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Friday, November 4, 2016

Hillary Literally Worships Satan:

Mittens has finished translating Hataraku Maou-sama! volume 12 for fans' viewing pleasure.  Here's the link:

Mittens tends to  keep these novels around for only one week, so act now or forever hold your peace.

Meanwhile, there's finally, finally been a blu-ray version of Nanoha A's released with a decent filesize (one with more information than the dvd release, which is the least you could expect from a blu-ray file.)  Here's the link:

Now they just need to release Vivid in blu-ray.  (yeah right, not gonna happen. . .)

But one can always hope, right?

Meanwhile, Podesta, Hillary and Huma are literally Satan Worshippers.  The latest wikileak talking about 'spirit cooking' is just the portal to an entire sick, sick world that the rest of us will never understand and don't even need to understand.  The fact is Trump called her the devil, I called her the bride of Satan, the FBI calls her the anit-christ, she's been called the 'thing that comes from below,' possessed by demons, and so many other daemonic charges, by so many different people, that it's clear that everyone caught the vibe and subconsciously understand there was something about her.  But now it's just right out there in the open.  She worships Satan.  So does her entire campaign staff. They all worship Satan together.  She is the Adversary.  She is evil incarnate, and happily embraces that status herself.  The odds of her having made a pact with the devil to get this much wordly gain without any repercussions for all of her criminal behavior are around 80%.  She's the best living proof of the Devil's existence around.  But the Devil's bargains tend to always fall through at the very end, and I think this time God might be making sure she's really, truly toast.

We've had 44 presidents so far, including generals, statesmen, and visionaries who have made America the proudest legacy in human history.  The 45th president should not be a devil worshiper.  She does not belong in the company of those who came before her.  That's quite simply disqualifying.

We know for a fact that Bill Clinton traveled on the 'lolita express' with Epstein 20 times.  Unless he really enjoyed Epstein's company, he was there for the child prostitutes Epstein specialized in and has already been convicted for and sent to jail over.  Now we have suspicious emails coming from Podesta talking about getting pizza and hot dogs from 'the usual channels,' as though there's some sort of underground railroad network that delivers super secret pizza to the higher ups of the democratic party.  Either these people take an extremely unusual amount of interest in basic American staples, or it's code for underage male and female sex slaves.  From what we know about Bill and the Lolita express, combined with the unusual wording on these emails, odds are it's child sex rings.  Given that these people are already explicitly attending Satanic Rituals, the idea that there's anything too repulsive or evil that they would not stoop to is rather naive.

This is the candidate we're dealing with, folks.  A serial rapist of little boys and girls, a Satan worshiper, a mass murderer who everyone knows killed Vince Foster, Ron Brown, Seth Rich, and so many more personal enemies, someone who set up a blood from prisoners for profit business that infected and killed at least 4,000 hemophiliacs by giving them AIDS, someone who ordered the butchering of 80 women and children at the Branch Dravidian Complex, burning them to death and shooting anyone who tried to escape the inferno (fitting for a Satan worshiper, huh?), someone who has lied about every last thing that ever happened in her life, who lied about why four people died at Benghazi and when pressed on her attempt to escape responsibility for their deaths breezily and sneeringly dismissed the issue with:  "at this point, what difference does it make?", who made a fortune in bribes and corrupt deals across her entire lifetime, whose business partners all mysteriously end up dead while she escapes clean and richer than ever before, whose only achievement as Secretary of State was throwing the world into chaos (perfect for a Satan worshiper, huh?), who has no achievements at all as a Senator, and who is married to the only person on Earth perhaps as evil as she is.  This is a woman who is so petty she even stole the White House furniture on her way out the first time.  She never returned it, and never paid for it.  Just one more crime she's gotten away with that no one else on Earth could have ever gotten away with, on top of all the others.  The odds are about 90% that she's a lesbian or bisexual, that she had an affair with Vince Foster, and that her entire marriage is a sham with both sides cheating on each other endlessly and without a scruple.  The fact that they posed as a loving couple for the convention was one of the most sickening and vomit-inducing farces the world has ever seen.  They are partners in crime, nothing more.  That's all they've ever been since the beginning, no doubt when they first swore their fealty to Satan together.  And we already allowed this family to stain the White House once for eight years.  The idea that we could put them back there again is unthinkable.  Horrendous.  Unforgivable.  Irredeemable.

It's obvious to anyone that Hillary is guilty of mishandling classified data.  Other people who have done much less than her are rotting in jail for the same crime as we speak.  But it's ludicrous that the FBI is investigating her over such a minor issue, that likely didn't harm a single soul.  When we compare this pointless investigation to all the real crimes that have had real victims across her lifespan (remember the 500,000 Iraqi children who Madeleine Albright said were 'worth the price' of killing under the Clinton presidency?), you can only laugh or cry at the stupidity of Man.

Hillary should be dangling from a lamppost like Mussolini, but not over some stupid emails.  When are her true colors going to finally be exposed to the world?  How can she escape all these damning facts without actually being dragged down to hell by dark spirits like in the movie Ghost right off the street, just as she's walking along?

There are four days until the next president of the United States is elected.  If the people of the USA do not want to be judged as equally depraved as Hillary herself, they must not vote for this woman.  She probably died long ago and is simply a puff of demonic energy at this point, her heart is so dark it shapeshifted into a supernatural entity long ago.

This isn't even about issues anymore.  This is about Satan.  Does America literally want to worship Satan alongside his new, highest ranked Emissary from Below?  Is this where we've come?  Is this the final destination of our experiment known as 'democracy?'

If Hillary wins, she isn't the only discredited entity here.  America is discredited as a nation.  Democracy (at least when it isn't restricted to white men of property) is discredited.  Feminism is discredited.  Hundreds of millions of people will have forfeited their souls, and none of their lives on Earth will any longer be worth a dime.  You could kill them all, rape them all, plunder them all, torture them all, do whatever the hell you wanted to them, without any moral compunction, because after all they voted Hillary, so what were they ever worth as people to begin with?  Killing them all and letting God sort them out is already way too merciful compared to what they truly deserve for delivering this monster to the highest throne on Earth.

But let's talk about the issues for a few seconds.  If Hillary is elected, the Republic is gone forever.  She will appoint 4 new Supreme Court Justices who will rubber stamp anything that passes through her demonic head.  The constitution will be balled up and thrown in the trash bin once and for all.

Meanwhile, no further elections will be held.  After Hillary has amnestied her 11 million illegals, who can then sponsor their entire extended families to move here and become citizens, we're looking at 50 million extra sure-fire Democratic party voters.  Almost doubling their vote count from what they have today.  Add in all the felons who will be granted the right to vote and her 'open borders' for the entire Southern Hemisphere, and you get an unassailable permanent democratic majority of a country called America but no longer sharing any traits with the nation that lasted from 1776-2016.

Everyone can vote all they like, but after this election it won't mean anything.  Our vote will be so diluted by the masses of immigrants that we'll never have another say in our own lives ever again.  Voting in such a world is just a sick joke.  Pretending like the system is even legitimate enough to bother voting just gives them a moral sanction they don't deserve to keep the machine rolling.  This is the last election America will ever have, if Clinton wins.  This is for all the marbles.

Perhaps you're fine with a permanent democratic majority, maybe you think that's great.  But I'm telling you now it's not going to be great.  Socialism has been tried in Venezuela and elsewhere, the result is always economic collapse.  We cannot afford a permanent Democratic majority, completely unmoored from economic realities.  They will tax and spend, tax and spend, regulate and regulate, inflate and inflate, until there's nothing left and we're all starving in the streets, just like Venezuela today.  With no electorate left to stop them, the process will grind all the way to its bitter logical endpoint.  Nothing can stop them and they'll never stop themselves (remember, these people are literal Satan worshipers, they have no incentive to stop short of the destruction of the world.)

Which brings me to my next point.  Hillary is so bellicose vis a vis Russia that we're seriously risking nuclear war with her as president.  As a Satan worshiper, she couldn't have asked for anything better.  It's her chance to annihilate the entire human race, something the Adversary will be whispering in her ear to do every day the moment she takes office.  How long before she pushes the red button?  And remember, according to her own words, a president's command to nuke the world into oblivion 'must be obeyed,' and within 4 minutes, no less, of the moment she gives the order.  Electing Hillary could be the last record of life on Earth.  It will take aliens coming here to piece together the rest of our story through our shattered architecture.  It will be too late to regret voting for the Satanist once she's already bared her fangs.  That's why you vote against Satanists beforehand.

Hillary will throw out freedom of speech, and any opposition to her Satanic agenda will be illegal.  Christianity itself will be deemed 'deplorable' and 'un-American,' which is what you'd expect from our first Satanic President.  Did you really think you could still worship Jesus once the Prince of Lies is in charge? hahahahahahahahahaha.

Hillary's environmentalism will bring the entire economy to a shuddering stop, that is if there's anything left after her socialism has been put into force.

Hillary's support for partial birth abortion is sickening, but just what you'd expect from a Satanist.

Hillary supports the war on cops, and cheers whenever black thugs assassinate them in cowardly ambushes.  She is against actually catching criminals, because she's one herself, so of course she identifies with all her black brothers on the streets.  Expect a soaring murder rate just from Hillary's hit jobs alone, never mind the olly olly entrance free mere anarchy she wishes to unleash upon the world.

Every possible perversion and moral degeneracy will be legalized and even championed in the schools, brainwashing children as young as five years old.  The nuclear family won't survive.  I wouldn't be surprised if satanic shrines and bleeding goat heads weren't put in every classroom by the end, and like in Germany where you must send your children to public schools, where they then are forced to attend mosques and bow down to Allah, at the beginning of every day instead of a pledge of allegiance, a satanic rite will be performed with cutting and orgies for all the kindergartners on up.

If Hillary becomes president, every institution will be degraded and decaying, and it will continue to degrade and decay forever.  With her permanent democratic majority in place, it will just be one Hillary clone after another in the presidency from here on.  There will never be an economic recovery.  There will never be law and order.  There will never be freedom.  There will never be peace.  There will never be justice.  There will never be anything we used to take for granted in America anymore.  The fix will be in, and it is we the people who will suffer through it.  For fifty years, or if you were stupid enough to have children, 100 years.  America will be worse than the USSR.  And you will have to suffer under this new evil empire for the rest of your lives.  The pain will never stop and never get better, ever again, until the rotten carcass of this state finally falls apart under its own gravity.  Don't expect a single building to be left standing by the end.  Don't expect a single family to still be intact by the end.  Don't expect even a single soul to be left unsoiled by the end.  It will be the end.  Nothing will survive, nothing can survive, when Satan is literally given control of the most powerful country on Earth.

Vote Trump.  Seriously people.  This isn't a game anymore.  Trump is our last hope, individually, as a nation, and perhaps for the whole world, perhaps for any hope that the human race doesn't go extinct in the very near future.  This isn't something you can laugh off anymore.  You're either with Her, who is with Lucifer, or you're against her, and thus with Him.

This shouldn't be a difficult choice.  The fact that Hillary is polling anywhere above 1% is atrocious enough.  Don't make it any worse than it already is.  Vote Trump and save what can still be saved.  At the very least, you can still save your own soul.

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