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Saturday, April 7, 2018

Terra Battle Misattributions:

I thought Nobuo Uematsu composed all of Terra Battle.  But actually it was a giant collaboration.  Yoko Shimomura was responsible for two songs, including the Lamia Boss Battle which I considered one of Nobuo's finest works.  D'oh.  One of the top ten songs ever composed by Nobuo wasn't actually composed by Nobuo. . .

Mitsuto Suzuki was responsible for the 4 Mobius Final Fantasy themes.  Kenji Ito composed the Daily Event Theme.  Hitoshi Sakimoto composed the Infernal Keep Theme.  Yasunori Mitsuda composed 'Beyond the Light.'

Put it all together and Nobuo lost 9 song credits, pushing him back down to 639.  (still pretty respectable, huh?)

Since Hitoshi and Yasunori got an additional credit, their neck and neck race for third stays the same.

Mitsuto Suzuki doubled the songs he was credited for, from 4 to 8.

Most importantly, Yoko Shimomura is now even with Naoshi Mizuta at 111 songs a piece.  Since Yoko's music is better (note, it includes one of the top ten songs by 'Nobuo Uematsu' now), she takes the pride of place at 6th.  I always knew she had it in her.

Meanwhile, I finished book 13 of Death March.  I don't understand why he's in love with Aze instead of Lulu, Zena, Sera, Arisa, Hikaru, etc.  What makes her special?  Why her?  They didn't share any particularly interesting times or memories together, so circumstances shouldn't have propelled his interest.  Are we really to believe that her personality is just that incredible that it beat every other girl, all of whom spent more precious moments with him than Aze did?  I just don't see it.  Her personality isn't bad, but it's nothing special either.  So why Aze?

The story is creaking at the seams with two problems.  1)  He has all these girls who like him and yet he hasn't ended up with any of them.  2)  Now that he can cast forbidden level magic demons are just small fry to him, so the 'fight a demon at the end of every book' climax just doesn't work anymore.  I suppose he could start fighting gods instead, but why?  Gods, unlike demons, aren't evil, so what would be the impetus?  Satou is too strong for his own good, the story can't stay interesting like this.

Well, the story also has good aspects, so I won't complain too much.  It's still better than Hataraku Maou-sama! or Spice and Wolf, of whom I've read even more books than Death March.  But these are the problems that keep it from competing with the likes of Hai to Gensou no Grimgar or Full Metal Panic!.

Just three more books to go, but they're all very long books.  Also, the story is still ongoing. . .

Meanwhile, SAO Alternative: Gun Gale Online's first episode was very promising.  Obviously it isn't going to be as good as the real thing, but it's a worthy addition to the canon nonetheless.  I had high hopes for this show and they were rewarded.

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