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Sunday, February 11, 2018

Yevgenia Soars:

I'm a huge fan of figure skating, especially women's figure skating.  I've watched every gold medal performance in the modern age.  I've never seen a triple-triple combination with a woman's arms above her head.  I don't think anyone in history has ever done anything like it, but Yevgenia did it perfectly, with complete aplomb.

No wonder she's skated the highest scoring routines in women's figure skating history.  It was a privilege to witness something so otherworldly-better than everyone else out there on the ice.  Russia is such a great country.

I love the team figure skating contest, but it is spoiling our appetites for when they all go out and compete individually using the exact same routines as we've already seen here in the team competition.  I feel kind of dubious about whether this event is a good or a bad thing.  I think the best part about it is it gives a chance for athletes to land a routine in case they fall on their other try.  I want to see everyone at their best, so by giving everyone two chances in the Olympics to skate their best, I get to more often see everyone at their best.  I think that makes the repetitiveness worth it.

Meanwhile, I'm up to book 9 of Gate.  These books, all set after where the anime end, are a lot worse than the anime.  The heroism of the JSDF as it reforms a world dominated by an evil empire was a great storyline, so why did it devolve into political shenanigans on Earth?  That's all these later books are about.  Now I understand why they never made a third season.

Well, who knows, I haven't finished the series, so maybe it gets good again later.  I just have to keep plugging either way.

Meanwhile, the Card Captor Sakura anime insists on being mostly filler even with this new season.  The exact same problem that plagued the original series plagues Clear Card hen as well.  Like this, the season is practically worthless.  In fact, the entire series is practically worthless.  People would be better served just reading the manga and be done with it.

The next time I revise my rankings, I suspect Card Captor Sakura will be down there at the bottom with other filler-plagued series like Negima and Rewrite.  Someday I want a top 200 anime with no filler-ruined series at all.  Maybe in a couple years. . .

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