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Thursday, January 18, 2018

Hataraku Maou-sama! volume 15 complete:

This book came out last month, but I only just now had the time to read it.  It's a giant info dump about the angels' and demons' past.  I'm fine with that, it's good to know what is going on and why, but it feels a long ways removed from the initial theme of this series.  There isn't any comedy or poverty or part time job stuff at all.

I wish this series would hurry up and finish.  Since it has nothing to do with the beginning anymore anyway, which is the story I actually liked, it has no purpose for existence.  This story has outlived its welcome, but I still want to read on because I still don't have basic answers to the initial questions posed -- will Maou and Emi assimilate to Earth life?  Will any romances bloom?  Will peace ever return to Enta Isla?  Will life in the demon world become sustainable?

We'll never know because the series is still ongoing even after all these volumes.  *sigh*

Meanwhile, I decided to upgrade Solzhenitsyn to my top non-fiction writer of all time.  Now that his Red Wheel series is going to be translated, the overall corpus of his literature outweighs the competition.  I'm a lot more eager to read the rest of Red Wheel than Hataraku Maou-sama!, but in either case it means the years ahead still have a lot to look forward to.

Because America is gripped by the same Jewish/liberal terror/fervor as Russia was, Solzhenitsyn is the most relevant thinker in the world to the people who live today.  If we read Solzhenitsyn, we can avoid history repeating itself.  But if we don't read Solzhenitsyn, we will fall into the exact same abyss Russia did, due to the exact same people, for the exact same reasons as before.  Nothing has changed.  The battlefield has simply moved westward.

It is all well and good to read about Lucretius outwitting the belief in pagan Gods, but we have much smarter, much more competent, much more devious intellectual opponents than the ancients ever had to parse.  If we don't arm ourselves with equally competent thinkers like Solzhenitsyn, the world is doomed, because next time it won't just be Russia, the globalists are intent on imposing liberalism, ie, mass immigration plus a complete clampdown on any dissident thought that wishes to avoid this fate, on the whole world this time around.  It's all or nothing.

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