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Sunday, November 5, 2017

Little Busters! English Edition Available:

For the impatient, Little Busters could be purchased November 1st from Steam.  For the patient, it can be downloaded for free from

For the crack, you have to download the first and last parts of the eroge downloads version, and then substitute in the outside-of-folder files from there into the torrented version.  Or you can just download the whole thing from eroge download, though that will take longer.

Either way, this is a must-have.  Little Busters! English Edition is a lot more thorough than the anime, so you'll get to read all sorts of new details about the lovable cast and feel much more connected to them as they all undergo their various sufferings.

This should be the highlight of the entire year.  Now all that's left is the hard work of reading through this massive tome.

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