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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gates of Vienna Skating Dangerously Close to the Truth:

As someone who gave up on Gates of Vienna as a truth-bearing vehicle years ago, I still have a fascination with what they are saying, because it is like a finger on the pulse of the 'almost racists' and which way the wind is blowing. When Gates of Vienna becomes a 'fully racist' site, like Amren or Vdare, they will symbolize the transition of millions of others like them -- Ukip voters who should have voted BNP, Mccain voters who should've voted Ron Paul, and so on. I'm always hopeful that world events will evangelize these fence sitters firmly into the 'awakened' crowd. The 'worse is better' theorem is about the only thing going for the nationalist cause currently. Since we can't control any events, and everything is sliding towards oblivion, the ONLY hope for nationalism is that continued exposure to reality and continued ruination will change people's minds. Never mind that there's no real indicator that this is working -- it could always be a threshold situation. Maybe it hasn't worked so far, but, if it only would get ten times as bad, then it would work. In fact, so long as the threshold exists anywhere on the continuum, then it could eventually save the entire white race.

Imagine things have to get so bad that only 3,000 whites are even left alive on the planet. They finally become fanatical enough to design and release an ethno-bomb that targets all non-whites and hide deep in hidden bunkers where the rest of the world cannot find them or exact vengeance upon them. In a few years they emerge to a completely empty world and repopulate it with whites -- after all, the initial colonization of the world was done by even less than 3,000 people, more like a few hundred people left Africa and peopled the entire world. If they can do it, so could we. The point is, where numbers fail, radicalization can wholly make up the difference. The formula will always be the multiplication of two factors: the number of whites remaining, times the fanaticism of the whites remaining, equals their chances of survival and success. If drastically making conditions worse means reducing the white population to 1/10 what it is today, but it makes the whites remaining 20 times as radical, then what we have there is progress. If the whites remaining are 1,000 times as few, but one million times as radical, then we're getting somewhere. Therefore, if making the situation worse spurs even a little bit of radicalization among whites, the 'worse is better' theory can always reach some ideal point where people are finally radical enough to shift the tide in our favor. It's obvious the worse is better theory does work a little -- the BNP has won the most votes for nationalism in the UK since basically World War II. South Africa just succeeded in winning the western cape for the DA, the first non-ANC provincial election victory since the end of Apartheid. Racist sites across the internet are getting more page hits than ever. Stormfront's unique page views went up when Obama was elected, and so on. There's clear proof that as conditions for whites worsen, radicalization increases. The only question, then, is whether this process is some sort of linear correlation, or an asymptotic one. If the process is linear, if people become one unit more racist per one unit less quality of life, it's hopeless. The anemic progress of the nationalist right over the last 50 years has not in the least matched the decline in welfare and population whites have so far undergone. However, what if the trend is asymptotic? That is to say, as conditions approach a limit, the difficulty of getting even one step closer to that limit approaches infinity. Translated to english, I mean that white well-being can only be depressed so far before their radicalization reaches infinity and they become absolutely unconquerable lions for their race. Is there any evidence of an asymptotic worse-is-better theory?


It's called WEIMAR GERMANY. After WWI left Germany in shambles. After the flu pandemic killed millions more Germans. After the Versailles treaty had stolen practically half of Germany's land. After the jews integrated into all the highest positions of German finance, press, and government and soaked the Germans dry. After the great depression led to Weimar Germany's hyper-inflation. After jews started buying and selling german women as prostitutes just so they could feed their kids. After everyone was unemployed -- the white race snapped, and, out of nowhere, Hitler and the Nazi party which had included all of 12 people or so in the 1920's, was democratically elected to power in 1933. And ten years from then, they were making their bid for world empire and kicking all the minorities out of their lands.

What a difference a decade makes! Suddenly, a people completely on their knees, getting kicked around by jews, french, poles, all-and-sundry, became the most powerful nation on Earth, restored their economy to full functionality, and invented the rocket which led to the moon. This is nothing if not a textbook example of worse-is-better, combined with the asymptotic, threshold theory of radicalization. For decades things can get bad, then really bad, then truly terribly bad, and only a few fringe malcontents will ever complain or organize against it. Then, all of a sudden, a tidal wave of the common folk, of the 'sane and mainstream,' of the 'responsible and moderate' thinkers all join in -- a straw that breaks the camel's back. Suddenly you're no longer a pariah for raving against the jews, for advocating a nationalization of the money supply, for calling for war against your neighbors -- suddenly that's the view of the ENTIRE country and you can hear nothing but loud assertions and approval of just that. Hitler wasn't pelted with eggs when he tried to make a speech, like our beloved Nick Griffin was. No, every last person down on the street was screaming with joy and best wishes for him. As he drove through endless motorcades at a slow crawl, shook hands and kissed babies, nobody assassinated him like they did Benazir Butto or JFK. There were endless opportunities, don't say there weren't. There simply wasn't any will to do so. The vast, vast, vast majority of Germans were in complete agreement with him. They loved Hitler and though they couldn't give the speeches he gave, lacking the temperament, they could certainly cheer after he was done. These were no Stalinist cheer sessions, where those who stopped clapping first were dragged off to execution. This was the real deal. Go look at the footage clips and just tell me the looks on those women's faces are feigned or forced by fear of death. In fact, before the war, only a few thousand political prisoners existed in Germany, (unlike the tens of millions who had somehow offended Lenin or Stalin and ended up in Siberia or a shallow grave.) most of them violent communist revolutionaries who had it coming.

I'm sure most Germans in Weimar Germany were like the whites of today. "We are the world," "Love your neighbor," "Charity begins abroad," "Kumbayah," "Give peace a chance," "Make love not war," etc. I can imagine the nauseating hippy campfire rings already as they tearfully apologized to the French while handing out reparations for a war they didn't even begin. Our genetics have not had much time to change since then. The difference is solely circumstances. Weimar Germany faced all out Hell, they hit rock bottom -- and then and only then did they transform into Nazi Germany. If it happened for them, it could happen for us too. If the non-whites dare to send our countries to Hell, they will discover something much worse than those Nazi pussycats. In size, weapons technology, economic production, population -- everything -- we are a hundred times as strong as they ever were.

So it was with great disbelief and fascination when I watched the 'peasant's rebellion' on GoV on this thread:

A typical puff piece, the 'oy vei' bewailing of a jew about how evil whites first persecuted innocent jews out of Russia, even though jews all secretly knew Russia could do nothing without them and were entirely dependent on jewish charity for what meager prosperity they had ((Fascinating, given plenty of European countries seemed to outcompete the Soviet Union economically without any jewish 'help' at all. . .)) -- then the evil American whites corrupted their innocent jewish children into becoming Marxists. Who then, of course, are going to destroy America, all because the evil whites forced them to do so -- and now of course the jews who finally thought they could stop moving (why? they haven't stopped moving in 2,000 years. Isn't doing the same thing over and over while expecting different results the definition of insanity?) are going to be forced to move again! How horrible for those poor jews, they're going to have to move! Let's ignore how horrible this tale of woe is for white gentile Americans, who have nowhere to go and cannot possibly all 'move' or 'escape' to some other land. It's pretty easy to take in a few million super-rich, super-educated jews into any country. But hundreds of millions of poor, lower class white peasants? Psh. Tell it to the South Africans. How long do you think they've been trying to escape? There are only 4 million whites remaining in South Africa -- most of them stuck for life and with no escape. What of the 100 million whites who will be stuck on the sinking ship of America when they are put in the exact same position? Does this author think for two seconds about how unfortunate their fate will be? No, instead he whines and grouses about how sad it is that his family and race will have to move again. Knowing full well they will be accepted. Knowing full well they have an escape plan. Knowing full well that Israel is an exclusively jewish state that will protect them from any harm from non-whites. This man makes me sick and is a wonderful representation of the Chutzpah of the jewish race, always the victim and never the victimizer.

It's not surprising that I disagreed with the writer of the piece at GoV. What's surprising is that virtually every commentor on the thread ALSO disagreed. And not in smarmy, terrified, half-flinching ways either. They were dripping with sarcasm and disgust for the guy's opinions, and full of facts showing just how slimy jews have been across the centuries. The collective will of the comments was basically asking for one simple thing: an apology from the Jews to whites for what they have done. For once, for jews to stop dodging, and sidestepping, their collective responsibility for their atrocities against Europe, Russia, and the United States. As they said: "Germans, Russians, Americans, Australians, we have all apologized for what our ancestors have done in the past. The only people who have never apologized, who have never accepted guilt, who have never expressed shame for anything they have ever done -- are the Jews! These shameless monsters who have more blood on their hands than any of us then turn around and call on US to feel sorry for THEM. It's quite backwards! We're waiting for THEM to apologize to US."

Of course, this apology was never given, nor guilt ever accepted, by the jewish author. Instead he asked for the thread's comments to be locked so that he could stop hearing the awful mean-spirited words directed his way. Jews will never take collective responsibility for their actions. Despite the fact that they are a self-recognized tribe who act as a tribe at all times and refer to themselves as a tribe in all cases and even created a tribal ethno-state exclusively for themselves, they refuse to feel collective guilt for anything any of the members of their tribe have done. This is not some sort of Randian steadfast belief in individualism -- if so he never would've written a piece about 'the poor wandering jews' asking for sympathy for jews AS A GROUP, jews AS JEWS. It is the same psychopathic jewish behavior we see in the Talmud. Basically, jews can never feel guilty for what they do to gentiles, because we are subhuman animals and anything they do to us, as God's chosen people, is a priori justified. If a jew needs a liver and a gentile has a match, it is moral to seize and kill the gentile, rip out his liver, and use it to heal the jew with. (A ridiculous story? No, a fatwa decree by a Rabbi belonging to Chabbad Lubavitch) The full quote: "If a Jew needs a liver, can you take the liver of an innocent non-Jew passing by to save him? The Torah would probably permit that. Jewish life has an infinite value,” he explained. “There is something infinitely more holy and unique about Jewish life than non-Jewish life."

We are nothing more than refrigeration tanks for jewish surgeons, mobile body part reserves for when they get sick. This is how jews think, and though they mostly keep it concealed, their distinct refusal to ever apologize for anything they have ever done to gentiles in history -- is the light that shines on their darkest core. Is the wedge that helps reveal the entire squirming mass that is the jewish psychopathic mentality. The fact that this 'conservative' jew still couldn't bear to bring himself to apologize for the misdeeds of his tribe in the past, says it all.

Now GoV's admins are in full panic mode, trying to 're-educate' their rioting commentariat back into the fold of 'kosher' political incorrectness. Enter Takuyan Seiyo, a half-jew, who is supposed to be a non-biased judge on what people should properly feel about jews. He then writes this next post:

Wherein he delimits for the readership the 'acceptable' views one can have about jews. You can hate jews 'so far,' he explains, and 'no further.' Anything beyond these granted points is 'anti-semitism' and 'irrational.' Of course, on his 'don't' list is Holocaust Denial, which is simply a question of fact, not moral judgment. Another ridiculous bullshit lie he makes, is that jews, whenever they did anything wrong, were simply RESPONDING to previous anti-semitism that justified their actions. One hilarious line following this reasoning:

"From the time the Jews arrived in chains and en masse in Rome, the one constant in Jewish history has been persecution, much of it of the cruelest and most murderous kind"

What a CONVENIENT place to start your timeline, Mr. Seiyo! Unbelievable. As though the Romans one day just woke up and said, "you know what, I think it's time to gather up the jews en masse and drag them in chains to Rome." Of course Seiyo neglects to mention that before his arbitrary beginning of the timeline, the jews had REVOLTED against the Romans and massacred the Roman garrisons/citizens under their supposed Messiah Bar Kockhba whose stated goal in the Torah is to achieve total earthly dominion. There is no mention of how jews even got to Palestine in the first place, by murdering and enslaving every last inhabitant who had been there before them. There is no mention of the large favors Rome gave the jews or the religious tolerance Rome extended to the jews. No, of course not, all Seiyo cares about is the horrible nasty evil Romans who oppressed the jews for NO REASON, ALL OF A SUDDEN deciding to make them slaves.

He speaks of Tzarist oppression of jews before the communist revolution, but completely neglects the political terrorism and assassinations the jews were causing even early in the 1800's against the tzars, as documented by Dostoevesky's 'Demons.' (One of the finest books in human literature by THE finest writer of all time.) No mention of the fact that Stolypin, who was trying to reform Russia into a more just and equal society, was assassinated by these revolutionary jews. Like usual, the jews are purely the victims, there is never any reason for the oppression and persecution waged against them. It couldn't possibly be that jews become hated due to their usurious lending rates of 40% or 50% to peasants who go bankrupt the first time the weather turns bad and ruins their crop. No, the jews are just persecuted 'middlemen minorities,' that wonderful class that facilitates commerce and helps the whole country prosper through buying and selling.

Then comes the astonishing conclusion, almost laughable as to 'why jews seem to always be hard at working destroying their host nations.' Seiyo has already ruled out malice, evolutionary strategy, envy, rootless cosmopolitanism, or any of the 'anit-semitic' explanations. So he lands upon this one, which just so happens to shine on the jews in the best possible fashion:

"Alas, careful observation might point to a Jewish pathology stranger even than the MacDonald biological reductionist theory, if without the malignancy MacDonald attributes. Actually, it could be labeled as “much too much of a good thing” "

Yeah! That must be it! The jews are simply TOO GOOD FOR THIS WORLD. Their GOODNESS JUST OVERFLOWS, MY CUP RUNNETH OVER STYLE, and becomes so purely, wholly good that it's just an explosion of goodness rainbows and light that infects the host country.

"The “good thing” stems from what Thomas Cahill described in The Gifts of the Jews: How a Tribe of Desert Nomads Changed the Way Everyone Thinks and Feels. It’s the momentous and singular Biblical ideas of the equality and dignity of each individual, universal moral obligations, and great value placed on peace and justice. This, coupled with the Jewish arch-tradition of tikun olam, repairing the world."

Equality! What a grand ideal! Peace and justice! Who could be against that? Repairing the world -- well everyone should want to save the world! Those poor, misunderstood jews. If only we could understand how hard they are constantly trying for our sake, as they rake in trillions for themselves during financial bailouts or patrol their gulags where millions of innocent Russians rot and die or torture Palestinians by the thousands deep in their jail cells. All they ever wanted was peace and justice, universal moral values, and to repair the world!

The loathsome shilling and lies for jewry continues a bit further down:

"The Jewish weight applied on the side of open borders and amnesty, affirmative action and endless coddling of undeserving minorities, legal activism, pacifism and world government, punitive taxation and income redistribution, is harmful, first and foremost, to the Jews themselves"

Did you hear that correctly? Jewish leftism is harmful, first and foremost, to the JEWS THEMSELVES! What does this sound like?? Oi Vey! Oi Vey! Jews, after destroying America, will have to MOVE AGAIN. In fact, after a long discourse full of half-truths and pedantic lecturing, Seiyo is right back where we started! Get this through your God damned heads Jews, you are NOT THE CENTER OF THE UNIVERSE. The petty suffering of your few millions doesn't amount to a HILL OF BEANS compared to the cataclysm affecting the white race. The people who suffer FIRST AND FOREMOST from Jewish activism aren't jews -- it's the WHITE WORKING CLASS who has to live alongside blacks, hispanics, and assorted enrichers. It's the foolish white women who grow up surrounded by diversity and fed constant drivel about how great it is to have a black boyfriend -- and decide to go slumming themselves. It's the broken hearted feminists who realize at age 40 they've driven away every last mate while pursuing their career and waiting for the 'right guy.' It's the white males who are average 100 IQ, not average 115 IQ, and so are on the FRONT LINE of affirmative action. The arrogance, the sheer nerve, the CHUTZPAH of this Jew Seiyo to claim JEWS are the ones suffering most from Jewish activism. Jews will prosper from the new world order, for God's sake they run the new world order. What kind of insane propaganda is it to say jews will hurt most of all? How? In what way will elites suffer MOST? They'll suffer the LEAST, if any, from these changes. They will always be safe, in some secure gated segregated community. They will always be rich, as the owners of the government and industries. They will always be proud, as the owners of the media and the definers of the public discourse. They will always have the bolthole of Israel to escape to, if the going gets hot. What have they got to worry about?? It's whites dying in Iraq who are suffering most from jewish activism, not the neocons who sent them there! Here we have it again folks, the BIG LIE. Say something so insane, so extraordinary, so impossible, that people are simply dumbfounded into submission. They don't even know how to respond to such a claim, it's beyond all bounds of reason and no longer even translates into human sense. And this is our premier 'jewish-relations' expert?? Is this his sage advice for all those nasty anti-semites who befouled the previous thread?

Then he goes on about how Christians are pushing immigration just as thoroughly as jews -- while ignoring cause and effect. Who are Christians? Oh I know, judaized whites, whites who worship a jew as their God and sovereign! Meanwhile let's ignore that Christianity didn't used to think like this until jews gained control of the media. Let's ignore that in 1950's America protestants and catholics never called for increased hispanic immigration. Let's just say everyone is equally to blame and ignore which member of the group is the 'head' and which the 'tail.' That would be oh so convenient for Sieyo, who refuses to ever take responsibility for himself and always prefers to point his finger elsewhere.

Lastly there is this:

"There isn’t a day that I don’t hear someone I know as cultivated and reasonable, Gentile and Jew alike, express bitter frustration with the Jewish community because of its leftist-multicultural thrust and the damage it’s doing to America. If the Jewish community won’t wake up to criticism from friendly parties, it will eventually face criticism from the growing number of unfriendly parties.

It’s not gratuitous to mention that America is now treading the same economic path where Weimar Republic once trod. Jews were the most prominent in the left’s leadership in Weimar too, with sorry consequences. Maybe a beacon of truth shined on all that can do some good both for America and for its Jews."

At last something I can agree with. Jews caused Weimar Germany and they caused the America of today -- do you really want to go down this same road again? Do you really, jews? Do you really, really want to go down this road again? Do you?

Of course, Baron has closed all comments on the thread and told people to 'reflect on this' (their re-education session due to their bad behavior on the last thread) and 'maybe if you're good and civil (and say the right things) we can open up this thread tomorrow -- we'll see how it goes (ie it had better say the right things, you commentators are on notice.)'

Can anything be more condescending? The commentators are fully lucid adults, they say what they think based on factual, concrete reasoning after studying the issue in great detail. But because they keep saying the wrong things, they will have to 'think on it' and 'try harder' until they get it right. The arrogance is unbounded. Do they even stop for a second to wonder if the other side is right? Have they ever, for instance, read Dissecting the Holocaust, or watched '1/3 of the Holocaust', before condemning Holocaust Denial? No, there is no sense of fair play. No exchange of ideas -- just a one way street. We feed you kosher propoganda, you kneejerk respond with 'yeah!' 'you said it boss!' and 'We need to wage more wars for Israel, let's bomb Iran forthwith!'

Meanwhile, in another thread, Fjordman admits that IQ is genetic and that white/asian IQ is vastly higher than the mud people -- then goes on to admit that whites are the source of nearly all human accomplishment and this is probably linked to our higher preponderance of high IQ geniuses than asians have. Thus stating lucidly and quickly that whites are innately superior as a race -- something I could have told him years ago. He then speaks glowingly of Hart's Understanding Human History -- a book I read years ago and told others to read years ago. This dishonest, creeping racism -- it's torture. Like watching glass flow down a windowpane. Why are you saying this just now Fjordman? Understanding Human History came out long ago. Why are you neglecting the new data we learned from the 10,000 Year Explosion Seiyo? If you had read that, you would know that the genetic diseases jews suffer are not due to a bottleneck, but due to natural selection pressures. As the authors of 10,000 Year Explosion showed (jews themselves), the majority of the genetic disorders are focused on genes related to intelligence and mental functions. If the disorders were due to a bottleneck, they should be randomly distributed across the entire genome -- not all clustered towards increasing IQ at any cost. Like usual GoV prefers whatever truth is convenient at the time -- "Oi Vey, the evil Europeans forced our population into a bottleneck, and then we got all these horrible genetic disorders, it's all their fault." Instead of "Jews underwent a eugenics program where they bred for intelligence for around 1,000 years in the middle of Europe, they gained a great deal of IQ but paid a price in terms of various mental disorders." No, that would mean jews are actually responsible for their own problems -- can't have that.

Having realized that IQ is genetic and that whites are the most intelligent when it comes to what matters -- what La Griffe du Lion calls the '% belonging to the smart fraction' as the leading indicator of societal success and human excellence -- does GoV then call for any pro-white measures? Any use of eugenics to forestall the loss of this infinitely precious gem, our intelligence that has illumined the world? No, no calls for anything. Maybe in twenty years Fjordman will finally call for IQ screening of immigrants. Maybe? If we're lucky? Of course by then Europe and the USA will already be majority non-white. But that's okay, Fjordman got where he needed to be eventually.

As God says:

Revelation 3-16:
King James Bible
So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spew thee out of my mouth.


Old Atlantic Lighthouse said...

The link

is broken.

Your post had been in the link list at Gates of Vienna yesterday but today it is gone. I am glad I found your blog following that link at the time.

Shakinginmyshoes said...

I read your post Gates of Vienna: Skating Dangerously Close to the Truth with interest. I also followed your link to the comments re: the article Road Rage on the GoV site.

There, Commenter Felice said:
"The Grand Jewish Conspiracy is a well familiar "umbrella" of arguments that is recognizable in its various forms. Espousing it has its own dynamics - it tends to make reasonable people progressively deranged and descend into madness. In the end they are so consumed with discovering the "underlying truth of human history" that they choose to make a common cause with muslim against the Jews."

If what Felice says is true, if discovering the staggeringly large overrepresentation of Jews in activities that lead to White Gentiles' harm, if that discovery leads to White Gentiles becoming progressively deranged and causes them to descend into madness,

can it not be said that

Jews are carriers of madness? And that the proximity of Jews to Gentiles transmits that madness to Gentiles, just as Typhoid Mary infected so many with Typhoid? And therefore, isn't that another good argument for expelling Jews, as just a self-defense mechanism, an immune response, so to speak, lest they drive us crazy?

Peterk426 said...

One word: BRILLIANT!

Another word: BRILLIANT!!

Once again: BRILLIANT!!!

All the best,


WillieKamm said...

"No mention of the fact that Stolypin, who was trying to reform Russia into a more just and equal society, was assassinated by these revolutionary jews."

As is often the case, the facts are a little more complicated. Dmitri Bogrov, the assassin of Pyotr Stolypin was indeed Jewish. However how can we be truly sure of his motivations as Bogrov apparently had a double life as both revolutionary and agent for the Okhrana? No less a person than Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn believed than Bogrov acted at the behest of those in the government that opposed his agrarian reforms. The very reforms that might have prevented the catastrophe that befell Russia 6 yeass later. You see this sort of thing time and time again. Distorted and incomplete history that in the end destroys credibility and in it's own way makes the ultimate victory of all our enslavers that much more certain.

Dougie said...

Yes I've pretty much given up on Gates of Vienna too. It's more pro-Jewish than it is pro-white.

People like Fjordman see the huge Muslim problem around them and think their enemy's enemy is their friend. It's a huge mistake. There may be localised cases for tactical alliances with Jews but Jews have done us far too much harm to trust them ever again.

To be fair, I think in Europe, taking on either the Muslims and the Jews is dangerous enough. Taking on both at the same time is asking for a prison sentence.