, traditional family roles, territoriality, and childbirth.

This is all the more tragic because we have the most latent potential of all the races on earth. It's like watching a bridge player with 25 points worth of cards fail to make game. How is it possible? How can people blessed with the innate honesty, intelligence, and creativity of whites, the very inventors of the scientific method, be so anti-scientific, so anti-logic, that we of all people fail to survive? I assume it is some sort of double-edged sword, where the same love of discovery that Darwin represents, is also represented by the utter stupidity of turning women into men and children into an endangered species simply because it 'sounds cool.' In any event, any white who rejects darwinism, and rails against the evils of eugenics, expansionism, territoriality, ingroup marriage, ingroup support, homophobia, traditional family formation, and so on -- is an auto-immune disorder we must confront. Patrick Buchanen, with his stupid new article about evolution being a fraud and social darwinism being evil, is a major disappointment. How can these idiots who don't know the first thing about reality or Truth, lead us politically into a new dawn of civilization?

There are ways to support Evolution and social darwinism (the pushing for one's own genes to succeed and pass on more copies through societal macro-planning) that harm nobody, that the most squeamish among us could adopt. I've described all sorts of them on this blog: ban immigration, pay whites to have children, screen babies for genetic errors and abort them, invest in genetic engineering science, open up space as a new colony for whites to exclusively own entire planets full of billions of additional people, institute a 'one child rule' for people with IQ below 100, and a 'three child or more' rule for people with IQ above 120, and so on. There are ways to shrewdly calculate what is to our genetic advantage, and organize our society around it, without ever leaving our borders or killing anyone. We could deny jews their upper tier niches that conflict with our own aspirations, and let them compete with blacks and mexicans for janitor and construction work -- you bet your ass they would change their pro-immigration, pro-diversity, pro-affirmative action ways in an eyeblink. Jews who wanted to stay jews would thus be excluded from any positions of wealth or power, while those who wanted to maintain their wealth and power would have to cease being jews -- ie marry into the white race and give us their special genetic powerups at the fair exchange of being accepted into our society and homeland. We could allow women to work, wear whatever they want, and so on while still requiring they marry by age 20 and have 2 children by age 25 (while their gametes are still healthy). We could let gays be gay in the privacy of their homes while banning all gay pride and gay 'recruitment' practices among our youth and schools -- and that abomination which is gay marriage/parenting, which carries with it a 10 times higher gayness among the children they raise (adoptees, and thus the entire influence is environmental -- also proving much of homosexuality is voluntary and image driven.)

We are a smart and conscientious people. There is nothing we can't do if we set our minds to it. There is a way to be impeccably moral, incredibly compassionate, and darwinianly shrewd. There is a way to promote our survival through the hard cold facts that Nature presents us with, while not impinging on the most delicate sensitivity of our most tender hearts and lace crowd. Look at the Japanese. They don't go around slaughtering minorities in the streets daily, or encasing women in body bags and beating them every night at home. From all angles, they are a civilized and modern society. And they are also in no danger of dying out, their survival is darwinianly secure for the foreseeable future. Why can't we have what they have? Why can't we be as wise as they are?

So what are 'conservatives' doing when they denounce not just the 'excesses' of Nazism, racism, social darwinism, expansionism, eugenics, anti-feminism, homophobia, and the like, but the entire core and essence of them as well? What does it mean when a conservative comes out against evolution itself, or any evolutionary framework of thought when addressing any political question? When they reject the very concept of looking after the gene pool, trying to maximize their descendants, wanting to protect their kinfolk (their race) from genocidal race replament immigration, wanting women to marry and have kids as a societal necessity, securing our own food supply by keeping jobs available exclusively for ourselves in our own homelands, and so on? These conservatives, who might happen to share some of our views through a complete coincidence, are pure poison to the cause as a whole. The Cause is a social darwinist cause. It relies entirely on the theory of evolution, the evolutionary logic that applies to human politics, and the evolutionary frame of argument and reference when questioning how best to maximize societal potential and what laws are most needed for our continued success as a sub-species.

Certainly, life is about more than just continued survival. But it's also certain that if we don't survive, we lose all those 'higher things' as well. Furthermore, the only way we can ever improve our lives in the long term, is to improve our genes. Therefore, evolution is our sole and only tool left in our quiver to get 'higher' than we are today. Rejecting it means stagnation at the level of the status quo. For the happy clappy crowd that's fine with an afterlife utopia, I suppose that's fine. But for those interested in reality and Truth, the only life we ever get is our life on earth. Therefore, if we're ever going to inhabit a utopia, we must make it ourselves. We, unlike Christians, can't afford to go extinct. We can't afford to lose.

So Christians, evolution denialists, and all assorted 'moralizers' who wish to criticize any possible darwin-based society as fundamentally unsound (instead of poorly executed in the past) and forestall any possibility of a return to social darwinism in our future -- go to hell!

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