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Monday, October 24, 2016

Kickstarter Nazism:

Nazism is like Kickstarter.  You start with the cheapest and most basic version of a product, and if it receives more support, it's embellished with further rewards.  The kickstarter succeeds if the initial request is met -- everything after that is stretch goals.  The more stretch goals that are met, the more awesome the project becomes.  So here's what I'm talking about in Kickstarter terms:

"Item:  unified, concerted action of serious Nazis who mean serious business."

"100 Nazis -- found our own town in a remote corner of the USA and raise our commingled children the Nazi way."

"1,000 Nazis -- found our own seasteading in international waters and make laws the Nazi way."

"10,000 Nazis -- our seasteading becomes a country with at least one nuclear weapon capable of defending our way of life, the Nazi way of life."

"100,000 Nazis -- never mind about a sea-steading, just take Montana via secession, (keep the nuclear capacity part though)."

"300,000 Nazis -- conquer Mozambique with fire and blood, drive the natives out and start the 4th Reich, the Nazi way, all the way.  (keep the nuclear capacity part so no one can intervene)"

"1,000,000 Nazis -- forget about Mozambique, or anywhere on Earth, and settle Proxima Centauri instead.  Say goodbye to all the woes that bad genes and bad cultures have created ever since 1945.  We need never dwell upon them, or among them, again.  (Warning, most Nazis will only be able to donate fertilized eggs to this trip, alongside all of their money to make this new Noah's Arc, or shall we call it Hitler's Arc, possible.)"

"30,000,000 Nazis -- never mind about Proxima Centauri, rise up on the night of the long knives and like the Rwandans machete all our enemies in our midst, becoming the United States of Nazi America.  Comes with enslavement of hot women and genocide of everyone who ever annoyed you."

"100,000,000 Nazis -- conquer (and purge) the world and ensure a future of Nazism for all time.  The long promised thousand year Reich begins today.  (As a bonus, everyone gets a copy of Mein Kampf, a Nazi flag, a swastika armband, and a giant statue of Hitler will stand in front of the new capital building which exactly follows the blueprints of Hitler's designs back when the original Reich had it planned.)

"1,000,000,000 Nazis -- be the first to board the new colonization starships towards the creation of our new intergalactic Nazi empire, complete with fashionable futuristic looking sweaters and blond smiling wife and kids.  Eugenically enhanced bodies and minds are essential for the enjoyment of the limitless wealth at our fingertips and the boundless joy of creation that stretches ever outwards as far as our light drives can see.  (As a bonus, you never have to listen to a liberal lie again.)"

"1,000,000,000,000 Nazis -- advanced Artificial Intelligence will now pretend to be smarmy liberals and mouth annoying lies and obviously irrational arguments, just so that you can smash them with hammers into a pulp and enjoy the same delights as your long ago ancestors did on Earth.  Virtual Reality renders all human problems moot, introducing new and more interesting problems in their stead, like how to beat the latest boss.  Artificial bodies and endless backups completely solve the issues of poor health, pain and death.  Suspend your consciousness for limitless amounts of time, pretending to grow up as someone else somewhere else somewhen else instead, until you are ready to cut off the simulated timeline and rejoin the information you learned with what you have already experienced before; gather all experiences and be all things that have ever lived.  As an omnipotent and omniscient being, make Nature your plaything, engage with foreign intellects around you in lively company and harmony or keep to yourself and cultivate your own Earthly garden of AI dolls who act as you wish people always had.  Reign as the God you always wished the silly fantasies said about them were true.  Remodel your very brain into a completely different organism with different wants and goals, the ones you really wanted and no genes programmed into you.  Or in other words, do as thou wilt is the whole of the law."

Call now for a special price of just our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor!


Anonymous said...

100 Nazis -- found our own town in a remote corner of the USA and raise our commingled children the Nazi way.

And what would you do if someone forces your town to accept non-whites?

Diamed said...

Abandon the city and try somewhere even more remote that non-whites don't want to follow us into. Non-whites aren't exactly keen to ruin their quality of life just to spoil the fun of 100 random obscure Nazis. Also, the sheer fact that we're a group of Nazis would normally repel any non-white from steering within 100 miles of us. I don't think this is a serious issue. If we became a metropolis offering lots of jobs and amenities, yes non-whites would flock to us, but a rural subsistence village that offers nothing but terrible weather?

Anonymous said...

Hi, Diamed. I'm just whistleblowing here. I'd love that you do a post commenting on the following:

Diamed said...

It's just more of the same cultural enrichment, celebration of diversity, etc. Liberals don't take religion seriously so they think this play-acting is just for fun, no big deal, has no symbolic meaning, like dressing up to play cowboys and indians. If it helps Germans (or Dutch in this case, but German children are forced to do this too) better understand and appreciate their ethnic neighbors, all the better, fostering harmony and integration across the board. Once we stop rejecting the 'other' they'll grow to love us, and then we can all sing kumbayah together.

Of course, we've learned through the fumie experiment in Japan that gestures like these do matter, that they humiliate and break your spirit and make you incapable of standing up for what you truly believe anymore. Bowing to Allah isn't something you can take back, just like stepping on the portrait of Mary isn't something you can just laugh off and forget. Saying the confession of faith to Islam, according to Islam, is enough to make you a Muslim, and from there on if you don't obey the Quran you're an apostate (the penalty for apostasy is death), so not only does it shake these little kids to their core that they've been forced to do something they did not believe in, and that therefore their conscience no longer has any meaning or dignity in the state that supposedly represents them, it creates yet another front for Muslims to assault Europeans with -- "It's too late to object to Islam now, you've already all sworn yourself as Muslims and now we're just enforcing the rules on Muslims you've already agreed to become."

When all these European countries become majority muslim, all those kids who recited the shahada and bowed down in mosques will have their debts called in, and they will find themselves having to convert or die, just like the Quran spelled out would happen to them. But then again, when Europe becomes majority Muslim, the women are already slated to become sex slave harems like under the turks, so whether Germans (or Dutch in this case, but the German children are forced to do this too) play at these silly pretend muslim excursions or not, all the destinations are still the same.

It's possible that Muslims won't go all ISIS on Europe and formally adopt a caliphate once they gain power, but they can achieve the same result in a different manner which is probably even more likely -- simply don't enforce any sexual assault or rape laws when it is Muslim on Infidel. In fact, it would look exactly like Germany already looks today, where not a single person from the Cologne mass rape was arrested. The women (and prepubescent boys) are in effect just walking repositories for muslim male lust whenever they have a sexual emergency, and all the authority figures just look away -- though they'll be sure to crack down hard on anyone who tries to stop the assaults. The harem still exists, it's just never spelled out in any formal law code.

But you know what? Since women are the ones who voted all these barbarians in, and voted for these stupid field trip excursions to mosques in the first place, let them suffer. I can think of no better fate to befall those dopey women holding 'refugees welcome' banners up to greet their invaders and conquerors. It'll be the first justice that's existed in that continent in a long time.