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Sunday, November 12, 2017

Blend S Dropped:

Blend S has plenty of good points, like the art, the animation and even sometimes the humor.  But it's all ruined by the manager.  He almost crashes a van, nearly killing like seven people, all because he's too sexually excited to drive responsibly.  He passes out bleeding in a women's swimwear store.  He lacks all common sense and is constantly causing trouble for the people around him.  These are sins he committed in just the latest episode.  Over the previous five eps he's done plenty of other creepy and dumb things as well.

I liked the initial setting of the series, getting to watch people play various characters while serving customers, but it feels like we're slipping further and further away from this show's strengths and more and more into its weaknesses.  There wasn't any customer service at all this episode.  It's like a basketball series that no longer plays basketball.

Luckily, Yuuki Yuuna starts airing new content next week so there won't be any diminution of the lineup overall.  The sooner this season is replaced with the winter lineup the better though.

Meanwhile, I finished rewatching Hayate and began re-reading the manga chapters not covered by the anime.  The series' plot was kind of confusing so re-reading the manga might help out when it comes to the non-silly-comedy aspects.

I've also started playing Little Busters! English Edition.  I have a lot of complaints, like with the censorship from even the Japanese memorial edition (nevermind Ecstasy), the inability to retain your stat improvements between routes (thus making the mini-games practically unwinnable), and how much of the content was already covered by the anime and thus boring, but the innate quality of the story still shines through all that.  I just have to get to portions the anime didn't cover and it will become a real gem.  When that happens seems like a distant shore though.

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