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Monday, June 22, 2009

The New Elites:

The whole article is worth reading, but I suppose I can choose out the juiciest quotes:

"Nearly a quarter of a million colonisers - mainly from the Third World - will be given British passports before the end of this year, according to new figures."

"When Labour came to power in 1997, just 37,010 people were given citizenship. In contrast, last year the total was 129,310. This means approvals have rocketed by almost 500 percent under the current Government."

So if this year 250,000 are given citizenship, that would make it a 1,000% increase from 1997? Impressive.

"The top five native countries of those gaining citizenship in the past two years have been India, Pakistan, Iraq, Somalia and Zimbabwe."

We all know what wonderful countries these are too. What could be better than 4 war-torn hellholes with an average IQ ranging from 60 to 80, who practice the most barbaric and totalitarian religion (Islam in case you didn't know) on earth? I can't wait for the representatives of these countries to 'enrich' us all with their culture that has done such great things for their homelands.

It's hilarious, really. If someone wanted to construct an immigration policy with any pretense of rationality, they could have at least taken immigrants from China, or the Philippines, or Russia. Instead they intentionally seek out the worst countries on earth and deliberately import a quarter of a million of them into the UK every year. Is there any possible reason for this other than unadulterated genocidal malice? I can think of another reason, unlimited hubris. I assume the UK wanted Iraqis, Somalis, Zimbabweans and Pakistanis precisely because they were the dregs of the earth -- look how great the UK is, the moment barbarians come in contact with our culture and laws, they will be transformed into pure gold, what do-gooders we are, how kind we are to the unfortunate, we must be the most moral people in the universe, etc, etc. Another reason could be that Chinese, Filipinos and the like simply aren't low class enough to be effective sources of cheap labor. In any event, the result is the same. The worst imaginable immigration policy is being pursued in the UK at a rate that is increasing geometrically, even in a time of complete environmental and economic collapse.

The BNP won a million votes this last election. Meanwhile, 250,000 new enrichers have been imported this year alone. This means that a full quarter of the strength of nationalism in Britain, has been offset by just THIS YEAR'S immigrants. Is this a winning strategy? Is this going to save us?

Of course, even if immigration were stopped tomorrow, it's already too late. Like America, "Non-indigenous births will soon account for more than half of all the babies born in Britain;" Immigration isn't stopping, it's doubling and redoubling. But that's not enough, the British are also being bred out of existence. Like usual, crushingly high taxes and insanely high wage competition are rendering white couples incapable of affording a decent middle class existence and thus depressing the white birth rate, even as welfare, affirmative action, and special benefits are given to non-whites. In the UK today, welfare will be given to polygamous households, supporting all a man's wives and children -- but only if he is a non-white foreigner. Polygamy, and the welfare money it brings in, is still illegal for native-born white British. It's cute how direct and explicit the elite agenda is, isn't it? From two different directions, immigration and government redistribution schemes, whites are being dispossessed of an island they inhabited during the ice ages.

Whites are given few options in this brave new world. They can try their luck by becoming a member of the elite ruling class themselves, but that requires a few traits most people lack: High intelligence, intense dedication to money, a complete willingness to lie and dissimulate, and a complete lack of morals that would inhibit one from profiting off the destruction of his own nation. It's a strange world. In the past, the nobility were praised for their higher than average honesty and integrity. The nobility were expected to look down on pecuniary interests and prefer abstract ideals like honor, faith, or patriotism. The nobility was supposed to protect and provide for their subjects, not use their position to annihilate them. Everything has been inverted -- and those who would have belonged to the old nobility, find themselves completely unsuited to membership in the new nobility. The new nobility belongs to nihilist psychopaths, I don't know how else to describe them. You cannot succeed in this day and age without first abandoning all values and second climbing over others in order to advance one's self. Take advertising for instance. These people know for a fact that the product they are selling isn't worth it, that no one in their right mind would buy it. So what do they do? They use incredibly sophisticated subliminal messages, throw in some half-naked women, use the powers of repetition and name recognition, and sooner or later the 'mark' is conned out of their money, and the business thrives. Can anyone even imagine what the use of most of the products offered for sale in this world are for, or who would want or need them at any point in their lives?

Or how about this? You're a member of the new elite, the nihilist psychopathic cabal of satan, and your business model is to give people loans you know they can't repay, and then charge them interest for the mistake you just begged them into. "No money down, buy now pay later!" "Adjustable mortgage rate, it begins at the low rate of 1% and then, magically, becomes 30% a few years from now, but you'll only be told about the 1% part." "Use this credit card, don't worry how you're going to pay for it a month from now when the bill comes in the mail. Pay the minimum payment -- we're happy to collect 30% interest on the stuff you don't pay for!" "Buy our car, it only costs 50.00 a month, for the next trillion months! Look how cheap that is, only 50 dollars!"

The only people smart enough to avoid all of these money traps are other elites. With a wink and a nod, they spread their mayhem of duplicitous loans to all and sundry. They never expected these people to repay the loan, all debt for consumption, rather than production, is nothing short of drug dealing. "The first sample of heroine is free, mister. We'll talk about the price of next month's fix later, just sign the dotted line that says "For sale, one soul." People have become slaves to debt, provoked through advertisements to live beyond their means, then charged twice as much as non-indebted people through usury for what they do own. Who would want to make money like this? And yet this is a large section of the economy, and a main source of the profits banks and businesses make. "Who cares? The saps agreed to the loan, they deserve what they get." Is that what you're thinking to yourself? Congratulations, you would fit well into the new nobility.

The old nobility had a different ethos. It read more like this: "Be strong, and protect the weak." No one deserves to be tricked out of their money just because they're dumb enough to fall for it. Why not say we should beat people out of their money because they're too weak to fight back? The rationale is the exact same -- it's despicable either way.

Reality has been manipulated in even more ways to squeeze money out of people. How do the rich make their money? Let's look at some more examples: First we teach people that children shouldn't look after their parents in their twilight years. Instead, we should hand the parents over to a soulless business that keeps them out of sight and out of mind. Presto! We have 16% of our economy, generated out of thin air. High quality medical care cannot prevent death from old age, it can only prolong the misery another few gasping years -- while robbing people blind of mega, mega bucks. What do the elderly care? Most of this money comes at government expense. Which means people's money is being taken from them by force of arms, and then thrown down a black hole of trying to cure old age. Meanwhile, the forces of greed are pocketing their winnings while posing as these wonderful miracle workers saving lives day in and day out. Hospitals are where people go to die, same with nursing homes and all the rest. The elites well positioned to gain from this radical break with the past (the age where parents died in their homes surrounded by their families) are the insurance men, the government bureacrats, the doctors, nurses, lawyers, and lord knows what.

How does the real estate agency make its money? How large a section of the economy is housing? It's quite simple -- all they had to do was convince the parents to kick out their children. When it became shameful to live with your parents, instead of the expected norm, the housing industry must have boomed like never before. Now everyone was taught they had to move away, open up a whole new housing loan, and work the next 40 years to pay it off -- just in time to watch their kids leave the house and open up their loans to pay off their houses. Then when the elderly homeowner kicks the can, we can assume estate taxes come in and inherit his house, am I right? If the chidren do get the house, inscrutably, the government makes them pay half of its worth to taxes, even though there is nothing more natural than a child inheriting his parent's domicile.

Traditionally, if a house was too small to contain both the parents and the children, new additions were built into the house. At most, children moved across the street and the entire neighborhood was occupied by relatives who could form a community in times of economic need or emotional support. That's all gone now. The real estate agency reversed everything. Now if you love your family and want to live with them, you are a loser and a disgrace. Only by leaving your family and never seeing them are you a 'winner.' A man who has 'made' his way in life. Today massive homes that once contained 10 people are being occupied by just 2, or even 1 person. (say the widow or divorcee.) Instead of the family making use of the real estate that's simply sitting there empty, they all go and buy their own homes. Why? Because it would be too shameful to live with your parents. It would be better to live in debt your entire life, than feel ashamed. Who creates that culture of shame? The elites, of course. A shame that never even existed in the past, invented out of full cloth to line their pockets with. Grandmothers, daughters, and grandchildren could all take joy in each other's presence in a large but happily occupied and buzzing family -- if only the culture allowed it.

Let's see how else the elites can ding us! School! School! School! School is the biggest ripoff on earth! For one thing, twice as much genuinely useful material could be taught during a school year than is actually taught, while all the useless junk could be cut and homework discarded entirely. School overheads continue to rise even though school performance hasn't risen -- so where is all that money going? Schools are not tracked by IQ, so many of the students are trapped in classes they're too incompetent to learn anything in -- while others are trapped in classes they can learn nothing from because they're already too far advanced over it. The teachers don't mind -- the more students in class, the more money that flows into their pockets. It would be better if everyone were out of school by around 14-16. The more intelligent students could be tracked into college, while the less intelligent could be tracked into a vocational school with an assured job at the end of the line. This isn't done. Why not? Because too many people make money, producing nothing but torture (for both the dumb and smart students) by keeping them in school.

Furthermore, why does college cost such outrageous sums? Tuitions have been rising across the board every year, even though the service is the exact same as in the past. There's a simple solution, even though it's outrageous -- the moment some people started taking on debts and thus expanding their ability to pay for college, colleges starting raising their prices. Then more students had to take on debts to pay their tuitions, so the colleges could raise their prices again, and so on! The vicious circle will continue until everyone has been given a loan so crushingly high that they can never pay it off in their lifetimes.

Why are college students willing to go endlessly into debt? Because they are a trapped market. There is a monopoly on employment qualification. The government will not let companies hire based on IQ tests, and thus everyone who wants a decent job must first get a college degree. The college process, in and of itself, does not in the least improve a person's employability or on the job productivity. In fact, the Bell Curve has shown that job productivity correlates closer to IQ than any certificate or any level of education, after both candidates are given a year to get used to their jobs. What we are seeing is the incredible power of the elites to fleece people of their money. Even though there is no real reason to go to college, everyone is forced to go to college. Then, making use of this monopoly, virtue-less elites then extend loans to students that keep them indebted for decades, then raise the price of college tuition (while providing no better services), with the knowledge that people will use the inflationary power of debt-produced money to pay for the service no matter how high it goes.

It's obvious that any nation that valued its people would provide free education, including college education, for anyone with the IQ to take advantage of it. They would also allow free and fair hiring practices for employers, that could discriminate using any means they pleased, and hire anyone they pleased, for any reason or no reason at all. Such a government would also actively find jobs for its people, by teaching people skills that are in demand while they are still children and teenagers, instead of useless knowledge no one wants or cares about that is loaded on them during today's school. In this way, college tuition prices could be kept low, if by no other means than by directly using price caps. Another way government provided college education can keep prices low, is by paying for it upfront, instead of an interest-bearing loan. This would at the very least starve out the leeches taking advantage of our young and innocent who are attempting to make something out of themselves.

The fact governments do not do these things, shows that the elite have no intention of helping people via education. It is simply another method to rob people of their wealth. For a useless piece of paper, we are made to pay a 100,000 dollars or more. For lack of a simple IQ test whose quality is even better as a predictor of job success. What saps we are!

How should I describe the job of lawyers? Is there any more parasitical a class? Perhaps the moneylenders! In any event, every year our laws multiply and become more elaborate and complex. Every year things that used to be settled by basic civility and virtue, are brought to court instead. Every time an issue is disputed in court, only one person wins -- the lawyer. How do lawyers make so much God damned money off the rest of us? It's simple -- tax laws, inheritance laws, divorce courts, lawsuits against businesses, insurance claims, contract disputes, and of course crime. For every criminal, there's a lawyer who made a buck defending, or prosecuting said criminal. Crime is big business for lawyers. So is divorce. So are taxes. So are children bickering over an inheritance. So are harassment lawsuits that sue companies for serving hot coffee. Basically, lawyers have an inverse desire to the entire rest of society. While everyone else hopes to minimize crime, divorce, absurd lawsuits, taxes, and the death of their parents, lawyers hope for all these things, and use their influence and money to promote all of them. Lawyers spend their entire lives lobbying and donating to politics to increase crime, divorce, death, taxes, and absurd harassment of business. A healthy society, a peaceful society, a free society, has no need of lawyers. Therefore lawyers would prefer to throw all our lives into chaos, and make their money thereby. Are you grasping how nihilistic and psychopathic a new elite must be? Are you grasping how all men of good conscience have long ago given up on making money in this age?

Imagine a world where divorce was rare to non-existent. Imagine a flat sales tax with absolutely no deductions or subsidies or anything to complicate the law. Imagine no estate tax, with people's wills being simple and inviolate. Imagine a populace consisting of people genetically unlikely to do crime, with laws that are extremely tough on what criminals remain. Imagine 99% of all lawsuits filed against companies being summarily thrown out by judges, and the losing lawyer's firm being charged for any lawsuit they lose against a business, for the remaining 1%. How rich would lawyers be? How many lawyers would there be? If our society were run properly, the new elites would be penniless.

What about insurance salesmen? In the past, there was no need for health insurance, because health care was cheap and affordable. Premiums have risen so high now, for inscrutable reasons since lifespan hasn't risen much at all since 1950, that no one could pay out of pocket anymore. The insurance company is simply a useless middleman. They take your money on the years you're healthy and didn't need health care -- then hire lawyers and refuse to pay you, when you are in fact sick and need the money. What scum they are! The entire insurance industry is simply taking advantage of people's misfortune. If they are unlucky, it's possible for an innocent person to accumulate medical bills beyond their imagination. People who never make a million dollars in their life, are smacked with million dollar health care bills. For situations like this, the deep pockets of the government could cover these unlucky innocents without anyone else even noticing, it would cost the rest of us mere pennies to cover these costs.

Instead, everyone is forced to buy health insurance, which may or may not come through, and meanwhile makes massive profits every year for doing nothing. They literally do nothing. The entire insurance agency exists solely because it has capital -- ie it can pay for expensive procedures individuals cannot afford. The government however has far more money, and thus could off-handedly provide this service for free. Why have an insurance industry that simply mimics this asset then? Why needlessly replicate institutions? We have a deep pocket we can go to -- the government -- so why have a single insurance company? Why have auto insurance? Why have life insurance? Why have fire insurance? People shouldn't have to pay insurance on anything. Why should people have to pay for services they don't even receive? Only insurance companies have managed to sell 'nothing' for thousands of dollars every year. What phenomenal salesmen they are, preying on nothing but our fear and insecurity! They don't even rebuild our houses, cure our sick, or fix our cars. All they do is take money, and then later give people money. No insurance man has done anything but move money around his whole life. Not a single life was improved by an insurance company!

Now, people will argue that insurance companies provide a valuable service, and that is they carefully calibrate insurance payments to people's behavior. Therefore, people are discouraged from taking risky behavior, because they know it will increase their insurance costs. This, however, is bullshit. What about people who are innately safe and healthy? Why must they pay insurance premiums for cars they never crash and bodies that never get sick? Furthermore, why couldn't the government simply legislate that people who cause their own problems, receive no benefits? Why ration people's security via insurance instead of legislation? Why use a needless middleman? Why not simply give people the money they need to pay for sensible life costs, and then if their risky behavior burns through that money, leave them high and dry? Any of these solutions are better than enriching insurance salesmen, whose specialty is making money while never paying it out -- the exact opposite of a business, who is expected to actually deliver a product to make money. Insurance companies make money by NOT delivering products. Only in this era, can such Orwellian schemes go unnoticed.

As for the entertainment industry! Their relentless pursuit of copyright laws and digital rights management is a scourge to the rest of us. The miracle of modern technology has allowed free distribution and replication of some of our most treasured possessions. Music, movies, art, books, everything can now be given free of charge through electronic copies and internet hubs -- it literally costs nothing to make a billion copies of a product, once the first one has been released. So do we all celebrate this new gift? Do poor people get to equally enjoy these free products that it hurts no one to provide? No, of course not. Instead they are taken to court and ordered to pay out 2 million pounds for 20 downloaded songs. Entertainers need to stop trying to make money by depriving people of free copies of electronic media. Again we are uniquely confronted with a business model that makes money by, get this, making free things cost money through force of arms, and then selling them back to us. Why not take away our air and sell it back to us? It makes as much sense as charging people for electronic copies of games and movies.

How should entertainers make their money? Well, how about the same model as newspapers and television? They could include advertisements in the products, and then be paid by the advertisers. If you don't like that, why not include special non-distributable goods for those willing to pay for their merchandise? Plenty of fans will buy the cd, video game, or book if it comes with some sexy additions or limited edition photos, etc. Why not let singers make their money off of live tours? That can't be replicated. Or toys that are based on the movies and games, that kids can buy in physical stores? I can think of a thousand ways to translate electronic media into profit through the sale of non-electronic media. Why not trust people and ask them for donations? Just use the honor code? Let people who have the money donate to their favorite artists? How is this any different from our museums and cathedrals? In the past, the nobility donated massive funds to artists, who then entertained the entire public free of charge. It was part of a nobility's duty to support culture and the arts. So how about it rich people? Stop hounding the internet choking off content, and simply pay for the art yourselves. Show some fucking noblesse oblige for a change.

Or we could just let the Government track how successful an internet product is doing, use tracking cookies on downloaded goods, or conduct surveys, or whatever -- and then give a direct subsidy to those companies whose electronic goods are most beloved by the people. This way all artists would still be rewarded according to their merit, and everyone could enjoy their works at the free price it really takes to distribute it.

As for the military, when is the last time we've been in a legitimate war? The military budget should be cut to bare bones. Nukes and militias, as far as I'm concerned, could form our entire national defense. Every cent above that is spent on immoral wars of aggression, so let's scrap it already. Everyone making money off of the military-industrial complex -- you aren't heroes, you're a bunch of butchers. All of your money is doused in the blood of innocents. Shame on you.

What about mailmen? Why are we still spending money delivering information by mail? Everything should be made electronic. This includes all official documents. Encryption is good enough for our bank accounts, so it's good enough for our other data.

We should forbid all campaign donations and give all candidates an equal, low fund to spread their message. Nothing is really needed outside of a web address, now is it? This would also end corruption and lobbying. Once politicians can no longer be bought by the rich, we could save billions every election cycle, and trillions in truly independent politicians not beholden to any special interest. Yet again we find endless amounts of money flowing into regions that don't deserve a dime.

Brand names? I have a simple answer for that too! Sumptuary laws could simply forbid ridiculous products, like 10,000 dollar handbags or shoes. People would no longer be able to compete for status by buying intentionally expensive, but otherwise useless junk. The fashion designers and advertisers who made a living off of this arms-race of stupidity can all go out onto the street for all I care. It's materialism like this, the love of display and opulence without any love of beauty or truth, that lets people buy the respect of others, instead of earn it through good character. To hell with the entire industry.

How else is money being diverted to unproductive, but amazingly profitable industries? How about subsidies that prop up failed industries? How about tariffs and trade restrictions? How about tax loopholes that encourage people to do ridiculous stuff because it makes money by decreasing your taxes, even though it makes no business sense? How about the endless corruption and insider trading we find in our stock markets? How about the needlessly expensive energy prices we pay because we are not allowed to build nuclear power plants? How about our refusal to use offshore drilling or tap any of the natural resource wealth in our nation? Because of this, consumers are paying top dollar to countries like Saudi Arabia. What possible sense does this make? What a wretched way to steal from the populace, who have to pay for energy to simply live, but are not allowed to produce it due to endless environmental laws, creating an artificial monopoly the consumer is trapped into purchasing. Has slavery really been banned? Or has it simply been expanded to near-universal levels, to the point that we are like fish who can't notice the ocean anymore?

Social security is a ponzi scheme and should be abandoned. Why do old people deserve more money than children? Give the money back to the taxpayer and let them use it to fund families of their own. People aren't immortal! We must let the elderly go their natural course, and tend to our babies. What death-oriented culture gives more money to its old than its youth? Do we want to be the last generation born??

When you add it all up, almost all money (in America at least) goes to unproductive, predatory, or unscrupulous elites. These elites, who form a tiny thin crust of a few percent, own as much as all the rest of us combined. They don't gain their money through any legitimate means, like farming, plumbing, computer programming or manufacturing. All of these businesses are at best held by the middle class, if not the working class. They do it through manipulating people's minds, and manipulating the law. Because they are A) more intelligent and B) psychopaths, this comes quite easily to them. It's not something just anyone can do. It takes a special cast of characters to rape and annihilate a nation in just a few decades for their own profit -- and according to the law of supply and demand, of course they emerge as the most in-demand salaried folks of all.

Only by changing the business environment and the rules of our economy, can we clean out the filth that has infested our upper class. If we begin to reward people for producing actual goods or services, for having children, for being moral, or for honesty -- what a revolution there would be! The intelligent would still have the money, but it would be the intelligent of bygone days. The ones people used to admire and aspire to emulate. And many of the satanic psychopaths who form the elite of today, if a different environment rewarded different behavior, would adopt that behavior instead. IE, if we reward lies, they'll lie. If making money means being honest and considerate to others -- they'll be honest and considerate. It's that easy. Money talks.

Whites can no longer afford to be lower class -- the importation of endless cheap labor low IQ thugs has stolen that lifestyle from them. It's too dangerous to live in a city surrounded by blacks and muslims. Lower class whites are suffering from habitat destruction, which means fewer people starting new families, which means extinction. Lower class whites, as a direct result of the elite's immigration policies, are having not only their jobs, but their security, living space, and lives stolen from them. Is there really any way for a white to be lower class in this new world? So that leaves joining the evil elites, dying out as a lower class, or fighting doggedly to stay in the middle class -- even if that means having fewer kids, never marrying or marrying late, having no kids, working 80 hours a week, having both spouses work and no one stay at home, etc, etc. Even if it means making your life a living hell from dawn to dusk, so long as you can stay in the middle class, you can preserve your job and safety from the imported Somalians -- and you can preserve your morality and honor by refusing to indulge in the same thieving business practices of the upper class. But why should anyone have to undergo that? Why should we grin and bear it? Why should we just endure these privations? People of the middle class used to need only one worker, the husband, who had a stable, secure job that wasn't going anywhere, and could support not only himself, but a wife and 4 children, much less 2 children, with everything they needed. They could do all of this on a 40 hour work week! As machines continue to generate massive amounts of wealth automatically, why is it that everyone is working hard, for less, and our fertility continues to decline as though we're on the brink of starvation? Where is the money going????? Where is the money that used to enrich the middle class, vanishing???? Where is the black hole sucking away at our souls -- robbing us of wives, children, weekends, sleep, peace of mind and now even our jobs?

You can choose to stay in the middle class and pay any price to keep your head above the water. Or you can choose to slay the dragon that has ruined our world -- the new elites. Instead of putting in endless effort to support a corrupt and evil system that enriches only corrupt and evil masters, why not put that effort into revolution? Revolution at the ballot box, revolution in the street, I don't care how. Just do it. For the sake of your children, for the sake of justice, for the sake of vengeance against these pond scum filth who have been engorging themselves, parasitically, upon us these last fifty years! Wouldn't that be so much more satisfying, than the slow and steady destruction of the status quo?

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