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Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Grandia II Music:

All the stars were aligned.  Grandia II is one of my favorite games, so all the nostalgia possible would go into the value of these songs.  It was by a composer I already like, Noriyuki Iwadare, who did so well composing Lunar: Silver Star Story.  Surely this time I had chosen a game which would generate serious musical returns, right?

Wrong.  The end result was two lousy songs.  Actually, the two songs were fine, good enough to enter my hall of fame.  What's lousy is that after all that effort there were only two of them.

It used to be so easy to scoop up dozens of good songs per soundtrack.  Now you get a couple minnows after scouring the ocean.

If Grandia II was like this, there's no point even checking out Grandia I or III.  Video game music has clearly been overfished.  I may have to settle with what I already have.  At least until Valkyria Chronicles 4 and Soul Calibur 6 come out.

I suppose I could try the music of Parasite Eve 2.  It's by Naoshi Mizuta, whom I've always liked.  But I feel like Mizuta is already over-represented in my hall of fame as is. . .

Well, it couldn't hurt just to check out.  I played Parasite Eve 2, so it should even have some nostalgia factor going for it.  But after that I really need to stop.  This quest is so clearly fruitless.

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