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Monday, January 22, 2018

Double Checking:

My initial run through of my Motoi music collection took me from 2 days worth of music down to 6.5 hours of actual gems -- or 110 songs.  Now I'm just double checking to make sure every song I highlighted is actually worthy of entering my music hall of fame, a process which should come much quicker than the original run.

Once I have all the songs I want I'll update everything with a good music 12.0.  As things stand, Eternal Sonata is the big winner, with Star Ocean 5 coming in 2nd.  But a lot of different franchises got to contribute something, including Baten Kaitos (I and II), Beyond the Beyond, Golden Sun (1-3), Star Ocean (1-5), and Valkyrie Profile - Covenant of the Plume.

The average Star Ocean game had about ten hits each, but for some reason Second Story was much worse, with only four good songs.  Maybe Motoi Sakuraba had the flu when he was composing for this game or something.  Star Ocean 5 might well be the best sounding Star Ocean of all, which is really daunting, because it means even after all this time Motoi is still improving instead of declining with old age.  He's only 52, so I might be including many more songs by this same guy well into the future.

Motoi Sakuraba is at his finest when composing Tales games, but that's no reason to neglect all his masterpieces from elsewhere.  Now I'm the true Motoi master.

Meanwhile, the Patriots played a great game against the Jaguars for a thrilling fourth quarter comeback.  They now have the chance to win a 6th Super Bowl against the Eagles, who still have yet to win even one.  I know who I'm betting on.

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