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Thursday, March 15, 2018

200 is a good number:

By using a clever trick, I managed to reduce the number of eminent composers/performers in my good music hall of fame from 201 to 200.  I took a song that was sung by multiple singers, Haruka Tomatsu, Ai Kayano and Saori Hayami, and ascribed credit for the song to Haruka Tomatsu instead of Saori Hayami, who I'd previously given the credit.

Just like that, Haruka moved up to being responsible for three good songs, while Saori moved down to only performing one, and one shot wonders aren't listed in my eminent composers/performers list.

So without removing a single song from my music hall of fame, I reduced the number of composers/performers down one, to a nice even round number of 200.

I now have 200 eminent composers in my music hall of fame, 200 top ranking anime and 200 must-see movies.  200 is a good number.  It's possible to remember and recognize the 200 best of something, but it's impossible to care about the 201st best at anything.  It's like, really, 201st?  Who cares?

So I believe I'll put a ceiling on the number of movies worthy of recognition, and the number of composers/performers worthy of recognition, at 200, just like I already have for my anime.  If another composer/performer pops up with two good songs, I'll now decide whether to include them or not by comparing the quality of their songs with the other two song competitors, and throw out the weakest link.  In this way I can indefinitely keep the list at just the 200 most eminent no matter how much music I like.

If a good movie airs, I can make room for it by kicking out a previously ranked movie, and always only have to pay my respects to the 200 best movies ever made.  People don't have enough mind space for numbers beyond that, and 'must-see', 'must-hear,' 'must-read,' etc, requires a small enough pool that it's physically possible to actually see, hear and read it all within a human lifespan.  Making my halls of fame ever more elite and exclusive is not a bad thing, it just means my recommendations will carry that much more weight.

Someday I hope to find enough talented voice actors that their list also tops off at 200, but that's still a long ways off.  My anime voices hall of fame only currently has 122 members.

Just as 200 anime series can produce 9,305 episodes of must-see content, I'm not restricting the number of songs in my music list, just the important-to-remember names of the composers.  Authors can write as many books as they like, I'm just restricting the names of the authors you have to remember to 100.  And so on.  The goal is nice round numbers in all my halls of fame.

Speaking of my anime hall of fame, I changed the rankings up again, but only the series ranked 100 or above were affected.  I decided Death March hadn't really done much during its first season, which is likely to be its only season.  The meandering type story with its plethora of girls never actually got anywhere, so it isn't worthy of #110.  I bumped it back down to #140.  Meanwhile Ryuuou no Oshigoto! has had all sorts of exciting and dramatic moments, hilarious upsets of expectations and moving speeches full of wisdom and heart.  It took Death March's place as winter's standout hit, at #106 in my rankings.

Other series also shifted around.  I decided Planetarian's anime offers little value added compared to the visual novel, which people should really just go read instead, so I bumped it down to #189.  Hunter x Hunter moved up to #131 because my annoyance with the stupid make-a-wish and atomic bomb deus ex machinas is slowly receding in comparison to all the good things the series did before then.

To see all the changes, just check out my top anime rankings permapost which has all the exhaustive details:

Texas is doing very well at the dance, with 7 teams in the round of 64.  I have plenty of teams to cheer for this March Madness, so inevitably one of them has got to win.  March Madness truly begins in just one hour.  Finally, finally, the long wait concludes.

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