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Monday, November 27, 2017

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry Available:

Subbed in blu-ray, hot off the presses, the 2nd Fairy Tail movie is ready for viewing.  Like the first, it was scripted out by Hiro Mashima so it's as canon as these things can be.  This makes it a must see event, but it doesn't up the number of great franchises that aired this year -- the 9th Fairy Tail ova aired earlier this year so Fairy Tail was already represented.

I dropped Kumi Tanioka's 'Serenity' from my music hall of fame due to it being too boring and repetitive.  That lowers Kumi's total contribution down to 38 and the overall hall of fame down to 4354.  Xenoblade 2 can't come soon enough.  Even when the game releases, though, there's no guarantee the whole soundtrack will be made available online.  It could be months or years or never for that to happen, based on the whims of piracy, so December 1st isn't the end of the wait, it's more like the beginning.

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