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Monday, July 25, 2016

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (ERASED) Blu-Ray:

Dragon Ball Recut has been fantastic so far.  I'm blazing through the series without any trouble.  The Pilaf arc is better than the 1st tenkaichi, red ribbon or fortune teller baba arcs, but the 2nd tenkaichi arc has a lot going for it, it feels like dragon ball has finally transitioned from its early gag manga to a proper battle manga.  At this rate I'll be done in no time.

Meanwhile, ERASED has come out subtitled in blu-ray, which is a pretty quick release speed given it only ended broadcasting a few months ago.  I think I'll hold off on rewatching the show until it's deeper into my long term memory banks, but it's still great to snag the item fresh from the oven.

Defan's translation now covers the entirety of chapter 20 of Alicization Awakening.  The halfway point of volume 17, and boy is a lot going down.

I've finished Hataraku Maou-sama! Volume 0, and with it all of Hataraku Maou translated thus far.  All that's left is Unlimited Fafnir and I'll be caught up on all good translated light novels of any sort.  If I hadn't recently added Fafnir to my light novel list, I'd be done already.  >.<

Fairy Tail's latest chapter celebrates its 10th Anniversary.  Gildarts is back!  Congratulations to Fairy Tail.  At this rate it's going to overtake Naruto and Bleach in length as well as quality.  Here's hoping.

Tales of Zestiria the X is a visual phantasmagoria.  With art this good I don't even care about the plot anymore.  The Zestiria plot is basically about glorified janitors wandering around and cleaning up the world's spiritual stains one by one until the whole continent is spick and span.  But this very simple story, when coupled with UFOtable's legendary quality, actually starts to look pretty damn awesome.  Love Live Sunshine is also hitting it out of the park.  Rewrite and Planetarian just don't have as high budgets and look pale and watered down in comparison.  Neither anime lives up to its visual novel roots.

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