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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Dracu Riot Patch Released:

A full english translation of Dracu Riot is now available at Eroge download.  This is the 'rough draft' version of the patch, a later, more edited version should be coming along later.

However, since fan translations are notoriously unreliable, that later could be years from now or never, so it's best to download this patch for now just to make sure you have something when the rubber hits the road.  If another patch comes along and you still haven't gotten around to reading Dracu Riot yet, great.  If you really want to read Dracu Riot and you don't want to wait for another patch, now's the time to strike.

It's nice to see that my prediction that the patch would be released soon came true.  Now I have to juggle Idol Chiru Chiru Michiru, Harmonia, Dracu Riot, Majikoi S and Hoshizora no Memoria.  ugh!  But it's not a bad thing having more visual novels than I can handle.  It would be much worse if I had too few.

Meanwhile, defan has translated a bit more of SAO volume 17 chapter 21, so be sure to check that out.

Plus I've started up the Unlimited Fafnir Brynhildr prequel volume.  This and some short stories are the last hurdles before I have an Unlimited Fafnir full clear.

While I work on Fafnir, the next volume of Hataraku Maou-sama!, volume 12, has almost finished being translated, so I'll quickly be forced back onto that track as well.  Baccano will have to wait.

Google's machine language translation hasn't been released yet, so all these fan translators need to keep up the good work until the very end.

As expected, yesterday was a thrilling day of college football.  Next week will be a lot more blase.

My Fall 2016 Anime First Impressions post will cover the new promising shows of the now airing fall anime season.  That should be ready in a week or so, once enough shows have actually aired.  The fall season has finally begun, so it's time to get hyped.

Finally, Nanoha Reflection has an air date set in Japan, Summer of 2017.  Ero Manga Sensei's tv anime has also been set for spring of 2017.  Have I mentioned how awesome 2017's year in anime is going to be?  Well, 2016 isn't done yet, so let's concentrate on the bounty we can still harvest this autumn.

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