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Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What can we learn from the election?

This is certainly an historic election. Ever since settlers touched down on American soil in the 1500's, white men have ruled this land. Now a half-white, half-african has taken charge with the overwhelming approval of Americans, and even the majority of white voters. When something happens for the first time in 500 years, it might be time to wonder what has changed and what else might be setting to change in the near future.

For one thing, I don't think Barack Obama is much different from any other democrat, or any other republican for that matter. He parrots the same globalist, anti-racist, multi-cult, socialist creed that the whole world swallows daily by now. There is very little change about him, all his thinking, all his ideas and views, were invented before him by jews, he is just one more in a long line of useful idiots. The election today was no choice anyway, fundamentally McCain and Obama agree on everything. Even more disturbing, no third party won any votes, they didn't even break 1%. So not only have both major parties become completely amalgamized, but no other party in America has any support at all. The same is true ideologically. No other way of thinking is held by any Americans at all, than the multicult. The election has pointed clearly to the complete lack of opposition thinking in America.

What has so changed American thinking, worldwide thinking, that not only did the majority of whites vote for a black anti-white racist radical, and not only was the opposition Mccain, a supporter of amnesty and himself an adopter of a non-white child, but there was no third party support whatsoever for any other way of thinking? You can be a white hating black or a self hating white, but, overall, whites prefer the white hating black. No other vote was even entertained. No matter what whites hates whites, and so does everyone else. We are a mere 10% of the world population today, though we still account for something like 60% of the world economy. (probably more.) This group, with such an obvious record of success in all endeavors, prefers to be led by a black african, whose entire continent probably produces 1% of world GDP. Probably they accept more in charity than they even make and are just a negative world GDP!

Well, no matter. With Obama as president, we can expect more welfare to minorities, more immigration, and more affirmative action. It's likely that as the minority population of the US grows and amnesty is passed, the electorate will shift so far to the democratic left that all further elections in US history will be pre-ordained democratic wins. The republican party, along with the white race that supported it, will simply vanish off the map. This will be a slow, gradual death and perhaps with a few death-throw reverses where republicans win an election here or there. Nevertheless the trend is too definite, too irreversible to imagine any hope anymore. Amnesty will pass, immigration will continue, taxes will rise, white family birth rates will continue to sink as people give up on their country and future, and genocide will occur.

The biggest reason for this inevitability is the complete lack of ideological opposition to the globalist agenda. It has simply flattened all remaining opposition and made them so politically irrelevant they cannot muster 20 people to a rally, or a million people to a vote. Another problem is most people opposed to the multi-cult are personalities that tend to be kneejerk oppositional, fractious, and cranky to begin with. Our disagreement with the system is more a personality disorder than drinking from the nectar of truth and enlightenment. Not only does this discredit the ideology of opposition, but it renders impossible a unification of all the contrary views in America. Most of us are too contrarian to stop schisming and condemning until we're all the way down to a party of one. Confronted with the hundreds of millions of americans who yesterday voted in favor of one world socialist multicult globalism, it is truly a sorry sight.

As I have said before, and as this election proves, a political cure for our problems does not exist. An ideological principled opposition to the multicult does not exist. It simply is not there, despite the tireless efforts of many brave, honest, and committed men. No one cares. All their efforts have been in vain. Any attempt at violence would fail just as miserably as an attempt at voting. 99% of americans approve of either a black radical, or a race traitor, for president. If the 20 or so patriots who, across all america, were to gather together and launch a racial revolution, it wouldn't even make the daily news.

Where does that leave us? There are perhaps three remaining solutions we can hope for.

1) Secession. Perhaps if we choose an isolated, unwanted enough territory, like Alaska, or some icy island in Canada, or Siberia, or the central desert of Australia, or Antarctica, or something, white racists would be allowed their own country, where they could live according to their values and traditions, and secure their existence at least until malicious coloreds decide to finish the job and chase us even there. I am not trying to mock this option, I think just the freedom to be around white faces, speak your mind, and form families and communities, is blessing enough for anyone, and we should jump at the chance. This would secure us the most valuable parts of life, the ones we should really care about. It's enough.

2) Assimilation. Alternatively, we could simply accede to the new world order and make our way the best we can. Pay whatever taxes they ask, let our kids be taught whatever is demanded, put up with whatever crime is done to us, and silently bow our heads without protesting the continuous changing face of the world. At least we could live out our lives in relative peace. We fought the good fight, it's as good a time as any to surrender to the inevitable and just go about our lives working, playing, and loving our kith and kin as best we can.

3) Wait for scientific miracles to completely reverse political and demographic trends. Spaceflight could render everything that happens on earth meaningless. Just a few thousand whites loaded onto a rocket and we could have infinite more opportunities to create a civilization we have dreamed about. Or genetic engineering could make everyone more intelligent, nicer, and so on thus removing the big deal about race anyway. Computers could completely replace humanity with their own values, probably much better than our demented world anyway. Machines could start generating so much wealth we all live like kings and it doesn't matter how evil, stupid, or pathetic we are since all sources of ill will and competition are removed. Virtual worlds could be made so real that all humans do is lie in a vat of liquid and live in our personalized heavens, never crossing paths with real life enemies (though I'm certain plenty of virtual ones will be provided for fun) and lacking any way to hurt them. Perhaps an evil white supremacist mad scientist will invent an ethny-bomb and genocide all nonwhites off the earth. We can always hope!

Naturally solutions 1 and 2 can both interact positively with 3. And if you were thinking about a career in the sciences, by all means take one. You're our last hope. Every other path is gone, due to disinterest in the masses and fractiousness among the remainder. The election has taught us just how weak we really are, just how small a minority we have become, and just how hopeless changing the people's minds has become. Don't think for a minute Obama will reverse America's views on race. The next generation of kids will go through the school system learning what a hero and saviour he was, every generation will be more indoctrinated than the last. The democrats aren't about to give up power now. They have 'racists' by the balls and they're going to squeeze. The courts, the government, the schools, the media, everything belongs to them. Women won't mate with racists because women are ALWAYS more gullible, conformist, and religious and the new religion is the Multicult. Every generation our position will become more ridiculous, less tenable, less numerous than the last. We lost in 1960, our loss became clear this election, november 4th, 2008. This is the end of the line.

Let's hope technology begins a new era, the age of white supremacism, 1492-2008, is curtains.


Limpet said...

I think many white voters do not approve of McCain but gave him their vote because they thought Obama would be worse. We know that most people oppose immigration, but they have to vote for one of the 2 candidates!

Here are the figures published by CNN:

Vote by Race

Obama McCain

Whites (74) 43% 55%
Blacks (13) 95% 4%
Hispanics (8) 66% 32%
Asians (2) 61% 35%
Other (3) 65% 31%

Vote by Sex and Race

White Men (36) 41% 57%
White Women (39) 46% 53%

[Ed. Note: Number in parenthesis is the percentage of the electorate each group makes up.]

(source: Amren)

Diamed said...

Thanks. My post is factually incorrect, the majority of whites did vote for Mccain not Obama. However, a vote for either is an endorsement of white genocide so it's depressing either way.

People with any awareness would have voted 3rd party this election, but they had the lowest turnout in decades, only 1%. And of those 1%, many Still support the globalist multi-cult agenda, I really don't see a chunk of the populace with old values. The 'evaporating electorate' that favored Buchanen and Perot and George Wallace (or Thomas Jefferson for that matter) has gone missing and will only be rarer as the youngsters, over half of them minorities, the other half brainwashed, grow up.

Limpet said...

I agree with what John Young wrote yesterday:

"The election of Barack Obama over John McCain is not a symptom of philosophical degeneracy of the electorate. After all, the average voter is not a philosopher. Instead, the election of Barack Obama is a symptom of the degeneracy of our political system as a whole, and of the Republican party, in particular."

pasta said...

Sorry for being off-topic, but I would just like to tell you that Google is in the process of deleting politically incorrect blogs. Have you backed up everything?

Diamed said...

here is the new Why South Africa Sucks site: