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Thursday, December 7, 2017

Sore ga Seiyuu out in blu-ray:

When did Sore ga Seiyuu come out?  2015?  It feels like ages ago.  I gave up on this series ever getting a blu-ray release and rewatched it long ago.  And yet here it is.  1080p blu-ray Sore ga Seiyuu.  An early Christmas gift?

I guess I'll have to rewatch it again now, what with it being newly spiffy and all.  Someday.  But for everyone who wanted to watch Sore ga Seiyuu but were waiting for it to come out in blu-ray, here's your chance, thanks to [SNSbu] and

[GJM] did the blu-ray release of Rewrite and the files have all sorts of glitches.  It says that it will work with the newest version of cccp, but of course I have that and it still doesn't work.  It seems to work better on vlc but even then there are issues.  Very frustrating.  Blu-ray is supposed to be a far and away better experience than the original tv files, but apparently I ended up with a downgrade.

Oh well, one way or another Rewrite needs to be rewatched, so vlc it is.

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