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Friday, June 24, 2016

Failed States = Olympic Failures = Failure at the Olympics = Disbanding of the right to Statehood:

Want to get a keen appreciation for which countries are total failures in developing human capital?  Look no further than their per capita Olympic medal counts.  If you can't even win a medal at the Olympics, then you clearly can't nurture excellence in the boundaries of your own country, so your country should be handed over to someone else who can.  Also the physical existence of your people is so clearly piss-poor that your ethnicity needs to be eradicated and replaced by ethnicities whose bodies and minds can start winning again.

We can start with this lovely chart's worth of data to find out which nations should be cleansed from the face of the Earth, and who deserves to colonize this newly opened up virgin soil:

As you can see, the best Olympians on Earth are the Aryan Supermen that Hitler was always talking about.  In terms of medals per capita, the #1 country on Earth is Finland.  #2 is Sweden.  #4 is Denmark.  #6 is Norway.  When Hitler talked about Nordic blood, of blonde hair and blue eyes being marks of superiority, he wasn't just imagining things.  These people really are superior and have proved it over the course of a century of objective, fair competition with the whole outside world.

Germany, when you add up all the various incarnations of their national teams (East, West, United, pre-WWII and post WWII) has a per capita medal count of 1:48,680, which is #12 just behind New Zealand and ahead of Australia, another pair of well known awesome countries.  German racial pride has a hell of a lot of support with these numbers as well.  There seems to be plenty of nordic aryan blood running through their veins just like the norsemen who reign above them.  Switzerland, another Germanic nation, is just above them at #11.

#3 is Hungary, which is an amazing accomplishment.  #7 is Bulgaria, #14 is Cuba and #16 is Romania, so the pattern here is pretty clear.  The only way for these dirt poor Communist bloc countries to be performing so ridiculously well is if they were all on steroids, just like East Germany who cheated their way up to #6 in the per capita medal count.  I'm sure all these people are great athletes, but not that great.  It doesn't make sense that they'd be outperforming the UK and the USA when they're so much poorer than us and their racial stock shouldn't be far superior to ours based on how well we compete in other things.

#9 Estonia is another vote for nordic supremacy.  Everyone up there is blond and beautiful.  Iceland is only #22 so that's a bit of a letdown for a Scandinavian ubermensch land.

#5 the Bahamas, #17 Bermuda, #19 Trinidad and Tobago and #10 Jamaica have an enormous racial advantage in track and field and they've exploited that advantage to the max, so good for them.

The mainstream, high quality countries of Europe start filtering in after this, #15 the Netherlands, #20 Belgium, #21 Great Britain, #23 France, #24 Greece, #25 Austria, #30 Italy, #36 Canada, #37 USA, #38 Poland, #41 Ireland.  Everybody's about in the same range here.

When you combine all of Russia's medals across all of its iterations you get a healthy #39, in line with their neighbors #38 Poland and #40 Lithuania.

The first East Asian country checks in at #44 in South Korea.  Japan isn't far behind at #52.  That's still ahead of many European countries like #57 Spain, #60 Ukraine, and number #63 Portugal.  So I don't think a purge of East Asia based on Olympic results would be very sensible.

China stands at a pathetic #106 though, which is why I endorsed the conquest of China by Japan in the first place.  China, at least until recently, has been incapable of developing its own human resources, and has been chronically underperforming where it should be based on its racial quality.  Recently China has been winning more medals so maybe things are better now, but it sure was a missed opportunity when your choice was a Japanese Empire vs. the genocidal maniac Mao Zedong and Communism.  But of course, the USA was full throttle for Mao in that war, just like we supported the Holodomor-er Stalin against our Aryan brothers in Germany.

Israel is #81 so at least Jews aren't better than whites at everything.

Brazil is at #93, which isn't terrible.  Likewise for Mexico at #95.

But here's where things get really iffy.  Once you're in to the 100+'s you're really scraping the bottom of the barrel.  In Finland, they have a medal for every 17,904 people living in that country.  But Venezuela at 100 has a medalist for every 2,262,507 people.  One Finn is worth 126 Venezuelans.  The human worth, the human rights of a Venezuelan should therefore be 1/126th as valuable as the human rights of a Finn.  If one Finn could be made happy by the destruction of 126 Venezuelans, that's a moral wash.  And that's just at #100.  The ratio gets spectacularly worse from here.

An Egyptian wins a medal for every 3,151,038 inhabitants, that's already a million higher than Venezuela.  In Malaysia the ratio is 1:4,722,355.  In Ghana its already 1:6,055,857.

Nigeria is 1:7,063,956.  United Arab Emirates, despite all its wealth, has a ratio of 1:8,264,070.

Likewise for Saudi Arabia, which manages to do even worse at 1:9,045,659.  The Philippines show why they also deserved to be conquered by Japan with an amazing 1:10,259,761 ratio.  Likewise, having their islands taken away by China can only be a good thing, even though China itself had a terrible ratio.  The Philippines (#126) are almost off the charts bad, so anyone conquering them at this point can only be a good thing.

Mozambique, the nation I was just discussing as the worst waste of an opportunity in Africa, sits at #127 with a ratio of 1:11,850,357 ratio.  How many Finns would we have to populate Mozambique with to make up the difference in moral value as the current inhabitants?  A single Finn is worth 662 Mozambiqueians.  So if we got together 36,000 Finns who colonize the area via the genocide of the entire native population it would be a net gain for the world.  Or if there aren't enough Finns to go around we could instead populate the region with 261,000 Americans, which would be my preference!  There are more than that number of Stormfront forum members (300,000) so there we go.  Stormfront is more deserving of a country than Mozambique by a wide margin, plus as a bonus we'd have the guts to actually go through with the plan if the rest of the world would just sit by and let God's will be done.

But Mozambique isn't even the bottom of the barrel.  You'd think after my discussion of Mozambique that no human grouping could manage themselves worse, but the people below have managed to do just that!

#128 Afghanistan, with a ratio of 1:12,242,800.  Can't we just nuke this country already?  Given its mountainous semi-desert landlocked position I doubt anyone even wants to inhabit it, but after the 3,000 Americans they killed on 9/11 benign neglect does not seem reasonable either.  Every American is worth 94 Afghans, so when they killed 3,000 of us on that day we should have at least killed 281,398 of them in return.  Instead we went in there with a few pinpoint strikes, installed a democracy, and gave them a trillion dollars worth of hospitals and schools.  Go figure.  Now their population is higher than ever.

Niger, the most prolific breeders on Earth (if only that were an Olympic sport!), are #131 at 1:16,274,738.  This is the last group of humans you want to see a baby boom from.  Well, almost the last.

#132 is Pakistan, who created the Taliban who then created Al Qaeda who killed 3,000 of our people, then hosted Bin Laden for ten years right outside their military base as we fought and died fruitlessly all around the world searching for him.  With a paltry ratio of 1:17,930,900.  One Finn is worth 1,001.5 Pakistani lives.  So I figure we should kill all the Pakistanis but one on account of that .5, and instead chop off both his arms and legs and leave that last one a proper half to watch our subsequent colonization of their fertile Indus river valley.

But let's not be too harsh on Pakistan.  The harm they did to us was nothing compared to the Vietnam war.  Fortunately we can exact a fine retribution on Vietnam as well.  With a ranking of #138 and a ratio of 1:43,920,000, compared to an American's life, you would need 336 Vietnamese.  The casualty ratio during the war was 58,315 American dead vs. around 2 million Vietnamese, which is only a ratio of 34 to 1.  We would need to go back in there and kill at least 20 million more Vietnamese to properly avenge our fallen.  Or in other words, as things stand, they totally shellacked us.

But neither Vietnam, Pakistan, or another recent war foe Iraq (#137, ratio of 1:33,330,000) is actually the least deserving of life in the world.  That would fall to India at #139, with a ratio of 1:47,749,690.  Or in other words, 1 Finn is worth as much to the world and is as beloved by God as 2,667 Indians.  India would need a population of 14 billion, 420 million, 575 thousand, and 680 people to be as worthy an existence as Finland, but they fall short of that by a 12-fold margin.  Thankfully.  I doubt Gaia can support that many Indians even if God would like them as much as Finland at that point.  Sort of like a father who wants his wife to keep giving birth because hey, it never hurts him any. . .

If 1/12 of the Finnish population decamped from Finland and decided to make a new home in India, they would have the moral authority to kill all billion plus inhabitants who are currently there.  They'd make a better country of it the very next day.  Hear the Aryan lion roar.

But even that isn't the worst performance.  India actually won a medal, so they at least have some value, as ridiculously low as it may be.  There are many countries who can't even say that much.  Now, I'm not going to be harsh on countries with low populations and say they're infinitely inferior to us, because statistically they may just not have had enough tries to get that first medal and let us get a bearing on their actual average worth.  But I can say some countries are infinitely worthless, when they have a sample size population that should be more than enough to have created a 'ping' by now, if they were ever going to:

Bangladesh, not India nor Pakistan, is actually the worst country on Earth, with a ratio of 1:infinity.  A population of 142,319,000 without a single medal.  That's at least three times as bad as India's ratio and still ticking.  Zaire is almost as bad, with a population of 67,758,000 with zero claim to fame.  And after that is Myanmar, another South Asian country (are we seeing a pattern here?) with zero medals and 48,337,000 people.  The remaining worthless countries on Earth are Nepal, Yemen, Angola (this is why I keep bringing up the ridiculousness of considering the human rights of Angolans to immigrate to America, because they don't deserve to immigrate anywhere, because they don't even deserve to exist.  The human rights of an Angolan is zero, just like their medal count.), Madagascar, Burkina Faso, Guatemala (if only murder were an Olympic sport!), Mali, Cambodia (if only cannibalism and killing anyone who wore glasses were Olympic sports!), Malawi, Chad, Bolivia, Rwanda (if only machetes were part of the fencing lineup!), and Guinea.

Before we Stormfront our way through Mozambique, we should consider killing off and repopulating some of these other countries first.  But most of these countries are sweltering deserts or jungles, even India is way too hot for any sensible person to live in, so really Mozambique just keeps shining like a diamond in the rough in the midst of all this manure.  Mozambique is Vinland's Zion.

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