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Thursday, July 21, 2016

Fan Made Dragonball Recut:

A fantastic service has been done the anime world by one meager fan.  All on his own, he created Dragonball Kai for the original Dragonball.  That's right, the Dragonball before Z, that was never given a Kai release, now has a Kai release, all thanks to a lone fan.

What this means is that all the filler that infested the series is gone.  Not just the filler eps, but the filler sequences within canon episodes, are all gone.  As a result, the series is now just 82 episodes long, instead of the original 150+.

As Dragonball stood it was so polluted with filler it just wasn't worth watching.  Now 82 episodes of high quality pure content stand before us again, ready for viewing.  That's a huge improvement to Dragonball as a franchise overall.  Suddenly Dragonball is longer than Bleach and Fairy Tail again.

I so desired this recut to be made that it was on my anime wishlist, and now that wish is fulfilled.  With a spot left open I may as well put Ad Astra per Aspera back in instead.

Clearly this new and improved Dragon Ball should be my next anime viewing project.  I already finished what Durarara there is released in blu-ray, so this is perfect timing.

Future generations will be infinitely grateful that they can watch Dragon Ball from the beginning now, instead of having to start in the middle where Kai begins its tale.  With Super being an infinitely better sequel than GT ever was, it feels like the three thirds of Dragonball are now all respectable pillars of the story as a whole.  That someone could sit down, watch Dragonball Recut, then Kai, and then Super, all in one go, and enjoy the whole experience from start to finish, and have a true start, true middle, and true finish with no filler from beginning to end.  Dragon Ball is a great manga and deserved an anime treatment like this, and now it's finally gotten it.  Of course, when watching Super, it's important to start with the two movies, and only start watching Super once the plot continues on after those movies, because the episodes redoing the movies were of much lower scripting, pacing, and visual quality than the movies themselves were.  I just consider the two movies to be the true beginning of super and the continuation to be the only Super tv series that's aired.

Meanwhile, I'm about halfway through Hataraku Maou-sama! volume 0.  It's slow going because again, the story just isn't compelling.  This is the final translated portion of Hataraku so I'll finally be free of it after this.

Meanwhile, Lyin' Ted broke his word and refused to endorse Donald Trump at the convention today.  As a Texan, I'll enjoy voting against him in the next primary he's scheduled to compete in.  What a scumbag.  Him, and Kasich, and Jeb Bush, and all the others swore to God over and over again that they would endorse the republican nominee, and they all broke their words.  Their words are all worth shit, just like their own human worth which is worth exactly shit.  It's no wonder the Republican party has been so worthless for so long, when all these honorless scumbags were its frontrunners.

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