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Sunday, July 10, 2016

Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume 0 Translated:

For a limited time only, volume 0 is available for download.  The password is lucifer4048669001

You don't want to miss this chance and then regret it later.  Just download it for now and read it whenever.

Meanwhile, I've finished my tales of hearts music and moved on to tales of innocence.

I'm reading volume 5.5 of Hataraku and am about halfway through, but it's slow going because the series isn't exactly gripping these days.

I'm waiting on the 4th and final short story of 12 Kingdoms to be translated, having finished the first three rapidly, but who knows if or when that will occur.  This story really is gripping.

Philando Castile was stopped 52 times and cited for 86 violations and fined $6,866 before being executed by a cop last week.  The violations were all nuisance crap like driving without a license, driving without insurance, driving without his seatbelt on, driving without a muffler, etc.  Eventually he was killed for driving without a taillight.  The idea that this man, who peacefully went through the process 52 previous times, and has no other criminal record, suddenly went for his gun and tried to kill the two cops pulling him over this time is absurd.  The idea that he'd do so with his girlfriend and 4 year old daughter in the car is even more absurd.  This guy has proven himself invincibly patient and tolerant of cop harassment.  Anyone else by now really would have dived for their guns and tried to kill the cops, but this guy kept peacefully taking his hits, paying his fines, and moving on, 52 times in a row.  He was hounded to death, then killed out of hand, for nothing.  A cafeteria supervisor, too poor to keep all his documents in order, needing a car in order to get to work, just trying to scrape by in middle America, hounded to his death by a system that cannot understand his circumstances and will not forgive even the most minor of trespasses, but instead decided to just shoot him dead in a spray of bullets without even offering him a trial where he could argue his case.

I don't think I've ever heard of a greater injustice in US history.  If this cop doesn't fry for what he's done, expect another Dallas shooting.  And another, and another, until cops finally start hearing what we're trying to say.

The government no longer protects the people.  It just mugs them and/or kills them at random.  Most people can stay out of trouble just by not interacting with shady individuals and keeping their head down.  However, no one can avoid the avaricious and predatory cops, who pull you over just for existing and use their overwhelming fire power to extort endless money from you, far more than any mugger could dream of.  This is Mexico policing.  They're never there when you need them, but they're more than happy to kidnap you and require bribes before being released back to your family.  Our police are the most dangerous aspect of going outside our own doors.

The entire police department should be disbanded.  People can just defend themselves and settle their own disputes by taking matters into their own hands.  Revenge will replace justice, since there's no justice in America anymore anyway.  We may as well give revenge a chance.  Everyone should just be super polite around each other, and if you don't start nuttin, won't be nuttin.  People can go decades, lifetimes without being assaulted or raped or whatever by vicious strangers.  But you can't go even a few months without being hounded by the cops about complete non-issues, and every time they pull you over, or stop and frisk you, there's a chance that today they'll just feel like shooting you for no fucking reason, something most criminals are polite enough not to do.  Public servants my ass.  I'd rather just take my chances in an anarchy.


Anonymous said...

What should I do if I missed it? I couldn't solve the puzzle on the site either.

Diamed said...

This torrent has volume 0 included, I'm not sure if it's still being seeded though. Good luck!