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Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Granblue Fantasy the Animation Rewatched:

I finished the rewatch of Granblue Fantasy, including the all new Halloween episode.  It was just as I remembered -- everything's great except the plot.  I think 189th is a pretty accurate ranking.  I'm glad it's in my rankings, especially with a second season coming which should bolster its worth yet further, but I'd also be glad to see it replaced soon by something better.

No matter how evil the empire acts, even when it attempts genocide of whole countries, the heroes refuse to use lethal force in self defense.  It's that kind of childish atmosphere that really drags the story down.

In Tales of Zestiria, you have a genuine assassin in your party, who goes around killing bad people simply because they're bad.  This is the anime I'm rewatching next, as part of my oath to rewatch all anime I put in my rankings and label 'great.'  The only problem is that the tv version, unlike the video game version, censors all that out and makes Rose a crybaby who doesn't kill anymore and regrets all the killing she did in the past.  I hate what they did to the game with this anime adaption, but I have to rewatch it anyway.  Well, on the bright side, everything aside from the censorship, filler and abridgements is great.  UFOtable did a tremendous job with the art and animation, the voice actors are the same from the game, as is the music, etc.

The eye candy in both series is well worth it, but the plot of both isn't.  I suspect I'll enjoy Tales of Zestiria even less than Granblue Fantasy, but no one said this would be easy in the first place so I just have to plow in all the same.

If I don't like Zestiria, why is Tales rated so highly?  Because of the Phantasia, Symphonia and Vesperia anime, also part of the Tales franchise, of course.  They never did anything wrong.

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