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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

The Witcher III music:

Vgchartz recently released its top 50 video game soundtracks list:

So I went into it wondering if there were any good music to discover and add to my hall of fame.  A lot of the songs I'd already heard and judged long ago, many were types of music I have zero interest in so didn't even have to check, and the few remaining I diligently listened through.

It was a poor result.  Nier Automata, Shadow of the Colossus, Kingdom Hearts, none of them were worthwhile.  Skyrim, Super Mario Galaxy, nope.  Even Assassin's Creed II let me down, which I had high hopes for.

There was only one shining exception to this misadventure:  The Witcher III: The Wild Hunt.  I started off liking a ton of songs, but slowly narrowed it down because many of the themes were repetitive, slow or grating.  In the end I harvested 6 new good songs for my music hall of fame.

The top 50 video game soundtracks as agreed upon by a prestigious video game fan website, and all I got is 6 lousy songs.  ::shakes head::

Well, six is better than zero.  Valkyria Chronicles 4 came out today, so maybe I can gather some more good music before this is all over.

The new total is 4466, 10.2 days in length.

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