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Saturday, April 25, 2009

A Cordial Reply to ‘X’

A Cordial Reply to ‘X’

March 31st, 2009

you are an idiot. You have only proven that intelligence differs from person to person not race to race. Where is the scientific proof that we are inherently biologically different and if this is the case how does this prove white people are better. You think your pseudo scientific inference somehow makes you seem like you know what you are talking about. Next time when you write an article and you want to make such baseless claims you should try referencing your sources. All of you who are lapping up this person’s propaganda are even more foolish. This website is created by a bunch of morons who want everything handed to them by virtue of their race. Stop blaming your problems on others and man up you cowards. These type of beliefs are stoneage stuff man. Get over yourselves. The world around you is going to keep changing. Get used to it. You can’t change anything, the old days are over I mean how can you people live a happy life if you are constantly carrying round this burden of hate. Man I have such pity for you people.

So says X on my previous post. This comment is a real gold mine to be fully explored and fully exploited, so here we go.

First let’s start with the writing style. He starts by calling me an idiot, then calls us all cowards, then mentions we’re living in the stone age (as though racism hasn’t existed everywhere at all times including the height of the enlightenment), and pities us because we are so burdened down with hate. Between all these personal insults of people he doesn’t even know there is very little concrete to latch onto. Since I know myself rather well, and the people of SAS a lot better than X, I’ll just suggest that we are not idiots, cowards, cave men, living in the past, or bogged down with hate. We are an ever-present faction of the human psyche, the faction that cares about family and the future. We’ve been in power before, and we will be in power again, when enough tragedy has occurred that people are sick of liberal lies and convinced we were right all along. I am looking forward to that future, and I’m excited about all the wonderful things we could do once we reach it. It’s no burden at all to have a cause, or be a part of something greater than yourself. It’s a blessing.

Now, the one other thing X said is I had no proof that the races were genetically different in IQ, or that whites had a higher IQ than blacks. Then he lectured me on not using footnotes and hyperlinks and references. My question to X is, if you were given the sources and proof and evidence, would you read them? Would you study the evidence? Would you investigate my claims? Because I really hate gathering evidence and proof when the other side will simply ignore it and continue mouthing the same insults and knee-jerk claims. Do you think I haven’t had these arguments before? The next step, after I provide the evidence, is people claiming the websites and authors of the evidence are all racists and ‘hate literature’ can’t be trusted to be true. So then I will find some other source in the hopes they’ll approve of the author, and days later they’ll say the case isn’t solid enough and the study was flawed etc etc. Nevertheless, as a gesture of good will to ‘X’ and those like him, here you go. Proof that the race’s are biologically different and the white race is superior in terms of IQ:


In case you’re wondering, in that picture, purple is best, blue is second best, green is third, yellow 4th, red the worst. That, my friend, is the picture of the entire intelligence of the world and all its races, carefully studied and laid out for you, and the complete story of human intelligence. There’s really nothing more needed than this one single map to explain all world history, all politics, and the dire need for racial separation and separate development. But why stop there?

Now, if ‘X’ and all those like him wish, they can read the literature, the books and websites on the issue, and then come back to it with an informed opinion, like I have. Or they can call us more names, call the writers of the books names, and then cite some liberal PC author who has ‘discredited’ all these books by saying they are wrong. Sorry, but if you actually read the books, you will realize the case is far too strong to be ‘discredited’ by liberal professors who are lying through their teeth every time they open their mouth. But we all know that won’t happen. How can you look down upon and pity people if they are right and you were wrong? Better to stay ignorant of the facts, sources, and studies, so that the liberal lala-land can continue, right? This is how one liberal originally delved into the sources and literature, showed that the evidence was overwhelming and conclusive that race and IQ are genetically determined, and then changed his mind and weaseled out of it by attacking the authors of the science instead of the science itself:

Liberals can’t be honest about this argument, they cannot simply sit down and look at the evidence, their egos are too much at stake. It is rare to find a single honest liberal. Someone who admits the truth, follows the evidence, and still comes to the conclusion that we need a one-world socialist government dedicated to helping all people regardless of their worth without any restriction on birth rates, taxes, welfare, etc etc. This would be a wonderful debating partner, someone I could honestly discuss politics and morality with, but until that day comes, we must continue dealing with the “X’s” of the world. However, I offer this as a challenge to all liberals who come here intent on insulting us. Suppose everything we believe is true. Suppose blacks aren’t even human beings, suppose there are vast genetic differences between the races and whites and northeast asians are the only people who will ever excel and live high quality lives, suppose the mass procreation and mass immigration of blacks and others is in fact threatening to genocide whites off the entire face of the planet. What’s your solution? What would you do? Just consider for an instant, hypothetically, if every fact we believe is true. What, then, would be your opinions? How would you deal with these issues? What would you want to see done? How are you different from us?

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