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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Race and the Olympics

Over at steve sailer has made a comprehensive list of running events and black domination thereof.

Alternatively, swimming was yet again dominated by whites. Maybe two blacks won swimming medals, much like a few whites won track medals. Asians seem okay at swimming and to fall somewhere inbetween.

Chinese dominated diving, table tennis, weightlifting, gymnastics and synchronized swimming. Aside from weightlifting, all of these sports require perfect self-control and fast reflexes.

The USA dominated swimming, gymnastics, and team sports. Almost all our medals were won by whites, our blacks even dropped the batons of the one sport they're good at, running. Asians and hispanics had fewer medals than their percentage of the population and thus were a drag on our medal count. We were not enriched or made more competitive by our diversity. The former USSR added together won far more medals than us, as did the EU, both with fewer minorities than us and roughly the same population. I'm not sure why the USA is so good at team sports, except perhaps we have more athletic depth and play team sports more often than the rest of the world. Perhaps we're nicer? It's interesting anyway.

The basketball win was a close win over Spain, an all white team. It does not prove black supremacy very well. Meanwhile our wins in volleyball, softball, soccer, water polo, and all the rest was achieved by whites. Unlike the myth, blacks did not do especially well at boxing either. We won around one bronze medal in boxing with our 'never bet on the white guy' blacks. It's apparent blacks are allowed to dominate sports as a self-esteem boost to them here in America, but when competing with the genuinely serious world they get trounced again. Aside from running, every other sport whites can beat blacks if they put their mind to it.

Cycling, shooting, rowing, sailing, equestrian, wrestling, kayaking, blacks don't even bother and never win. Why is this? If they're supposed to be physically superior you'd think they'd have dominated all sports by now. Instead they only dominate a very few and are competitive in a few more. It's obvious the whole myth is overblown. Blacks can run fast and far, if your sport doesn't include that, and if it requires any mental element like passing a baton, you might want to look elsewhere.

Most sports clearly contain a mental element. Asians displayed their mastery of synchronization which is a mental element that won them tons of diving and swimming and gymnastics medals. Whites displayed their teamwork in the team sports, their mastery of odd pursuits like equestrian and fencing that require tons of skill and little physical ability, and blacks, indians, hispanics, and everyone else piddled along and generally failed. The olympics are simply too cerebral for most of the world. They are sports that rely on intelligence and skill, especially the marquee sports: Women's and Men's Gymnastics.

I cannot tell you, I cannot describe how important the gymnastics competition is in the olympics. It's obvious by the fact China cheated in only this event that they cared more about it than any other. It's obvious by the prime time coverage breathlessly covering every second of gymnastics competition while never even looking at spear-throwing or horse-jumping, etc. It's obvious by the endorsements that go on the wheaties boxes and commercials and interviews. It's obvious just by watching these gymnasts that you're seeing something special and beautiful beyond all else. Where were the southern races in gymnastics? Our men's all-around team had an Indian who was kinda okay. He did not win anything in the following individual competition, Jonathen Horton the white did. I saw one brazilian black girl compete in gymnastics floor mat but she kept falling down and got nowhere near the podium. So much for the majority of the world's population and their bumbling lack of grace, difficulty, creativity, self-mastery. What it came down to is the beautiful girls of Russia, Romania, and the USA duking it out alongside the cheating kids of China. Nastia Liuken, a Russian who came to America won the gold. Shawn Johnson, an all-american girl coached by a Chinese, won silver. All the talent of the entire olympics world is obviously centered in this northern band. In men's gymnastics, japan, china, the USA, and a couple EU countries medalled. It was basically the same story.

Blacks can run fast and far. But can anyone feel as moved, as inspired, by watching blacks run, as they can by watching nastia's floor mat final for the all-around gold? Shawn Johnson's balance beam? Nastia's uneven bars? Can anyone watching the amazing skills, the wide smiles and sparkling costumes, the flips and twists and turns all done with perfect balance and placement, the almost inhuman stuck landings from enormous heights--and say to themselves, gee, I wish I were watching some more blacks running. Can anyone miss the difference between the innocent joy, the tears of relief and pride, the friendship of posing together smiling for the cameras, of the gold silver and bronze medal winners of the women's gymnastics, VS. Hussein Bolt thumping his chest like a gorilla and spreading his arms like a wingspan before the race was even done? Or the black woman who after winning screamed like a school girl (and remember Nastia and Shawn Johnson ARE school girls), rolled onto her back, and kicked her legs up uncontrollably windmilling like a 5 year old being tickled? Even running, blacks can't help being blacks, and it's always a turn-off even to watch them then. As for watching the gymnastics, it's memories you hope to never forget and never lose for the rest of your life. They are the 10.0's that like a Rembrandt or a Tchaikovsky you just want to preserve as 'ok this is gymnastics, this is the olympics, this is the highest skill at the greatest sport, this is nastia liuken.'

Nastia was born to two olympic gymnast medal winners, but of course there is nothing genetic about her success this month. Sure.

If the white race is Nastia Liuken and the black race is Hussein Bolt, it should be obvious to anyone who is superior. Who is the true 'complete package.' We have the brains, the skill, the beauty, and the athleticism to do things they never can. They can run fast while making fools of themselves in the process. Like the miss America competition where our black fell over because walking is too difficult for blacks, blacks in any competition always come out the losers. And Obama, our affirmative action president, is going to be the biggest loser of a president the world has ever seen, that is, if he doesn't lose to a 72 year old white guy in a bad economy in an unpopular war--a condition anyone but Obama could win in just to start with.

In our entire history, the USA has only won three olympic gold women's all-arounds. Mary Lou Retton, Carly Patterson from Athens 2004, and now Nastia Liuken in beijing. Shawn Johnson would have been the all-around champion in 2008 if not for being beat by her own teammate, and is an exceptionally good gymnast herself. Never before have we got gold and silver in the all around at the same time. This should be noted. White americans are performing at the highest level they ever have. Our best are doing their best and achieving the best in our entire history. They haven't betrayed us, but we have betrayed them. Even while displaying how enriching, how wonderful, the white race is and whites are for the country, we natter on about how enriching, how wonderful, non-whites are, without a single medal to base that on. They are baring their arms, legs, and souls for us and doing the most beautiful challenging skilled routines ever, and all they get in reward is another ten million mexicans and more talk about how racist and oppressive they are, how they are the cancer of human history, and America can never be good until we are the minority. There are more reasons than ever to be proud of the white race, but instead we are ever the more contemptuous of them. It is truly bizarre, and the blame is wholly ours.

One more thing, while I watched the olympics, I couldn't help but notice how many of our white athletes were also blonde and blue or green eyed. The fairest complexions were dominate in swimming, gymnastics, and volleyball at the least, but it more felt like everywhere you got a few extra power points if you were blonde. The physical supremacy of nordic whites, the aryans, over all other races was supposedly exploded as a myth because one black beat one white in one event in 1936. Ridiculous. Anyone who understands statistics and averages knows that so long as nordic whites outperform their demographic and win more medals than their portion of the world population, they are superior. I doubt any site in the world is willing to tackle this phenomena, but perhaps even a site with a photo of every medal winner and a little math would do the trick. Sleuthing time.

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