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Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Tamayura Graduation Photo Movie 4 Subbed:

Tamayura is finally complete in English as well as in Japanese.  It took six years but the journey has finally reached its port.  What a sentimental, emotional ride it's been, too.  The visuals behind this final episode were also breathtaking, like when they were talking in the playground.  The girls are all so pretty, whether in the bathtub or graduating, there's just so much effort put into the aesthetics of this show.

Some of the characters are less appealing than others, and the plot is rather dull and repetitive, but the plusses of this series outweigh the minuses.  Besides the emotional power and the aesthetic beauty, there's the fact that Tamayura is one of those rare anime series that go from start to finish with no filler inbetween, a rare trait, especially in a long series like this, that we should be ever grateful for.

2016 will be remembered for the conclusion of many shows, from Code Geass to Assassination Classroom, but Tamayura is definitely up there as just as significant a milestone.  Since the show is safely in my rankings at #168, at least I will never forget this moment.  Now that the entire series is out and fansubbed (in blu-ray no less), now's the perfect time to rewatch the show, or watch it all for the first time if you didn't know about it until now.

Meanwhile, gg finally got around to subbing Kuromukuro, so now we're only lacking 12 Sai.

The summer season starts in just 8 days with the epic continuation of Berserk.

As for the Rio Olympics, it's true that every nation will be represented, but a lot of these countries are just being given throwaway slots in shooting competitions where they won't embarrass themselves by getting trounced by an opponent.  It's pretty easy to look good when your rival is a paper plate and you've got a gun.  Other throwaway slots seem to be in table tennis, sailing and judo.  The Olympics makes sure everyone is represented, but if you see one of these bizarre nations like Bhutan competing you can just change the channel because they aren't actually any good.  Bangladesh, a nation of 157 million people, could only get one athlete into the Olympic games via this affirmative action method.  How utterly pathetic can you be?  What a worthless specimen of humanity their race must be, when they can't excel in a single sport in the Summer Olympic Games despite the great diversity of sports on offer, and can't find a single person within their 157 million potential applicants who can do anything well in life.

The real Olympic games are just between a few real countries -- the USA, Russia, Germany, the UK, Canada, Australia, France, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands, South Korea, China, and the host country Brazil.  Everyone else is just there for the parade of nations on the opening day.  Maybe we should have a simpler more streamlined international competition that only bothers to invite real countries with real chances of winning medals and call them the Meritorious Games or something. . .

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