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Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Kuromukuro Rewatched:

This is a show that aired in 2016, so I was cutting it close by rewatching it only at the end of 2017.  Nevertheless, I upheld my vow of rewatching every great anime that comes out in blu-ray within two years of the initial viewing.  Yet again I've proven that the anime I cite as worth watching is not only worth watching but worth watching twice.

I feel like the school side characters in the series add nothing of worth to the series and should have all been cut.  Also, the number of GAUS pilots could have been halved.  Just by doing that, they probably could have halved the length of the series.  If you need to shorten it more, just cut out some of the early fights with the various mecha enemy of the week eps.

Still, there's a kernel of greatness within the larger framework of this series.  Kennosuke and Yukina's relationship.  I can never get enough airtime focused on that.  It's the only thing that really makes me emotional about the show.  It's the one genuine thing in the midst of all the cg mechas.

Next up comes the much better Brave Witches blu-ray rewatch.

Marvel says they're already planning out 20 more movies that will come after Avengers 4.  Star Wars has also announced a new trilogy after Episode IX.  Disney seems intent on entertaining us forever.  And unlike the DCEU, they don't just announce movies and then have them disappear into the void, never to be seen, they actually make the movies they announce, and the movies are actually good.  DC could learn a lot from Marvel.

I do admit that the CW shows based off of the DC comics are pretty good, though.  The crossover special, Crisis on Earth X, was badass.  I've never seen Nazis given so much airtime to state their side of the argument and look cool, strong, and snazzily dressed while doing it.  Meanwhile the 'good guys' were a bunch of drunken, promiscuous gays, lesbians, race mixers and jews and their enablers (ie 'allies'.)  The crossover was like a documentary on the superiority of Nazi beliefs and culture, all laid out for you.  Goebbels would have been proud.

I wish they'd open a breach up for me to go to Earth X.  This planet only offers boys kissing each other over and over in the middle of what should be an action adventure superhero show in bizarre displays of public affection just to shove their grotesque conduct down our throats.  Why can't gays keep their ugly behavior to themselves?  Why must they insist on imposing it on everyone else?  Why are we supposed to celebrate and delight in public displays of mental illness and sin?  Couldn't they have just kept their kissing to when they were in private like everyone else of good sense and manners does?

No, the reason you're in a concentration camp isn't because 'you loved the wrong person.'  It's because you insisted on acting upon that love via gross, disease-ridden, unnatural sexual behavior and then parading it in front of all our faces and insisting we somehow bow down to your behavior which does nothing to benefit society (like marriage and reproduction does) but instead harms it in untold numbers of ways (predation on young children at 10 times the rate of straight men, spreading STD's, recruiting of innocents into the gay fold which permanently warps and ruins their lives, pushing the idea of promiscuity, hedonism, and consequence-free sex which ruins even straight couples when they mimic what they see in gay culture, disbalancing the number of male to female partners inevitably leaving some people lonely for life, supporting every other 'out-group' in order to destroy the normal, healthy core of the society in a sick idea of all the parasites needing to work together in order to overpower the host, on and on and on.)

Gays don't just 'love the wrong people.'  They do everything in their power to undermine and destroy civilization.  Just like Jews.  They ally themselves with nation-wreckers, like Muslims and blacks, and then import them by the billions into every corner of the world that's still decent and livable, all in the name of tolerance.  If you tolerate homosexuals, next thing you know they're demanding you tolerate blacks and Muslims too, in order to prove your 'tolerance cred.'  If, after all, you don't import billions of blacks and Muslims into your country and immediately give them all the right to vote and welfare, then that proves your heart is still possessed by 'hate,' which could eventually be turned against gays, so that can never be permitted.  So in order to absolve yourself of the sin of hating people for 'who they love,' suddenly you must be the victim of black crime, Islamic terrorism, and crippling communistic wealth redistribution.  Maybe you shouldn't have swallowed the fly that is gays?  Then you wouldn't have had to swallow the spider that is hispanics, or the bird that is Muslims, or the cat that is blacks, or the dog that is Jews, or the goat that is transsexuals, or the cow that is communists or the horse that is feminists.

It turns out that tolerating any aspect of 'pluralism' eventually requires that you tolerate any and all aspects of 'pluralism,' that you must tolerate anything and everything, anyone and everyone, that wishes to be part of your society, no matter how evil or awful they are.  So if you don't stop pluralism of any sort and demand people belong to a unified template and order, your country loses all identity and just becomes a corpse for the maggots to swarm over and feast upon.  The moment gays ceased identifying themselves as part of the tribe and instead considered themselves 'gays' above all else, they became enemies of the tribe who would do anything in their power to harm us for their own subset's gain.  You can never allow that in a country.  Any such group must be smashed immediately, or they'll smash you instead.  It's a life and death struggle from there on.  The Nazis were right to round up and exterminate all elements that lead to instability in their nation.  Any sensible country would do the same, any country that wishes to survive must be homogeneous, like Japan.  There is no other path to the future.  Every country that's attempted to take another path is headed towards certain and inevitable destruction, just like the Nazis predicted and feared.

Hispanics will destroy North and South America, Muslims will destroy Europe and Oceania.  Africa, India and the Middle East are already worthless.  The only decent place left to live on Earth is Japan/Taiwan/Singapore.  South Korea will eventually be destroyed by North Korea in a nuclear war so it's useless, and China's standard of living is still awful due to its mismanagement and corruption by an autocratic state.  This is all going to happen by 2100, within our lifetimes.  It's the end of the world and why?  What for?

All because we adopted the principal that 'hate' is wrong, that destabilizing elements of your society should be tolerated, celebrated, even mandated and imposed on the healthy, normal core of your nation.  And the only way to stamp out 'hate' entirely is to have no out group whatsoever, to welcome anyone and everyone into your bosom, no matter how obviously evil or awful, no matter how large a burden they'll impose on you.  This is the endgame of opposing the Holocaust, the logical and inevitable opposite of Nazism.

Either you create a template for your society, an in-group, and insist everyone belong to that standard, uphold that standard, and perpetuate that standard, or you just throw the gates open to anyone and everyone doing anything or everything and let chaos flood the land.  The Nazis went with option A, and created the greatest civilization on Earth before it was brutally smashed by external forces.  Afterwards, America, Europe and Australia have created option B, and we can all see how great that's been.  Our countries are sick and rotten.  Relationships can't form or can't stay together.  Everyone's unemployed or debt-ridden.  Everyone's taking drugs.  Everyone's obese and mentally ill.  Crime runs rampant and unchecked.  Even when we catch a rapist all we do is give them community service and ask them gently not to do it again.  Lies are boldly spoken and no truth teller is left to refute it, so entire generations are brainwashed into the most insane nonsense the world has ever seen.

The only reason why anything still works in these countries is the shrinking population of whites who still make enough money to pay for everyone else's benefits and refrain from crime in their own segregated neighborhoods.  But how long can that last?  Eventually the baby boomers will retire and die out, and there aren't enough whites in any subsequent generation to keep us solvent.  We're already running a deficit as is.  And eventually the segregated neighborhoods will be invaded and destroyed by minority elected politicians who will insist on 'affirmatively furthering fair housing.'  Then no one will escape the Brazil level crime rates found in our inner cities.  In fact, all crime will be legalized and the police will be banned from doing anything about it, because that's just 'white supremacy and oppression brutalizing our young black kids' etc etc.

Whites will be disarmed but blacks won't be.  We will have no legal recourse and no ability to fight back in self-defense.  All because we didn't wipe out our minorities when we had the chance.  Just like the Nazis warned us and tried to prevent within their own borders.  There are only two logical, principled stances you can take on this issue -- either the country belongs to the majority and the minorities must be expunged, or the country belongs to the minorities and the majority must be expunged.  The Nazis chose plan A, while everyone else chose plan B.  There are no other choices.  Gays are just one more destabilizing minority that votes every year to wipe out the majority.  That's their endgame and what they vote for every two years every American election.  It has nothing to do with who they chose to love, the problem was who they chose to identify themselves with.  They embraced the minority coalition instead of the majority race-tribe, and so now they're the enemy.  Reality couldn't be any simpler.  It's us or them.  Every single time, it always boils down to this.  Will it be us or them who survives into the future?  You can be a Nazi or a liberal, but in either case you're endorsing genocide.  Either of the destructive and degenerate minorities, or of the healthy and productive majority.  The two are in direct opposition to each other, like light and darkness, so the two can never coexist in the same place at the same time.  You have to choose one or the other.

This is what Tim Wise (the Jew) tweeted today:

“If white people elect Roy Moore in Alabama, no decent human being should ever spend another dime in that state, unless it is with a black owned business, or the Birmingham Civil Rights Museum. If Moore wins, it’s time to destroy white Alabama like we should have 150 years ago”

This is what we're up against.  And this is what the Jews, gays, etc vote for.  You can vote for Roy Moore and be anti-gay, or you can vote for Tim Wise and 'destroy white Alabama.'  These have always been your only choices from the beginning of time.  It's either Nazis destroying gays and Jews, or gays and Jews destroying whites while calling them Nazis.  You can be the boot stamping down or the face getting stomped.  This is the real world, a winner take all, survival of the fittest, war of all against all.  I wish we'd destroyed them 150 years ago, but we stupidly let that chance slide even though we'd managed to conquer the whole world.  Because we're just too damn nice.  Too damn soft.  Too damn fair minded, altruistic, and naive.  The Nazis saw through the nonsense and took the one and only course that could possibly lead to our continued survival and prosperity, and we stopped them by force.  Now we get to see the future they were trying to prevent play out right in front of us.  Let God's justice rain down upon the land.

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