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Saturday, April 25, 2009

No sword can pierce, nor fire burn, nor age rust our Sacred Cause. We, and It, are Immortal:

No sword can pierce, nor fire burn, nor age rust our Sacred Cause. We, and It, are Immortal:

March 10th, 2009

What do we want? A place we can call our own among people like ourselves.

This desire will never die because it is instinctual and innate to the human psyche. No matter how many times it is crushed and ground down, no matter how many centuries tyranny clamps down and suppresses this natural urge, it will bloom again the moment the shade is gone. Nations that have not existed for thousands of years suddenly re-emerge, good as new, as strong as ever. The dream never dies. Not for Israel, not for Armenia, not for Ukraine, not for Montenegro. You cannot kill the human spirit. For centuries the world has been fracturing, not uniting, into ever-smaller, ever more localized, ever more homogeneous ethno-states. The British Empire, the Ottoman empire, the French Empire, the Russian Empire, the Spanish Empire, the Portugeuse Empire, and every other great power shrank back to its original ethnic core, leaving like stranded shells and starfish with the retreat of the tide newly minted state after state of emergent peoples eager and excited to forge their own path. Does anyone think global socialism or global capitalism will prevail? That a one-world empire will succeed where even tiny Czechoslovakia failed and had to split apart? The powers that level, tyrannize, conquer, control, and oppress are indeed vast and constantly growing, but they are not the only power in the universe. There are forces for good on this earth compelling people into just the opposite positions, forces that yearn for freedom, for community, for continuity and most of all for family. For kith and kin. Sometimes we also get the upperhand, sometimes we also get our day in the sun, and the forces of righteousness gain the upperhand. This is an eternal and nearly evenly balanced war that has been raging for thousands of years, between not two sides but perhaps 10, or 20, or 100 sides. Each side represents an instinct and desire, an evolved longing or taste, some portion of the human brain trying to get its way. This human nature is shared by most everyone, in some one desire is prominent, in others, another, but we all have all of them in some degree. Because these desires are mutually incompatible and contradictory, we can never achieve everything we want, and we will always be in conflict. Because people will always vary concerning which desire is more central and basic to their lives, there will always be war, disagreements, conflicts, hurt feelings, discord and contumely. Sometimes one force gains the upperhand, sometimes another, dependent on outside factors that favor one or the other. These outside factors are the natural environment, technology, and recent history. If for instance one side of the conflict has just recently won a war, you can expect the other side to be unnaturally weak, quiscient, and vulnerable for a brief span of time following that misfortune. However, these factors are constantly in flux, and thus, the people with the upper hand are constantly in flux as well. There is no decisive final victory. Even if one side of this perpetual struggle managed to hunt down and kill all the proponents of the other side, they would immediately find new enemies in their own children–because all core desires and values and traits are represented in the human psyche and are reborn each generation.

Someday we will rise again, or people very much like ourselves, our ‘children of the mind,’ our spiritual descendants who uphold and cherish our values. People who carry our banner into war and sing our songs around the fireplace, or songs we would have loved and approved of, songs we would have sung if only we had heard them. Does anyone for one second imagine south africa will always be this way? Truly? The cause of truth, beauty, and love cannot be defeated at any particular battlefield, it cannot be defeated by any particular tyranny, it cannot be defeated by any particular religion or belief system, it re-emerges like a beautiful spring flower from mountain snow every time a child is born, a child of infinite potential, unblemished by all the former suffering of the world, unimpressed by all the lies humanity has been told since its inception.

We represent a shard of the human spirit, an aspect, like Shiva or Vishnu, of the human race. Humanity has many faces and many personalities, and at times we wear one, at times another. When a schizophrenic has ‘molly’ in charge and calling the shots, that does not mean ‘eileen’ no longer exists or will never emerge again. It just means, currently, molly is the personality the schizo shows the outside world. The wheel of time turns, and ages come and pass. It will be our turn again, someday, when the external factors align in our favor. When ‘molly’ needs us again. When ‘molly’ is too scared to face the truth, or too helpless to protect herself, she will retreat into the inner recesses of the brain and ‘Eileen’ will advance to the fore. It’s only a question of When, not If.

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