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Sunday, December 10, 2017

Congrats to Precure on their 700th Episode:

Perhaps Naruto will reach 700 episodes as well, but for now Precure and One Piece make up a large fraction of all the good anime ever made.  Both of them have now passed the 700 barrier.

Neither series seems like it's ending anytime soon, either, so as time passes they're becoming an ever larger fraction.  It'll be an ironic day when the top 10 anime are as large as 11 through 200.

One thing playing Little Busters! and watching Rewrite reminded me of is how good the music is.  I had to add more songs from both of them into my hall of fame because I realized how happy I was to hear them when they came on, and that I'd never hear them again unless I put them in my hall of fame now.

Meanwhile Mixz Highwind has reached all the way through the final boss with around 60 Xenoblade 2 songs to show for it, so maybe the '120 songs' thing was a lie.  I don't expect any more Xenoblade 2 songs to be forthcoming even if there are more, since only Mixz is releasing them and now that he's beaten the game he has no purpose in releasing any more.

Xenoblade 2 was only worth 15 songs in the end, but all the extra Little Busters! and Rewrite songs make up for it.  The important thing is my music hall of fame has expanded to 4379 one way or another.  Good Music version 10.0 can be found here:

The final Naruto chapter written by Kishimoto is set to be adapted by the Bolt anime December 27th, that will be a nice moment.

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