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Tuesday, April 17, 2018

That didn't last long:

The excellent ending theme of Death March's anime, 'Suki no Skill,' by Wake Up, Girls! took them from a one hit wonder to a 2 song eminent composer when it was added to my music hall of fame.  It was impossible to eliminate via mental tricks and shenanigans any further composers/performers, so I had to add a new category -- people responsible for 2 or more songs in my hall of fame, but still not worthy of being mentioned by name.

Two of the songs sung by Sarah Brightman were composed by the same guy, Francesco Sartori, so he was the first to be included in this new category.  That brought Brightman's total back below 100 again, after all the effort I put in to get it to 100.  Another two songs Brightman sings are by Dvorak, so that brought Dvorak's credit up to 10 songs and Brightman's down to 96.

Puccini is responsible for 2 of her songs, so that's down to 94.  Frank Peterson is responsible for 6 of her songs, so that's down to 88.  Andrew Lloyd Weber is responsible for 6 of her songs, so that's down to 82.  Angelo la Biondo is responsible for 2 of her songs, so that's down to 80.  Francis Lai is responsible for 2 of her songs, so that's down to 78.  Rachmaninov is responsible for 1 of her songs, so that's down to 77.  Lastly, Handel is responsible for 1 of her songs, so that's down to 76.

Since 6 > 2, Andrew Lloyd Weber and Frank Peterson made my eminent composers list.  I decided to kick out Simon and Garfunkel and Asuka Sakai to make space.

I also decided Handel, newly responsible for a second song, was a better composer than Celtic Woman so they were banished from the eminent composer list as well.

Rachmaninov had 2 song credits now, but still wasn't worthy of mention.

The other unfortunate prisoner of this new category is Yoko Ishida.  Francesco, Puccini, Rachmaninov, Francis, Asuka, Angelo, Simon, Celtic Woman and Yoko can hopefully get along in their cold barren wasteland of insignificance now that I've spurned them.

I suspect I'll eventually find more 2+ composers behind Sarah's songs, she usually sings someone else's product so it wouldn't be surprising if there were more actors behind the curtain, but this will do for now.

At least I kept my song total pretty at 4800, by eliminating Terminator 2's theme at the same time I added Death March's.  But ultimately that won't last long either.  There's just too much good music in the world to hold the line forever.

Meanwhile, the final chapter of Saki Biyori - Otona no Maki has been translated, so everyone should go read that manga if they haven't already.  There was also a lot of Sakura Trick translated recently, which was a welcome surprise.

A little bit more of SAO volume 18 was translated.  Every little bit helps, right?

Suka Suka EX received another translated chunk today as well.

I'm finally to the halfway point in Imouto Paradise 2.  3 routes down, 3 to go.  Hopefully I can finish by the end of the year. . .

Due to Death March's volume 15 being so good, it moved all the way up to 9th best Japanese series in my good books rankings.  I've only just begun volume 16 but it seems to be pretty good as well.  I knew Death March's author had it in him.


Matthew70371 said...

How do you feel of Gorsuch’s point of view on the deportation of illegal aliens?

Diamed said...

I think it's ridiculous. Of course we have the right to deport non-citizens under any circumstances. They aren't citizens so why would they have a constitutional right to be here? Never mind for violent crimes, we should deport non-citizen criminals of any stripe as just a matter of basic public hygiene. I don't think Gorsuch is a traitor or malicious, just an idiot who is too caught up in word games. But the damage is the same either way.